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1  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) 1955 GP - AVUS - Sep 20 on: September 21, 2020, 06:22:12 PM +0100
Hearty congratulation to Clive Loynes for a convincing victory.  Pole position, FTD and the win.  Doesn't get any better.

Fantastic run for Evil to put the little French puddle-jumper on the podium.  Really quite an admirable performance but in the same breath, I have to say that I'm shocked and dismayed to see Phil's excellent run come to grief within sight of the flag.  Shades of J. R. Hildebrand at Indy, 2011.

I didn't bother to look for a tow in qualifying and in hindsight, that cost me.  Starting P6 gave away too much to Clive and those ahead.  Ahhh, except for Jonny, of course.  Mon Dieu!  What a tragedy!  I had a similar result in a UKGPL race with GP65 cars some years ago at Montjuic.  Joined the grid, was warming up the engine at about 7K when WAMO!

Gareth having the misfortune to stuff it comprehensively at the end of Lap01 handed me P2 with some clearance behind.  Clive was almost in reach and I worked to close but a serious gaffe coming off the banking cost me dearly and I could see the writing on the wall.  For the balance of the race, I just cruised satisfied with P2.

2  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) 1967 Sports Cars - Isle of Man - Sep 11 on: September 12, 2020, 12:58:17 PM +0100
Grats to our podium finishers.  Just to finish was reward enough, I think.

Well...  That had to be just about the most dismal outing and personal performance that I've put up in a long, long time.  I had practiced earlier in the week and felt reasonably comfortable with things.  I'd manage to squeeze out a 20m13s effort in the T33 on 9usg's worth of fuel.  That would get me two laps running.  However, with 23usg aboard, the Alfa was a different car altogether and I hadn't practiced with that load.  The errors came thick and fast and before long, I was convinced that I'd best retire before I make a complete horse's behind of myself.  Profuse apologies to Phil for our shunt.  Entirely my fault.  The Alfa does lack a right-side mirror and to compound the issue, I didn't have the virtual mirror invoked.  Bad idea.  As well, the engine note I have for the T33 completely drowns out that of the Porsche and I had no idea that you were alongside til it was way, way too late.  Groan...

This was a 'character building' experience.

Edit: I neglected to mention just how impressed I was with Phil's qualifying time.  Just out there, mate!  Smiley
3  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) 1955 GP - Zandvoort - Sep 6 on: September 07, 2020, 02:56:06 PM +0100
Congratulations to our podium finishers!  Alain with a close win over Jonny.  Eddie a very fine P3.  Well done, lads.

Let me give a shout out to Fran, as well, for a fine P4.  Full marks on that.

By a mere 17/1000, I managed to hold off Fulvio for a decent P5 finish.  It doesn't get much closer than that.  I readily acknowledge that Fulvio could have pushed me much harder.  He's just too much of a fair and gentlemanly driver possessed of great skill and judgement.

Sorry to learn of Evil's controller issues that caused him so much grief.  Ditto for Tago to lose the lead from a duff engine.  Gross misfortune indeed!  Sad

I spent the first few laps just minding my P's & Q's and trying to avoid trouble.  From a P12 start, it wasn't long before I was up to P7 by Lap10.  Clive Loyne's adventure into the dunes on Lap11 was something to behold.  MUMMA MIA!  That he recovered from that to score a useful P7 is remarkable.

For much of the race, I trailed Bernie in the Maser with little chance of making a pass.  I made a couple of stabs at an out-brake going into Tarzan but Bernie was up to holding me off nicely.  Good show there, Bernie.  Phil had recovered from early dramas to join our group late in the race and tried for dive-bomb pass at Tarzan on Lap24.  I saw him coming and gave him room but he overshot.  Bernie, too, saw him going for the position and swung wide in Tarzan.  This left me the inside lane and I pulled alongside Bernie.  Sadly, there was a slight touch that had Bernie off the road.  Sorry for that, BD.  You were a victim of circumstances.

The last laps were tense in my efforts to hold off Fulvio and made it by just a whisker.  PHEW!

4  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) 1967 F1 Sprint - Mosport - Aug 30 on: August 31, 2020, 04:54:14 PM +0100
Really quite thrilled and surprised to find I finished P2 in this round.  Last I looked at my pit board, I was P3 and very pleased with that considering a P8 start.  Further glances in the last laps were only to tell me how far ahead of David I was and lastly, Markus, who was closing in rapidly.

Hearty congratulations to Billy on scoring the win.  Great job!  I bemoan the 10 seconds I lost on Lap07 when I had to swing way wide to miss Pepe who got all crossed-up in T3.  Just caught the grass verge but that was enough to spin me out.  Grrr...

Bad luck off the start for Markus and Eddie with a nasty collision in T1.  Poor Andreas went off track to miss the carnage and for his pains, got a blown engine to be out on the spot.  Phil hardly made the S/F line as a collision at the rear of the grid had him turn turtle.  Not a mile in the books and two top guns eliminated.  Sad

I settled in behind Pepe's Cooper and just waited for an opening.  Despite the power of the BRM, he marched away coming off the hairpin and I could do nothing to threaten.  Lap 07 and Pepe got it all sideways in T3 as noted above and I paid the price.

Enraged after my spin, I put on a charge to march back up the order as others fell to greater grief.  Bob had the race in the bag til two offs in T8 set him back with the last having him stuck fast in the fence and requiring a reset to resume on Lap17.  Correct me if I'm wrong and I hate to bring this up but as a 'works' driver, I think that he's subject to a DQ for that, no?

Ricky took charge at that point and looked solid for the win til he had an off.  This put Billy up into the lead and he never looked back.  Again, well done, Billy.
5  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Monza - Aug 23 on: August 28, 2020, 08:46:55 PM +0100
Success!  Smiley

I contacted Lee Bowden re the patches and his notation of what should be where was the key.  It wasn't that I was lacking anything; I had too many files to read in various locations and GPL was getting confused.  In my special install for our Monza race, I can now dial up any duration of a refuel and it's spot on.  As a further test, I fitted up the needed files to my stand-alone GP69 install and it works at treat there, too.

Thanks for holding my hand on this, Phil.  I'm confident that I can get the patch working across the board with all mods now.
6  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Sports Cars at Laguna Seca - Aug 25 on: August 25, 2020, 05:35:20 PM +0100
From the lead post...

"Race date = Tuesday 23 August 2020"

Surely that should read Race date = Tuesday 25 August 2020, no?
7  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Monza - Aug 23 on: August 24, 2020, 09:28:52 PM +0100
Hi, Phil.

Over at the F1Historic Esports League site...



...we use Olaf Lehmann's most excellent Dirtgear patch which features tyre wear.  Events are on Thursdays with the Summer break about to close.  Most drivers must pit by half distance or shortly after with the rubber burnt to a crisp.  I've never had to make a stop eking out a finish with reduced grip which many a time is much higher than my speed potential by comparison would otherwise achieve.  Guess I'm kinder on the tyres than most.

I hope that in future we'll see more events here at the UKGPL which feature Lee's Pit Stop Patch.
8  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Monza - Aug 23 on: August 24, 2020, 05:42:35 PM +0100
Another lap and Billy would have taken the lead.  Two more laps and I would have been skating off into the kitty litter for a certainty.

I decided to pit for fuel only at the end of Lap01 to avoid congestion in the pits.  This meant that I needed to start with a load of fuel suitable for the full distance.  The timing of the stop went off perfectly at 10 seconds.  Thanks to Phil for providing that file parameter.

I was obliged to run near qualifying laps after my pit stop as I hadn't a clue where I'd end up after everyone dropped in for service.  There was some grief along the way.  Axel with a couple of incidents before retiring.  Evil seemed to not get his pit stop to go off properly.  David and Paul with some dramas.

After all had made their stops, I had Andreas chasing me about a dozen seconds back and always a threat if he'd taken tyres on his stop.  I had to assume that he did.  In a pre-race test, I discovered that the tyres would give out after 30 laps.  I was very careful over the last three laps moderating my pace.  On my cool-down lap, I kept the pace up and sure enough, by the time I got to the Parabolique, traction was way, way down.  The tail was swinging out with great abandon.  My tyres weren't smoking, though.  Must look into why not.

I'll be contacting Lee Bowden in the next days to find a solution to my configuration of the refuel timing.

Thanks for organizing, Axel & Phil!  Smiley
9  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Monza - Aug 23 on: August 23, 2020, 07:06:42 PM +0100
My path is exactly as you state it above, Phil.  I'm wondering now if I've been forgetting to delete the gplc67.exe each time.  Let me try that with a random value for the patch and we'll see what happens.  Stay tuned...

Edit: Only a few minutes after posting the above and an off-line test with a random value.  Nope.  Still stuck at 10 seconds.  For sure, I deleted the executable.  I'll get in touch with Lee Bowden for a remedy.  He'll suss it.
10  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Monza - Aug 23 on: August 23, 2020, 02:28:15 PM +0100
Some good...  Some bad...

I've created a GPLSecrets directory on my C:/ drive and have all mods now working through it.  Previously, GEM+ was in a separate folder altogether.  With this, I am at least happy and relieved to have the swap over of the GEM configuration successfully accomplished.  However, I still cannot get the Pit Stop Patch to recognize changes in the time duration.  I'm quite sure that I'm following the correct procedure.  Sigh...

I intend on using Phil's 10 second patch with the Cooper today.  I have verified it as being spot on for a petrol top-up.  I shall do another trial prior to the race today to be quite certain that it's good to go at that value.

I did mention that I created a special, separate install for this patch and this race.  I decided to use the original Papy carset graphics instead of up-gunning to my usual GPLEA makeovers.  Quite a difference!

Thanks again to Phil for all his assistance on this.

Edit: Just a few minutes later from the post above...  Tested on the server.  Ten second refuel confirmed.
11  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Monza - Aug 23 on: August 22, 2020, 01:38:08 PM +0100
Thanks so much for this, Phil.  I really appreciate your efforts to get me properly configured.

I have created a special, stand-alone install of GPL strictly for the testing and use of the new Lee Bowden patch.  As mentioned in my last note, I have it working at the 10 second refuel marker as set in the file you provided.  I'll work to get all my ducks in a row before post time tomorrow.

Thanks, again, mate.   thumbup2
12  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Monza - Aug 23 on: August 22, 2020, 12:45:17 AM +0100
I'm quite sure that I'll experience 'tyre smoke' as trials are certainly indicating that there is a life to the rubber.  My concern is with the refuel duration.  Using Phil's pre-configured patch above, I now have petrol stops only at 10 seconds.  Right as advertised.  I cannot seem to alter that value in a test.  Sigh...  There's something still not quite right but I'll be buggered to find out what.

Perhaps the problem is my initial lack of a 'GPLSecrets' directory.  I had that directory many moons ago but somehow, it went be the wayside.  I've recreated it but am not sure of exactly where it should be placed.  As well, I'm not sure beyond what we see here concerning the patch just what it should contain.  Any suggestions, lads?

If I leave Phil's configuration 'as per' at 10 seconds, I can look to take out the Cooper at Monza on Sunday.  That will work.

13  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Monza - Aug 23 on: August 21, 2020, 02:55:25 PM +0100
Try as I may, I cannot get the patch work 100%.  I get a tyre swap without problems but the top off in refueling refuses to be anything but the default 60 seconds.  Sigh...  Trust me, I've worked it over a dozen times using Phil's very comprehensive procedures and still no dice.  BTW, thanks muchly for that, Phil.  It was very helpful.

Not wanting to miss the round, I'll select the Brabham...slated for a 46 second refuel window...and just eat the extra 14 seconds.
14  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) 1967 F1 Grand Prix - Mosport - Aug 30 on: August 18, 2020, 06:39:47 PM +0100
Hello, Clive, Dave...

I withdrew my original application to this series when I became aware that the events would be of a race distance outside my endurance.  I opted for the 'Sprint Series' instead.
15  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 37 (2020) - Aintree - Aug 9 on: August 10, 2020, 01:40:13 AM +0100
Yes, that was fun and well worth the effort.  The heat + feature format worked very well and could be adopted again in the future.

Knowing that it was grossly overweight on a circuit where you can burn out the brakes in a heartbeat didn't phase me from choosing the Streamliner Merc.  I found it surprisingly quick on the main straight being able to gun down Paul's Vanwall on a couple of occasions.  This car has great top end potential but I never thought to see it here.  This event was about fun so why not select something a little 'off the wall'.

Thanks to Phil for organizing.  Grats to Evil for emerging our Champion.
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