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E7 GT4
A17 DTM Oschersleben (…
L21ATC Symmons Plains
E7WTCR19 Imola (2007+)
L21VWSC Salzburgring
A17 DTM Zeltweg (Natio…
L21BSCC Snetterton (19…
E7Merc Spa (2007-)
L21VWSC Mugello (GP)
L21TTTT Rouen (1955-70)
A Assen (TT)
E Spa (2007-)
A17 DTM Nogaro
E7TCP Laguna Seca (198…
A Donington Park (GP)
L21VWSC Enna
L21GC Albi (1959-80)
A17 DTM AVUS (1992-93)
E8F90 Zeltweg
L21VWSC Nürburgring (…
A17 DTM Brands Hatch (…
L21ATC Calder Park
E8GR2 Brands Hatch (GP)
News: Upcoming Events are as follows: 1 - RRE/AC/ACC Sunday - Fun race @ Donington Park (GP) ; 2 - GTL Monday - Round 4 of the VW Scirocco Cup @ Enna (GP) ; 3 - GTL Wednesday - Track #12 of the The Top Twelve Tracks @ Rouen 4 - AC Wed - DTM Round 3 @ Nogaro 5 - RRE Thursday - Final round of the TC's+P @ Laguna Seca

RACE SERIES KEY A17=Assetto Corsa, E7=Raceroom Experience, L21=UKGTL GT Legends, LN1=Legacy NoGrip GT Legends
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  Season 38 (Spring 2021)
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Race 07
Drivers and Standings
Top 25 drivers by participation
UKGPL Season 37
Chief Moderator: Phil Thornton

This season we will again run four championships over two race nights.  The season will be the conventional length with ten rounds in each championship.  

The "blue riband" championship will feature the 1967 Grand Prix Machines in association with our friends at GPL Brazil.  This season we will be running a "Grand Prix" championship featuring 90 minute races and a "Sprint" championship featuring 50 minute races. Drivers of all abilities will be able to enter either championship, but not both, because the races will be run concurrently on different servers.  It is expected that the majority of the faster drivers will opt to race in the more challenging "Grand Prix" championship.

The 1955 Grand Prix cars are back on the track, most drivers will have competed in two, three or even four championships with the 55 mod so the lack of effective brakes should come as no surprise. Consequently, the races will be run under PRO rules. The token system will be used again this season. The faster drivers will be assigned to the "Works" category with the remaining drivers racing in the "Privateer" category.

The large number of open wheel mods available in GPL means we can't run a full season of 10 races for each mod. Unfortunately this means that some mods are not used which is a great pity. In order to make use of more mods, we are running a Mixed Open Wheel championship featuring rounds for the 65F1, 66F1 (2L), 66F1 (3L), 67F2 and 68F1 mods. There will be 2 rounds for each mod with drivers allowed to select a group of cars which feature chassis from each mod. Where possible the groups have been arranged to feature chassis from a single manufacturer. Drivers of all abilities will be able to enter the championship with the faster drivers assigned to the "Works" category and the remaining drivers racing in the "Privateer" category.

The fourth series will feature the Alfa Romeo T33 and Porsche 910 from the 1967 Sports Cars Extra mod.  Drivers will be expected to drive both cars in equal measure but they are free to choose which rounds to use which car. Drivers of all abilities will be able to enter the championship with the faster drivers assigned to the "Works" category with the remaining drivers racing in the "Privateer" category. "Works" drivers will carry a weight penalty in the form of extra fuel.

As ever, drivers are being asked to read the rules, dates and track selection for each division and enter the divisions, they prefer.  The objective here is to ensure the drivers are happy with the rules, dates and track selection of their chosen division(s) before committing to the season.  The moderators reserve the right to adjust the driver allocation as necessary should there be sufficient entries to justify more than one grid.

Drivers will not be restricted to entering a single division.  Drivers can enter as many divisions as they like.
Non-Championship Races
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Spa - Jun 21  Spa (GPL)
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - East London - Jun 23  East London
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - New Monza67 - Jun 28  Monza (GP 1955-71)
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Silverstone - Jun 30  Silverstone (GP 1952-73)
UKGPL S37 Funrace - Alfa vs Porsche Cup Test - Goodwood - Jul 14  Goodwood (Circuit)
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Aintree - Aug 9  Aintree
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Aintree - Aug 9  Aintree
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Spa - Aug 16  Spa (GPL)
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Watkins Glen - Aug 18  Watkins Glen (Classic)
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Monza - Aug 23  Monza (GP 1955-71)
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Sports Cars at Laguna Seca - Aug 25  Laguna Seca (1958-87)
UKGPL Season 37- F2 - Test - Goodwood 65 - Nov 17  Goodwood (Circuit)
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Riverside - Dec 20  Riverside
UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Riverside - Dec 20  Riverside
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