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News: Server Status (GTR2 Lobby Fix): 1 - GTR2 Sunday - Not running; 2 - RRE Sunday - Round 5 of the Silhouettes @ Silverstone (National) ;3 - GTL Monday - Round's 14 & 15 of the '71 RAC BSCC @ Mallory Park ; 4 - RRE Thursday - Round 7 of the Tourer's @ Anderstorp GP ; 5 - Assetto Corsa Round 7 Lotus 25 @ Longford

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 on: Today at 11:20:47 AM 
Started by Mark J - Last post by Mark J
I'm downloading the demo to give it a spin  Smiley

 on: Today at 11:19:57 AM 
Started by Mark J - Last post by Mark J
Now only £349 from John Lewis, Currys etc  Shocked

very tempting but cant help feel a version2 must be just around the corner with better resolution Undecided

How many here use it and really like it? I love the immersion I see in youtube vids using it.

 on: Today at 11:17:55 AM 
Started by Jeffrey - Last post by Mark J
Looks another great 'period' track for these cars, well chosen JR.  Smiley

I think we should run all these tracks again using glorious old cars like the p330, GT40, Lola, porsche etc  Cool

 on: Today at 10:58:05 AM 
Started by Billy Nobrakes - Last post by Alain Maurice

Hello Jeep,

Great I understood.

Thank you very much for your help(assistant) and good running(race).

 on: Today at 10:49:47 AM 
Started by Billy Nobrakes - Last post by Jeep
Hi Alain,

Assuming I am understanding what you mean..

If you move your mouse over your points total on the championship page you should see a pop up showing your tokens available (This is before the 10 tokens you will receive for the next race).


 on: Today at 10:30:59 AM 
Started by Billy Nobrakes - Last post by Alain Maurice
Hello to all   Smiley

Sorry for my beginner's ignorence.

Where can you one see on the forum count him of tokens in which one every player with right?

Thank you and in tomorrow

 on: Today at 09:26:09 AM 
Started by Jeffrey - Last post by ChrisR
Should be good this one..

Looking forward to getting home and doong some practise! Smiley (ive been dragged to Dublin for the day:/)

 on: Today at 07:01:19 AM 
Started by Jeffrey - Last post by Jeffrey

Here you go...REPLAY

Thank you, I've got it Smiley.

 on: Yesterday at 10:18:41 PM 
Started by Samb - Last post by Billy Nobrakes
Temporary change of servers. Privateers to run on GPL4 for this race.

 on: Yesterday at 10:16:24 PM 
Started by Billy Nobrakes - Last post by Billy Nobrakes
Season 32 Works Trophy – Round 5 –  Monza

This round will be held at the legendary and well known Monza circuit. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is a race track located near the city of Monza, north of Milan, in Italy. The circuit's biggest event is the Formula One Italian Grand Prix. With the exception of 1980, the race has been hosted there since the series's inception.

UKGPL9 requires some further attention & we will temporarily be changing servers with Works running on 8.

Race List = iGOR
Server = UKGPL_8
IP = see iGOR
Race date = Sunday 26-11-2017
Time = 21:00 UK time (21:00 GMT)
Track = Monza – Papyrus original.
Race length = 33 Laps (50 minutes)
Variant = 1967
60fps patch used   = 60fpsV2newmod
Damage Model = Pro
Qualifying time = 30-45 minutes

Driver lists and divisional rules can be found on the championship standings page

There is no Red Zone. Moderating will be on reported incidents only. Remember that lap 1 incidents carry an additional penalty place.

The chassis token system is explained on the Works standings page. Please ensure you choose a chassis that is within your budget, which can be seen by hovering the mouse over your points total in the standings.

Please restrict chat to pit messages including at the end of the race until ALL drivers still racing have crossed the line.

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