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E4KTM Mid-Ohio (Full)
E4JUNIOR Hungaroring (…
L17EGTC Salzburgring
A2PC Spa (2007-)
E4T Nuerburgring (Nord…
E4GTR3S Zeltweg (A1-Ri…
L17BSCC Snetterton (19…
A2 Donington Park (GP)
E4WTCC Slovakia Ring
E4DTM Moscow Ring
L17BOSS Long Beach (19…
E4NSU Brands Hatch (In…
E4GTR3E Monza (GP 2000…
L17FAEC Yas Marina
E4KTM Sonoma Raceway (…
News: Server Status (GTR2 Lobby Fix): 1 - GTR2 Sunday - Not running; 2 - RRE Sunday - Round 3 of the DTM @ Moscow Ring ;3 - GTL Monday - Round 3 of the FAEC @ Yas Marina ; 4 - RRE Thursday - Round 4 of the WTCC @ Slovakia Ring ; 5 - Assetto Corsa Lotus @ Donington

RACE SERIES KEY A2=Assetto Corsa, E4=Raceroom Experience, L17=GT Legends
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  Season 31 (2017)
    Amateurs Trophy (65)
    Professionals Trophy (65)
    Historic Trophy (66)
    Specials Series Trophy
    Graduates Cup Privateers (67)
    Graduates Cup Works (67)
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Race 07
Drivers and Standings
Top 25 drivers by participation
UKGPL Season 31
Chief Moderator: Paul "Badblood" Whitfield

After several hectic seasons we are cooling things down a little and limiting ourselves to four championships over two race nights.  The season will be the conventional length with ten rounds in each championship.  Drivers will drop two rounds so that only the best eight results count.

2017 is the fiftieth anniversary of the 1967 season so it is fitting that we run a 1967 F1 championship over the same tracks that were used fifty years ago. The familiar token system will be used to ensure the drivers have a choice of chassis whilst maintaining parity between the drivers over the course of the season.

Drivers of all abilities who enjoy the 66mod can enter the Historic Trophy division.  The top drivers in the championship will be restricted to the slower chassis.  This season drivers will be seeded and allocated a chassis group for the first race, this should prevent the first round being a virtual spec race.  The races will be run under PRO damage.  Races will be run for either the 2 litre cars or the 3 litre cars, there will be no mixing of 2 litre and 3 litre cars in the same race.

We will run a championship for the very popular 65 F1 cars.  No handicapping system will be enforced, rather drivers will be allocated a chassis by the moderators which they will be expected to use for the duration of the season. The moderators may decide to adjust the chassis allocation at any point during the season.

There will also be a "special"s championship with a range of cars and formats.  This division will suite the versatile driver who enjoys a mixture of open and closed wheel racing. 

As ever, drivers are being asked to read the rules, dates and track selection for each division and enter the divisions, they prefer.  The objective here is to ensure the drivers are happy with the rules, dates and track selection of their chosen division(s) before committing to the season.  The moderators reserve the right to adjust the driver allocation as necessary should there be sufficient entries to justify more than one grid.

Drivers will not be restricted to entering a single division.  Drivers can enter as many divisions as they like.
Non-Championship Races
UKGPL Season 31 (2017) - Le Mans - Jan 8  Le Mans (Bugatti)
UKGPL Season 31 - GT Fun - Bathurst - Jan 10  Bathurst
UKGPL Season 31 Fun 65 - Aznom = Monza (reverse) - Jan 15  Monza 55-71 R
UKGPL Season 31 Fun - 69x - Nürburgring reverse - Jan 17  Nuerburgring 67R
UKGPL Season 31 - Fun - F2 - Goodwood - Jan 22  Goodwood (Circuit)
UKGPL Season 31 (2017) - Goodwood - Jan 24  Goodwood (Circuit)
UKGPL Season 31 (2017) - Rouen - Jan 29  Rouen (1955-70)
UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Historic Trophy (66) - Spa - Mar 19  Spa (1947-78)
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