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Title: UKGPL Season 34 (2019) 1966 F1 - Kyalami - Jan 22
Post by: Rainier on January 11, 2019, 11:29:04 AM +0000
Season 34 Historic Trophy – Round 1 –  Kyalami

For the first round of the season we go to a familiar track. Kyalami Racing Circuit (from Kyalami, My home in Zulu) is a motor racing circuit located in Midrand, Gauteng province, South Africa. The circuit has been used for Grand Prix and Formula One races and has hosted the South African Grand Prix many times

IMPORTANT: it is policy of UKGPL to have the original pitstraight armco installed at this original track! Failure to apply the pitwall & drive in that space may result in disqualification. Follow these instructions to restore the wall if you have a mod that has removed it:
METHOD 1: To place a wall between the pits and the track, rename or remove the kyalami.trk and kyalami.3do files from your kyalami folder.
METHOD 2: To reinstall the original Papyrus Armco, rename or remove the Armco_s.mip file from your kyalami folder.

Race List = iGOR
Server = UKGPL_9
IP = see iGOR  
Race date = Sunday 22-01-2019
Time = 21:00 UK time (21:00 GMT)
Track = Papyrus
Race length = 37 Laps (50 minutes)
Variant = 1966
Password: see above (#post_event_password)
 Driver lists and divisional rules can be found on the championship standings page (
60fps patch used   = 60fpsV2newmod
Damage Model = Pro
Qualifying time = 30-45 minutes

There is no Red Zone. Moderating will be on reported incidents only. Remember that lap 1 incidents carry an additional penalty place.

The chassis token system is explained on the Historics Trophy standings page.

Please restrict chat to pit messages including at the end of the race until ALL drivers still racing have crossed the line.

A driver must have sufficient tokens for the chassis he drives in the race.  Any driver who does not have sufficient tokens will be disqualified from the result and his tokens will be set to zero.

The chassis a driver uses in qualifying are disregarded when determining his token spend.
Note:  This is to cater for the instances when a driver either does not start or inadvertently joins with the wrong chassis and subsequently rejoins the server in another.

Any tokens not spent at the end of the season are ignored and are not used to determine championship positions in the event of a tie.

PRO rules means Shift-Rs are not allowed at any time and the damage model is realistic.
Drivers must complete 50% race distance to score.