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Post by: BadBlood on June 29, 2012, 11:04:08 PM +0100
This is to remind drivers that we have introduced in-series penalties until further notice.

Anyone amassing three penalty points in any one series will have to take a penalty Stop and Go at the next race.
Any driver who reaches five points will not be allowed to qualify in the next race they enter in that series and will, therefore, have to start from the back of the grid (BoG penalty).
If the driver gets eight penalty points in the one series (and nobody has yet!) they will receive a 60 second time penalty to be added at the end of the race.

Note that PENALTY POINTS are NOT the same as penalty places lost. Each time you get a penalty in a race you will get 1 or 2 penalty points. This will be shown on the table relating to the series in question. Because the penalty point count is per series the points get reset each season.

To sum up:

3PP    Additional Stop n Go
5PP    Back of Grid penalty
8PP    Additional time - +60 secs

If you get 2 penalty points in Novices, 2 penalty points in Grads, 2 penalty points in GT's, 2 penalty points in Historics then you will not reach the three point threshold per series and no additional penalty is required. If, however, you get four penalty points in Novices but are clean in all the other series you will have a Stop n Go to server in the next Novices race that you contest that season.

The idea is to make penalty point accrual something that has a concrete effect and must therefore be avoided.

The hope would be that NONE of these additional penalties would be applied as drivers should seek to avoid them but it may be too late already for some of you.

The Moderators do not wish to hand out punishments and we will take a sensitive approach to applying these. We reserve the right to suspend any penalties.

Failure to observe the additional penalty will result in disqualification.

Drivers receiving penalties will be notified in the relevant race post and sent a PM by me beforehand.

My apologies for anyone who was unaware of this, I should have announced this before race 1. Mea culpa

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