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1  UKGPL / UKGPL Announcements / Re: Joe Shaw Trophy Weekend 2017 on: July 03, 2017, 05:24:27 PM +0100
Clive and Tim battle for the lead down Paddock Hill as Phil holds back to take advantage of the possible incident at Druids.

2  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Specials Series Trophy - Mexico 62-79 R - Jun 27 on: June 27, 2017, 11:17:01 PM +0100
A fun, but ridiculous series, ended in a funny, but ridiculous manner.
After Tim's lap1 hairpin spin, I was away with Clive. I didn't have much top speed and was easy to catch on the long straight. I had the big advantage of the Ferrari and sort of kept in touch if Clive had a couple of spins. So he did and I exited the hairpin on the last lap in front with a couple of seconds to spare. An unlikely win? Oh no, the engine died. Reset and thought I'd better do the SnG in the pits before the line. Clive was lurking half way up the straight wanting a race to the line, but I needed the pits and we tangled. Clive continued through the pits for the well deserved win. I managed my SnG and crossed the line only tenths in front of Tim, who was half a minute behind half a lap ago.
Grats to Tim for dominating the championship with six wins and three (nearly four) seconds.
3  UKGPL / UKGPL Announcements / Re: Joe Shaw Trophy Weekend 2017 on: June 26, 2017, 10:39:14 PM +0100
Something to tidy up perhaps... The JSMT is all about finding a winner of the race series. Emphatically, that was Robert Fleurke, winning all three races, but what else happened?

There were incidents, but none reported. At Adelaide there was a mass disco just past half race distance for most of the remaining field, yet it doesn't matter because Robert was already the JSMT winner by then.
The top six were awarded points as in 9,6,4,3,2,1. Works standard drivers were limited to the BRM, Honda, Cooper or Brabham, using a different car for each race. No non Works drivers made the top six in any race, despite this handicap and two Eagle friendly tracks.
19 drivers attended Carthage, 17 were at Tripoli, 16 at Adelaide.
Largest gap was Robert (1st) to Doni (2nd) at Adelaide of 1.33.723
Smallest gap was Andy (5th) to Iestyn (6th) at Tripoli of 0.017 seconds hahaha!
Robert was the only driver to score at all three races and the only one to have an odd number total.

1st Robert 27 points
2nd= Tris and Doni 8
4th= Tim and Axel 6
6th= Greg, Clive, Pelle and Dean 4
10th= Andy and Iestyn 2

If anyone else thinks that they might like to come along and meet Malcolm, watch some historic racing, laugh at our regional accents/baldness/facial hair then PM somebody that you know is going and we will arrange to meet up at Brands Hatch this weekend.
4  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Graduates Cup Privateers (67) - Mexico City - Jun 25 on: June 25, 2017, 10:48:34 PM +0100
Like last race was very bad for me.One engine any 4 laps,seem too much.

You don't lift your throttle when you change gear. That kills the engine very quickly. Billy had a worse race when you drove through him in T2 and ended his race. I was luckier when you hit me in the hairpin because I could continue. That was all in the first minute. You have to wait your turn at Mexico at T2 and the hairpin on the first lap as all cars are close and can only go through one at a time safely. No point in making an incident report because you don't change and you can't lose points that you didn't earn. Please think of other drivers.

Grats To Fulvio on the win and the Championship. A great effort coming through in this race having to overtake most of his championship rivals. John had a great season, looking to be finishing on top until the last few laps here.
5  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Historic Trophy (66) - Hockenheim - Jun 18 on: June 19, 2017, 11:24:12 AM +0100
So sub 2 minutes was possible for most of us with a tow.
Clive, your car looked solid from my seat and in my replay. I don't think that the connection speed is the trouble. GPL used to run full grids with dialup and 56k modems. Could it be the quality of the connection?

I held back a bit at the start as I expected trouble ahead. My car seemed to have good speed. I could catch up in the tow quite quickly and pass, yet other cars struggled to do the same to me. Most of the time I was at the front of the pack including Bastian, Doni and later Andreas when he dropped back. Fantastic driving by all to stay respectfully close and clean. I was slower in the complex than the others, so there was going to be a tight finish. We were reeling in Sam ahead very quickly and I was first of our group to the last Ostkurve. It looked like Andreas's back end came around and blocked the track for the other two, so I had the pressure off for the end of the lap, but not quite enough to catch Sam. A great win on a fast track in the slow Eagle and a Championship win too.

I guess that the Spa race is still to be rescheduled. A few of us will not be back from Brands in time for the next race at Aintree.
6  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Historic Trophy (66) - Hockenheim - Jun 18 on: June 17, 2017, 09:43:00 PM +0100
I had some trouble, Dave.
Track link to SRMZ gives that seems to work, but doesn't appear after selecting it in GEM.
At the bottom of that thread in SRMZ, after a few had similar trouble, hagapito40 says try the then add the Thomas Laechele update. That worked for me.
His link for _512_ asks me to sign in when I already am, so I downloaded that zip from Axel's first reply.

It looks like 2 minutes is a target lap time, but that seems very far away for me.
7  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Graduates Cup Privateers (67) - Watkins Glen - Jun 11 on: June 17, 2017, 12:51:11 PM +0100
Sorry I missed this, but I was between Croft and Cadwell Park.
Fulvio - only one reset allowed in this series. It looks like this was your worst race and would be one of the two dropped scores anyway.
Looking at the totals with two dropped scores before Mexico, it looks very tight.

John     272
DaveR   264
Fulvio   263
Bastian 261

John can afford to lose a place or two, it's a straight fight between David, Bastian and Fulvio. Whoever finishes higher in the Mexico race will finish higher in the championship unless they all finish far outside the podium.

Tokenwise, Fulvio can take up to Brabham, Bastian Ferrari, John and Dave Eagle.
8  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Professionals Trophy (65) - Sebring - Jun 6 on: June 06, 2017, 10:34:57 PM +0100
So sorry Roo and Dean lap1
Too much going on close in front and behind for my skill level and I got it wrong.
9  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Historic Trophy (66) - Monsanto Park - Jun 4 on: June 05, 2017, 09:19:14 PM +0100
I was happy to cleanly survive the difficult bit - lap1. With a bit of a comfort zone I saw a yellow flag and Jonny in the bales ahead. Just out of sight around the corner, Clive had attempted his spin turn out of the hay, but not before Andreas came upon the Honda with no place to go. He was lucky to be able to continue, but their collision had knocked a wheel off Clive's car. I turned the corner to be confronted by a three wheeled Honda. I had a slow and gentle flip onto my lid as I muttered "No, no, no..." Game over.
Grats to Tris, podium and finishers. Commiserations to those who didn't make it.
10  SimRacing In General / Grand Prix Legends / Re: The 1955 F1 Mod For Grand Prix Legends Is Released on: May 04, 2017, 10:13:54 AM +0100
We have a sim, not a game, so if the real life drivers had to contend with such brake fade then we should too. I trust the wonderful modders to have made it all as accurate as possible. The Gordini even has a dashboard clock with working minute and second hands.
The brakes do come back at Monza with braking zones placed far apart.
The times to aim for seem difficult, as they should be.
Around Monza the default setup top speed is about 150mph. What laptimes are we managing at this stage?
2.53 at Monza, 2.05 at Aintree in Maserati/Lancia for me.
Can we have a race soon please to see how bad we all are?
11  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Specials Series Trophy - Nuerburgring 67R - May 2 on: May 01, 2017, 08:19:03 PM +0100
... I was away for the weekend.

He was having a go, among other things, on a sim at Donington around Donington. I think it was a generic '68 F1 car in Rfactor2, vanilla setup, not adjusted for gears (didn't need 5th). Sim bloke thought that trying an F3 trainer would be best, but he didn't know what he was dealing with. Soon Clive was in the 1.11's and the bloke was gobsmacked, never seen anything like it.

12  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) - Adelaide - Apr 25 on: April 25, 2017, 10:04:34 PM +0100
Most of us disco, I think.
13  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) - Tripoli - Apr 23 on: April 23, 2017, 10:45:10 PM +0100
Fantastic win in the BRM, Robert and with two wins you retain the trophy. See you at Brands. Only Tim has also scored in both races with two 4ths.

I had a steady run with no troubles. Iestyn was off at the second to last T1 and I held him until after the last corner last lap. He flew by then, but I caught his tail and managed to repass just on the line. Great fun.
14  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Specials Series Trophy - Silverstone 67R - Apr 11 on: April 12, 2017, 09:43:54 AM +0100
Quite an interesting race. The sea of white Lolas parted to the left and to the right on lap1 and I sailed up to 3rd for a while. I didn't really know what I was doing and spun, went wide and fell back to where I started. Andreas was coming back through. After a battle with Dave, he joined me and we had some exciting close racing for a few laps. Maybe it was more luck than judgement, but we survived and had fun.

Oddly, I suffered with fps at 30 all race. It was the same at times in qualy. Near the end of the last lap I had 60fps for the first time in the race. It was just like someone ahead had finished and left the circuit and their presence on track was holding me at 30fps until they left. Can that be possible?

Grats to Tim, Sam, Doni. Commiserations to those with troubles technical and manual.
15  UKGPL / UKGPL Races / Re: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Graduates Cup Privateers (67) - Silverstone - Apr 9 on: April 09, 2017, 10:47:39 PM +0100
Sorry Bastian. My engine blew and I managed to stop off the track inside Woodcote. I reset into a gap, but it put me into the middle of the track and I didn't manage to get enough revs in the BRM, so I was crawling off the track as you came along and I was an unavoidable target. After my stop and go I caught a few after some time and found myself up to 5th, but the engine went again.
Grats to Fulvio, great run by Jani.
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