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  • S3167P Monaco: February 26, 2017
February 26, 2017, 10:37:24 PM +0000 - Monaco (1929-71) - UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Graduates Cup Privateers (67)
Nat. Make Model Class Qualifying Race
Tyres Pos Time/Gap Pos Time/Gap Laps Stops Best Retirement
 Team Groundhog
Brabham BT24 (Repco) F1 1967 3 +0.949
1 49:37.243
33 1:27.371
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 1 1:27.581
2 +19.529
33 1:27.775
Brabham BT24 (Repco) F1 1967 4 +1.582
3 +44.111
33 1:28.675
BRM P115 F1 1967 5 +1.859
4 +1:07.606
33 1:30.128
dave curtis
 Black Night Racing
Honda RA300 F1 1967 8 +2.880
5 +1L
32 1:29.598
Billy Nobrakes
 Black Night Racing
Cooper T81b (Maserati) F1 1967 10 +3.866
6 +34.810
32 1:31.525
Ronnie Nilsson
 Soggy Bottom Racers Club
Cooper T81b (Maserati) F1 1967 7 +2.285
7 +39.581
32 1:31.059
Pepe Higdon
Cooper T81b (Maserati) F1 1967 11 +5.167
8 +1:00.325
32 1:32.033
 Antipasti Racing
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 9 +2.967
9 +1:08.754
32 1:30.814
Phil Thornton
 Antipasti Racing
Brabham BT24 (Repco) F1 1967 6 +2.050
10 +2L
31 1:30.945
Michael Turner
 Soggy Bottom Racers Club
BRM P115 F1 1967 13 +9.149
11 +3L
30 1:36.268
Walter Conn
BRM P115 F1 1967 14 +9.732
12 +2.266
30 1:33.028
 Antipasti Racing
Cooper T81b (Maserati) F1 1967 2 +0.722
13 +15L
18 1:28.549
BRM P115 F1 1967 16 14 +21L
12 1:33.225
 Black Night Racing
Brabham BT24 (Repco) F1 1967 12 +8.648
15 +33L
0 ---
60fps UKGPL8
BRM P115 F1 1967 15 16 DNS ---

Moderator's Report

Round two of the championship took place along the sunny riviera of Monaco. Bastian Grupp took the winners trophy across the unforgiving streets. Fulvio Policardi took 2nd place and John Hammonds rounded off the podium, his first podium in UKGPL.

There was several incidents throughout the race but only a few were reported. I can only assume you fine gentlemen were happy enough to let things slide. Onto the incidents that were reported below.

Server replay time: 0h00m15s

After the flag dropped, Francesco Molteni slides the Ferrari towards the left hand side of the track, straight into the Cooper of Billy Nobrakes. The contact spins Fran around facing the wrong way while Bill could continue on. Next on the scene is Pepe Higdon who brakes hard to avoid the stationary Fran, but unfortunately behind Pepe is an unsighted Michael Turner whose view of the accident was obscured up ahead. Micheal hits the brakes but can\\\'t slow the car in time and rear-ends Pepe, pitching him into a half-spin. All thankfully can continue though Pepe does have to take a shift-r.

The Ferrari is a tricky car to get off the line as the differential can easily run out of slip. While Fran only veered the left-slightly at the start, Monaco is a tight circuit and if starting on the right, staying on the right hand side of the track to the run down to St. Devote should be a priority for self-preservation\\\'s sake!

This is a similar situation to Dave & Andy\\\'s starting incident at Kyalami. If the incident was reported, Fran typically would have received a penalty as he veered to one side of the track, into Bill\\\'s path. From the moderator\\\'s perspective, mapping the \\\"look-left\\\" and \\\"look-right\\\" commands on the steering wheel is a great aid when pulling off the line to help avoid situations like this.

Pepe and Michael\\\'s follow-on-incident, which was reported, while unfortunate, is a typical racing incident after attempting to avoid a first lap armageddon.

Server replay time: 0h05m00s

Pepe took a shift-r after the start line incidents, but doesn\'t take a stop and go penalty after two laps. Pepe did the honorable thing and reported himself after the race.

The default penalty for failing to take a stop & go penalty is 30 seconds. However, as this is Pepe\'s first race in UKGPL and he got caught in someone else\'s accident at the start, the penalty won\'t be applied as it would have a very minor affect on the race outcome.

  • Pepe Higdoncaution — No stop & go after two laps - 30 second penalty waived.

Server replay time: 0h34m20s

Phil spins on the approach to Massenet and clouts the barriers on the right-hand-side of the track. Getting back up the speed, Phil uses all the available track which causes Bastian, next on the scene, to brake hard to avoid contact.

This situation can be judged differently depending on whether Phil & Bastian were racing for position. If Phil was on the same lap as Bastian, Phil would be entitled to use the available track to get going. However, Bastian was approaching to lap Phil and in this situation, while Phil wasn\'t technically rejoining, with two wheels of his Brabham remaining on the circuit, it would have been prudent to keep on the right hand side of the track until up to speed.

On Phil\'s replay, there were no blue flags until Bastian was right on Phil\'s gearbox. Phil then did move over as soon as he could. Bastian did have to be mindful not hit Phil on approach, but fortunately no contact was made and the two could race on.

  • Phil Thorntonadvice — Remain on one side of the circuit when being lapped if possible

Server replay time: 0h49m40s

Phil attempts to lap Michael on the Beau Rivage, but with the snaking of the so-called straight, the gap Phil was aiming for reduced and contact occurred.

This situation was caused my Michael trying to be helpful to Phil and slowing when being lapped but it happened at an awkward part of the circuit. In hindsight, waiting until the approach to Casino Square to move over would have been a better option, even if it delayed Phil ever-so-slightly. Both can continue after the incident.

  • Racing incident

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Author Topic: UKGPL Season 31 (2017) Graduates Cup Privateers (67) - Monaco - Feb 26  (Read 2838 times)
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UKGPL Divisional Moderator
UKGPL Moderators
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« on: February 23, 2017, 08:34:34 PM +0000 »

Season 31 Privateers Trophy - Round 02 - Monaco

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1967 season, the UKGPL season will take place on 10 of the 11 original circuits. Round 2 starts the European season & probably the most iconic of F1 circuits, on the streets on Monte Carlo. Facilities such as the paddock, pit boxes, fences and grandstands are usually temporary and removed soon after the race is over but in modern times the pits, race control and main grandstands are sometimes permanently constructed in the area. Since the track surface is originally planned for normal speeds, race drivers often find street circuits bumpy and lacking grip. Run-off areas may be non-existent, which makes driving mistakes more expensive than in purpose-built circuits. Hardly passing places, so please be patient.

Note the Privateers division is run on Intermediate damage settings. Drivers are permitted 1 Shift R followed by a Stop & Go in the pit lane within 2 laps. Failure to make a stop will result in a DQ. If you require a stop & go on the final lap & are unable to complete a time penalty of 15 secs is added.

Race List = iGOR
Server = UKGPL_8
IP = see iGOR
Race date = Sunday 26-02-2017
Time = 21:00 UK time (21:00 GMT)
Track = Papyrus Original
Race length = 33 Laps (50 minutes)
Variant = 1967
60fps patch used   = 60fpsV2newmod
Damage Model = Intermediate
Qualifying time = 30-45 minutes
Replays Available here

Driver lists can be found on the championship standings page

The full time drivers can start to practice as soon as the server is available.  Reserve drivers can also join as soon as the server becomes available but must leave the server with 35 minutes of qualifying left, for a total of 5 minutes; this will allow any remaining full timers to join.  If there is enough space on the grid, the reserve drivers will be able to rejoin when there are 30 mins of qualifying left.  

This Season we don't have a Red Zone. Moderating will be on reported incidents only. If you haven't received a PM about an incident before the link below the results table is removed, you can be sure that you will not appear in the moderator's report.

The chassis token system is explained on the Privateers standings page. Please ensure you choose a chassis that is within your budget, which can be seen by hovering the mouse over your points total in the standings.

Please restrict chat to pit messages including at the end of the race until ALL drivers still racing have crossed the line.

Password: see above
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Phil Thornton
UKGPL Consigliere
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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2017, 10:44:50 PM +0000 »

An eventful race for me, I managed to finish with the engine and gearbox intact for a change (although I did use my one shift-R with S&G).  Had a good battle with Dave C until I ran wide at Virage and we touched.  No probs Dave, it is Monaco, very tight and we wouldn't have touched if I hadn't run wide. The very next lap I clipped the bales at the chicane and spun where I was collected by someone and so I had to take my shift-R.  Sorry whoever that was, hope you didn't loose much time.  From then on it was an epic chase back up the field.  At one point I had P Higdon behind me with blue flags waving so I pulled over to a virtual stop before Tabac and he trundled by.  I pretty soon caught him up and retook the place to unlap myself.  I thought he must have been credited with an extra lap somehow and shouldn't have been leading???

Towards the end of the race had a mighty battle with Ronnie.  Eventually got him with 1 lap to go.  I could see Billy ahead I thought I might have a chance at passing him if I could put him under pressure but up the hill through Beau Rivage we came across MT.  Tried to squeeze past to lap him as I thought he was moving over for me but there wasn't enough room and we touched.  Sorry Mike I should have been more patient.  Billy got away again!!
Full Member
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« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2017, 10:51:45 PM +0000 »

Sorry to Billy for the start,i have not seen your car on the left.Anyway no consequence for you thumbup2
Even though Bastian hate me,I have to make my compliments for the race and lap time.In the far past also for me was possib├▓le a time of 1.2849 with the Eagle but no more now.
Pepe Higdon
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« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2017, 12:03:59 AM +0000 »

Although I did know Ronnie Nilsson and John Hammonds from the oAo league, this was still my first UKGPL race and, of course, it would have to be at Monaco. I qualified near the back of the field (as expected) and prepared for a short, embarrassing run. It was actually shorter and more embarrassing than I'd originally feared.  Mere seconds after the green flag dropped, I braked for a Ferrari that had gone pear-shaped ahead of me and, since no good deed goes unpunished, I was immediately rear-ended by Mike Turner, tossed up in the air, and came down eventually facing the wrong way and staring at the noses of the three BRMs who had qualified behind me. They must have wondered where I was trying to go. I could see no graceful way out of this situation without a SHFT-R, so I used it fifteen seconds into a fifty-minute race. "This," I thought, "was not quite the start I've been hoping for."

Seven seconds later, however, my race prospects improved dramatically. Although I did not know it at the time, my race position at 1:06 minutes into the race mysteriously improved from 12th overall to 1st. Yep, you read that right. Evidently when I had my initial accident near the start/finish line, possibly combined with the SHFT-R, I had somehow confused the track computer into thinking that I had completed my first lap in 9.03 seconds, which I'm pretty sure must be close to a track record. I wandered unconsciously along through the remainder of that lap, then saw the pit board at the beginning of the second lap tell me that I was in first place, with more than a minute lead over the pole sitter, Fulvio Policardi.

It is difficult for me to explain to you how much more difficult it was for me to try to process the information on that pit board. For a while I thought I had misread P11 as P1, but when I had a free moment (not all that often at Monaco, as you know), PRBLUDA confirmed that the entire field lay more than a minute in my dust. Further, I saw that I'd set a world record on my first lap, even if you added a minute to the lap time. By the time the third lap began, I realized that I'd been the beneficiary of the greatest clock smash I'd ever seen in the almost 20 years I've been playing this game. Slowly but surely the true state of the race began to unfold itself to me. No, I was probably not going to be credited with the fastest lap of the race; no, I would probably not be credited with having led a half-dozen laps; but yes, as the final horror of it all struck me, I was going to be disqualified because amid all the schizophrenia of those first couple of laps, I'd forgotten to do a stop-and-go. Rats, and double rats!

So I'm turning myself in for the DQ just in case the administrators haven't caught me. I don't have any illusions about my place in the GPL racing world. Even if I didn't do a nine-second lap at Monaco or lead the field for ten minutes, I did do something I don't think I've ever done before: I completed 32 consecutive laps at that track without myself winding up in a hospital or the car winding up in the harbor. If that's what it takes to begin my career at UKGPL, I'll take it every time.  Smiley
« Last Edit: February 27, 2017, 04:00:29 PM +0000 by Pepe Higdon » Logged
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« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2017, 12:20:43 AM +0000 »

First of all I had better get the apologies out of the way. Sad

Sorry Pepe for the incident at Tabac when I clipped the armco and spun. I thought I had the brakes applied but looking at the replay I was creeping forwards, not sure if you could have missed me either way but sorry.

Second, sorry Dave C, When you spun at Massenet I thought keeping tight would get me through but your momentum carried you back across the track and I had no where to go..

On to the race.. Q went well, posting a lap in the mid 1:29s which was close to my PB in the Brabham and put me in 4th place on the grid. Start appeared very clean and I sat glued to Bastian's gearbox knowing only a mistake on his part would let me through. My chance came on Lap 4 when he caught the armco exiting Casino and we played chicken down to Mirabeau but I held the inside line and was through. Hung on to the front 3... 3!!!!! who was the other driver. Then saw Pepe had a hell of a lead and guessed GPL had thrown a wobbly at least on my display. Stayed with Alex in his Cooper then around Lap 8 exiting Tabac I lost power and the smoke in my mirrors confirmed the worst. Took a Shift-r and served my S&G which dropped me down to 7th. Gave chase on Dave in his Honda and slowly reduced the gap until lap 15 when he had an issue at the Gas Works Hairpin and I was right with him. Then a lap later I spun at Tabac resulting in the collision with Pepe. (Sorry again). A lap later came across Dave's Honda coming back across the track after an issue at Massenet and I hit him hard. The car wasn't handling to well after that and I had given up any hope of progressing any further up the order but on lap 26 found Andy recovering from an error just before the tunnel and was up to 3rd. Took it easy for the remaining laps as Fulvio was way ahead and nothing other then him throwing it at the scenery was going to get me another spot. Was pleased to see I bettered my qualy lap by nearly a second during the race.

Notoriously difficult place to lap or be lapped and a few really compromised there own laps getting out of the way. No need guys, just ease off on the next straight.

Thanks all and again sorry for the collisions.


Fast, Cheap, Reliable.
Choose any 2.

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« Reply #5 on: February 27, 2017, 10:57:22 AM +0000 »

I had a very undramatic race, which is usually for the best at Monaco.
Sorry to Fabio twice in qualy - I thought you were pulling over to let me by. I managed a lap in the 1.29's for 5th on the grid. The start was good at the front with everyone slotting into their positions. There's no need to push here as so much will happen later. I wondered how I was running 6th without anyone slipping by at the start, but we know what happened now. I spent most of the race with Dave in sight behind. Those being lapped were very courteous. I spent a short time in 2nd after Fulvio's enormous tea break and later SnG, but he was soon back through. It looked like I could make the podium, but John was 11 seconds back with 11 laps to go, then 8 with 8. I blew the engine just before the tunnel and he was past. After my SnG, I had a lap down Francesco right on my tail as his hot Ferrari was a match for my cold BRM. He clipped the chicane to give me some breathing space to the end.
Grats to Bastian for a fine win, keeping it out of trouble.
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« Reply #6 on: February 27, 2017, 12:58:12 PM +0000 »

Yes thx to all, especially to Walter for very clean lapping.
I was out of all (big) trouble, just kissed the armco slightly maybe 5 times and touched Fulvio on taking his s/g. Sorry for that.
Sorry for all that folks with engine troubles and faultless accidents. cya next race.
Billy Nobrakes
UKGPL Divisional Moderator
UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #7 on: February 27, 2017, 06:26:14 PM +0000 »

Rather uneventful race for me. At Monaco that is generally a good thing. Possibly because Pepe was hogging all the excitement. I wasn't ever going to be competitive in the Cooper so the plan was to finish - without a Reset. As mentioned the couple of cars I lapped were very considerate. No harm done from the start line incident with Fran.
Michael Turner
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« Reply #8 on: February 27, 2017, 07:30:32 PM +0000 »

I wasn't expecting to finish the race so opted to save my tokens by taking the BRM. Starting at the back of the grid I  was taken by surprise by a near stationary Pepe as the incident on the start straight was some distance ahead and the road directly in front was clear.
I was even more surprised and amused when Pepe reset to see that his engine was still blazing away as he drove off.
Thereafter I was kept busy watching out for a constant stream of lappers and holding Walter at bay. On the final lap I ran wide at Tabac and Walter sneaked through but almost immediately had the misfortune to encounter the hay bales at Rascasse allowing me to take back the place.
All in all a surprisingly enjoyable race.
Walter Conn
Former UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #9 on: March 01, 2017, 04:37:06 PM +0000 »

Fun race for me with lots of cars around to race against. I am sorry to Pepe for the bump in Rascasse. I gave myself a S&G penalty for the contact. Really nice battle with Michael at the end of the race. Your consistency won the position. Good race. Good to see some new faces on the grid.
« Last Edit: March 01, 2017, 04:40:27 PM +0000 by Walter Conn » Logged
UKGPL Divisional Moderator
UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #10 on: March 09, 2017, 09:45:36 AM +0000 »

Mod report published. Well done chaps for attempting to survive the madness of Monaco  Smiley.

Apologies on my part for an error in the first race post. It states a missing stop and go penalty is a DQ. This was a carry-over error from a division specific rule from a previous season. This series has the standard UKGPL 30 second penalty for missing a stop and go. I've corrected the penalty stated in the Zandvoort race post.
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