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  • S28Pro Monza: June 23, 2015
June 23, 2015, 10:36:43 PM +0100 - Monza (GP 1955-71) - UKGPL Season 28 (2015) Professionals Trophy (65)
Nat. Make Model Class Qualifying Race
Tyres Pos Time/Gap Pos Time/Gap Laps Stops Best Retirement
Robert Fleurke
 Antipasti Racing
BRM P261 (1965) F1 1965 1 1:36.234
1 55:30.343
34 1:36.091
Iestyn Davies
 Blue Moose Racing
Lotus 33 (Climax 1965) F1 1965 2 +0.157
2 +0.108
34 1:36.232
 Black Night Racing
Honda RA272 F1 1965 10 +1.689
3 +0.259
34 1:36.759
Ferrari 512 F1 1965 12 +5.702
4 +40.471
34 1:37.557
 Blue Moose Racing
Brabham BT7 (Climax) F1 1965 9 +1.500
5 +51.184
34 1:37.989
 Mountside Racing
Honda RA272 F1 1965 6 +0.908
6 +1:02.333
34 1:37.549
 Black Night Racing
Lotus 33 (Climax 1965) F1 1965 11 +2.983
7 +1:06.822
34 1:38.607
Lotus 33 (Climax 1965) F1 1965 7 +0.965
8 +3L
31 1:37.025
 Antipasti Racing
Lotus 33 (Climax 1965) F1 1965 4 +0.675
9 +0.180
31 1:37.074
Lotus 33 (Climax 1965) F1 1965 3 +0.586
10 +8L
26 1:37.079
Doni Yourth
 Blue Moose Racing
BRM P261 (1965) F1 1965 8 +1.433
11 +28L
6 1:37.615
Brabham BT11 (Climax) F1 1965 5 +0.808
12 +31L
3 1:38.044
60fps UKGPL 8
Brabham BT7 (Climax) F1 1965 12 13 DNS ---

Moderator's Report

A clean race with no reported incidents.

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Grand Prix Legends
F1 1965
Robert Fleurke
BRM P261 (1965)June 23, 2015, 10:36:43 PM +0100
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Author Topic: UKGPL Season 28 (2015) Professionals Trophy (65) - Monza - Jun 23  (Read 2938 times)
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Phil Thornton
UKGPL Consigliere
Hero Member
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« on: June 20, 2015, 10:52:25 PM +0100 »

Season 28 Professionals Trophy - Round 8 – Monza

The eighth round of the season will be at Monza in Italy, one of the most famous circuits on the Formula 1 calendar.  An iconic track, it has been used in every Formula 1 season apart from 1980 when the circuit was undergoing refurbishment (the Italian Grand Prix was held at Imola that year). Renowned as a high speed circuit, slipstreaming is paramount here and it usually produces very close racing.

There have been ten variations in track layout over the years.  The variants which don't use the famous banking are called the road circuits. For this race we will be using the 3rd variation of the Road Circuit which was used between 1955 and 1973.  With no chicanes this is the fastest variant of the road circuit.

The full time drivers can start to practice as soon as the server is available.  Reserve drivers can also join as soon as the server becomes available but must leave the server with 35 minutes of qualifying left, for a total of 5 minutes; this will allow any remaining full timers to join.  If there is enough space on the grid, the reserve drivers will be able to rejoin when there are 30 mins of qualifying left.  

Please restrict chat to pit messages including at the end of the race until ALL drivers still racing have crossed the line.

This season, races are to be run at 60 frames per second – please use this patch 60fpsV2newmod.

Drivers must complete 50% of each race to score.

Race List = IGOR
Server = UKGPL_8
IP address = look in iGOR
Race date = Tuesday 23-06-2015
Time = 21:00 UK time (21:00 GMT)
Track = Papyrus Original
Race length = 34 laps (50 Minutes)
Variant = 1965
60fps patch used = 60fpsV2newmod
Damage Model = Pro
Qualifying time = minimum of 30 minutes

Password see above
Replay will be here

Driver lists can be found on the championship standings page.

The red zone will be fully moderated for lap 1 only. For this race, the red zone will be from the start to the exit of Lesmo 2 on lap 1. Other moderation will be on reported incidents only.
« Last Edit: June 21, 2015, 10:57:03 AM +0100 by Cookie » Logged
Full Member
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« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2015, 09:48:50 PM +0100 »

Clean start, avoid the lap 1 stuff, sticking with the lead group, lap 4 someone minor tangles, I see, try to avoid, and I'm roll hooped while everyone else carries on.  Sad

So much for any hopes of a decent showing this season.  Angry

edit: Just watched the replay; that was pretty inept, T.  Huh  Lips Sealed
« Last Edit: June 23, 2015, 10:03:46 PM +0100 by DLogan » Logged
Doni Yourth
Full Member
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« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2015, 10:08:13 PM +0100 »

Well...  You can put the blame for that squarely on my shoulders, Dean.  Profuse apologies to you and all involved.

Two massive blunders can be chalked up to me.

First, I went to the line with qualifying fuel.  Huh  Don't know how I could have made this mistake as I calculated my race load(19usg)and was sure I saved it to the setup name I intended to use.  Sigh...  For some reason, it just didn't take.  Perhaps that goes a long way to explaining my blistering start and early laps pace.

Second, after splitting Robert and Tris on the run into the Parabolique, I stayed well to the right on the exit.  I scanned over with my 'look left' button to see where RF was on the run down pit straight and we were level pegging.  As we neared the turnoff for the banking, I breathed the throttle just ever so slightly to prepare to cut left and move over in behind him.  I hadn't counted on Tris rocketing up at a great rate of knots and diving to the left at just the exact instant as I started the same.  Tris cuffed my LF tyre and...

All my fault and I'm humbled...  Sad
Full Member
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.... ladies and gentlemen..... start your engine

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« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2015, 10:35:47 PM +0100 »

np Doni, this can hapened in à such close racing.......

.....but what to said to Ronnie Huh...you was drunk Huh...or what ??.....wtf !!!
....it's the second time you ended my race at Monza.....how can you think you could ( sudenly !!?? ) take the " Curva Grande " 10 km/h quicker then usual Huh? at the inside of another pilote ...Huh?.....even if you are alone and on the racing line you just can't take the curve properly at this speed ......I'm just furious to see at this level sutch mistake ......

Full Member
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« Reply #4 on: June 24, 2015, 02:28:56 AM +0100 »

Congrats Rob, Iestyn, and Tim! Congratulations on your championship Rob! Well done.

Thanks Clive and Dave for the fun. I didn't practice and the car wasn't setup well. The race was some great practice. At first I got a little nervous with Clive tailing me. Once I thought you knew my braking points, I settled down. I didn't think I was ever going to get away. I lost ground every time I shifted into 5th. You made me faster on two laps where you were close behind and didn't pressure me into the Parabolica. I was picking up a little speed from the slipstreaming even though I was in front. I'm betting your fast lap was one of those laps.

Take care guys.

You know that some people are different
Now ain't that a crying shame
Now wouldn't it be a real drag if we were all the same

Savoy Brown
UKGPL Divisional Moderator
UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #5 on: June 24, 2015, 10:52:07 AM +0100 »

Once again, my Lotus was very slow. Slower than Clive's BT7 !
I even couldn't stay in the tow of other drivers.
max speed was 254 km/h, probably 10 or + less than others.

I really need to improve my way of set up these cars  Undecided

Le silence éternel de ces espaces infinis m'effraie
UKGPL Senior Consultant
UKGPL Moderators
Hero Member
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I always play by the rules.... they are MY rules!

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« Reply #6 on: June 24, 2015, 11:04:37 AM +0100 »

I had no great hopes of being anywhere near the action for this race. The BT7 might be a sweet car to drive, but on a power circuit like this it was a big handicap.

Qually showed that I was going to need a strong tow rope to stay in touch with any of the other cars, so I set my gearing for "Slipstream Mode".  It was crucial that I stayed tucked in behind a fast car from the start, because once I lost 60 mtrs I had no way of closing the gap.
Lap 1 went Ok and I was just hanging on to the back of the lead group
Lap 2 and the plan fell apart as I took avoiding action on the straight and allowed the gap ahead to grow and i was lost.
I then had a few laps dicing with David hoping he would pull me back up to the pack, but he was passed by a recovering Tris, Greg, Tim and a few others. each time I jumped into the slipstream and tried to hold on, but the extra grunt out of Lesmo always gave the faster cars the edge and I was dropped.
By about half distance i was contemplating giving up as I was running alone and with no chance of catching the leaders...then Greg appeared  Grin in his Fezza with dodgy gears!!
I was able to carry enough speed through Lesmo and Parabolica ( if I shut my eyes and held on!!) to stay in the draft. Then my extra long 6th gear would pull me right up to his gearbox on the straights....a nice feeling.
I was able to stick with him for quite a few laps and although I could never hope to pass him and escape I might just be able to snatch a place on the final lap if I did it right. But one small mistake several laps from the end dropped me 40 mtrs behind, and Greg took his chance to escape. I tried everything to get back in the draft but slowly lap by lap he edged away until I was completely dropped.
A few late retirements promoted me to 5th place, which was far better than I had imagined at Monza. Glad I did not quit and thanks for the tow Greg  ;

Looking at the results the sprint for the flag looked epic after such a fast race....nice racing guys!!

Evil Waza, now a completely reformed character!

Rank   Only when I sweat
Robert Fleurke
Former UKGPL Moderators
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GPL Forever!

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« Reply #7 on: June 24, 2015, 04:23:05 PM +0100 »

It was a great race, with very respectful and smart racing, by most. Some, like Axel were unlucky to lose the draft, they could have contended for the win as well.

Was lucky how the last lap turnt out, I could run into Para fairly hard, going wide, but still keeping momentum, and this allowed me to win. But it wouldn't have happened without the awareness and respect Iestyn and Tim gave. Even had a little Maldonado moment into Ascari getting late out of Tim's tow but held it together.

Great job Iestyn and Tim, appreciate it Smiley Good job finishers, and commiserations to the retirements...

Looks like I can't be overhauled with two races to go, even when I'm happy to succesfully defend my championship, had preferred for it being closer to the end, like last two seasons...basically Iestyn and Tristan missed races, or had a lot of bad luck...in general our speeds and pace is the same in 65, but you're both better racers than me...maybe I'm more of a pointsracer playing it safe at key moments...

If I will run 65's again next season, it will be Cooper or BT7, I promise (lots of respect to Clive who does so well with the BT7). That should allow me to work on my close racing skills, that are still lacking sometimes being too cautious, or being too much on the edge...

Thanks all for racing Smiley

Driving for Antipasti Racing

Racing is like life, when you get up one more time than you fall, you'll make it through - Alan Kulwicki (1954-1993)
Jr. Member
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« Reply #8 on: June 24, 2015, 09:19:48 PM +0100 »

Race report - lap 1 bad start, got Lesmo 1 wrong & scraped all round the barrier set off again 12th & last. Lap 3 lost the tow, towards the end caught & passed Dave R.

Although there are a couple of disagreements in the race postings I thought how gentlemanly qually was conducted. Everyone was well spaced out as far as I could see. In the not too distant past drivers used to cruise round waiting for a fast car to pass then try & latch on to get a slipstream quicker lap than they could alone. Maybe the end of handicapping ended all that.

There are a few Valentino Rossi "race-a-likes" in this group now. It doesn't matter where they are on the grid at the end they are always near the front just like our hero. Still, makes it interesting.

Finally well done the podium. I haven't watched my replay yet but it sounds a thriller. So well done Rob who is champion & like all champions is already planning next season. Two championships is brilliant but if you want to become a LEGEND then its got to be done in a Honda as far as i'm concerned Wink. Plenty of power but using it is another matter & the aero's not to good either. Mike Hailwood had the same trouble with his bikes in the 1960's.  The Honda is the season 29 contender's realistic alternative. Grin

Norm H 
Former UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #9 on: June 24, 2015, 10:04:07 PM +0100 »

Two championships is brilliant but if you want to become a LEGEND then its got to be done in a Honda as far as i'm concerned Wink

I agree Norm - But then I would Wink  Grin

Still shattered from the race last night - I didn't bother with trying for a decent lap in Qually as I've had so much bad luck recently when starting from/near the front.
So I ran practice on the race setup and as luck would(n't) have it I didn't get to draft anyone and qualified near the back as a result.
That's not an issue here as long as you can keep near the draft and avoid any accidents - of which there were actually very few from what I could see.

While I have a fast Honda setup for here the main problem at circuits like Monza is, as always, the terrible aero - It's almost funny that the most powerful car should also be the least aerodynamic  Cheesy
My un-aided lap times didn't seem too far off Iestyn, Robert or anyone else, but trying to hang on to Iestyns draft when he caught back up to (and started to draft himself) the pack was pushing me to the limit from my seat some 60-100Yds behind him.

Everything is a bit of a blur to me until near the end, I remember managing to claim P1 for a lap (2 corners to be precise but I managed to lead at the line so it was at least official) and then the not-so-mad dash for the flag on the final lap. I very nearly went for the huge gap between Iestyn and Robert on the approach to Para as i had a much better exit from Lesmo 2, and was gaining at a massive rate by the time we entered the back straight - but eventually I backed out as I was out of contention for the championship (Well done Rob) and didn't want to be the cause of a major pileup on the last lap - Also with my current points standing a 3rd was much better than an accident so safe was somewhat more appealing ninja - still - from the replay it was a close thing with 2nd against Iestyn and I suspect would have been MUCH closer if I hadn't accidentally pulled a powerslide about halfway through Para...

Great race, and an even better finish than I had ever expected given the sea of green cars here  Smiley
Well done to Robert, Iestyn, and all the finishers - bad luck to the retiree's, there were a few unfortunate accidents last night.

AKA, T Muttram/65/66/69

Wasa Waza ninja
Nowa Night Grin
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