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Title: UKGPL Season 34 (2019) 1967 F1 Privateers - Rouen - Jan 27
Post by: Billy Nobrakes on February 08, 2019, 11:04:38 PM +0000
Season 34 Graduates Cup – Round 2 –  Rouen

Round 2 of the Graduates Cup will take place at Rouen. A classic 60’s racing circuit, it did host the French Grand Prix but not in the 1967 season. It is, however, a Papyrus original. From its opening in 1950, Rouen-Les-Essarts was recognized as one of Europe's finest circuits, with modern pits, a wide track, and spectator grandstands. The circuit (which ran on public roads) had a few medium straights, a cobbled hairpin turn (Nouveau Monde) at the southernmost tip, and a few blind corners through a wooded hillside. The appeal was greatly enhanced by the climb from Nouveau Monde at 56 metres to Gresil at 149 metres.

Both Works & Privateers drivers will participate on the same grid. All drivers have the same tokens allocations. We will, however, run two championships, & separate points will be scored for each. The race will be moderated as a combined grid. Privateers are asked not to hold up a Works driver whilst being lapped, but you may race fairly for track position.

The important difference is that Privateers are permitted one reset with a compulsory Stop & Go (taken within two laps). Although the race setting is “Intermediate” Works drivers are not allowed to take a reset.

There are currently 18 full time & 7 reserve drivers registered. Reserve drivers should therefore wait until 21.05 UK time before joining the qualifying session. A grid slot will therefore be available for all full time drivers, provided they join before 21.05.

Server = UKGPL8
IP = see iGOR
Race date = Sunday 27-01-2019
Time = 21:00 UK time (21:00 GMT)
Track = Papyrus
Race length = 25 Laps (50 minutes)
Variant = 1967
60fps patch used   = 60fpsV2newmod
Damage Model = Intermediate
Qualifying time = 30-45 minutes

Driver lists and divisional rules can be found on the Championship Standings page  (

There is no Red Zone. Moderating will be on reported incidents only. Remember that lap 1 incidents carry an additional penalty place.

The chassis token system is explained on the Works  / Privateers standings page. Please ensure you choose a chassis that is within your budget, which can be seen by hovering the mouse over your points total in the standings.

Privateer Drivers are permitted 1 Shift R followed by a Stop & Go in the stalls in pit lane within 2 laps (its does not have to be your stall). Failure to make a stop will result in a 30 second time penalty. If you require a stop & go on the final lap & are unable to complete a time penalty of 15 secs is added.

Privateer class drivers are;
Billy Nobrakes
Dave Curtis
Pepe Higdon
Phil Thornton
Ricardo Valim da Silva
Everybody else are Works.

Please restrict chat to pit messages including at the end of the race until ALL drivers still racing have crossed the line.

Title: Re: UKGPL Season 34 (2019) 1967 F1 Privateers - Rouen - Jan 27
Post by: Billy Nobrakes on February 09, 2019, 12:56:27 AM +0000
Moderators report now published.