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  • S3367F1 Imola: August 05, 2018
August 05, 2018, 09:34:30 PM +0100 - Imola (2007+) - UKGPL Season 33 (2018) 1967 F1
Nat. Make Model Class Qualifying Race
Tyres Pos Time/Gap Pos Time/Gap Laps Stops Best Retirement
 Ecurie Makika's
Brabham BT24 (Repco) F1 1967 1 1:32.205
1 49:35.924
32 1:31.565
Lotus 49 (Cosworth) F1 1967 3 +0.587
2 +35.878
32 1:32.966
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 5 +1.420
3 +1:05.000
32 1:33.190
Brabham BT24 (Repco) F1 1967 2 +0.365
4 +1:24.240
32 1:32.790
 Blue Moose Racing
Brabham BT24 (Repco) F1 1967 14 5 +1L
31 1:34.247
 Black Night Racing
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 7 +3.854
6 +3.777
31 1:35.393
 Soggy Bottom Racers Club
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 8 +3.874
7 +37.961
31 1:36.617
Billy Nobrakes
 Black Night Racing
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 9 +3.930
8 +43.512
31 1:36.552
 Black Night Racing
Cooper T81b (Maserati) F1 1967 10 +4.095
9 +48.403
31 1:36.432
Jack O'Ferrall
 Reed Racing
BRM P115 F1 1967 11 +6.910
10 +2L
30 1:39.417
Phil Thornton
 Antipasti Racing
Brabham BT24 (Repco) F1 1967 12 +7.252
11 +5.666
30 1:38.011
 Team Baarf
Honda RA300 F1 1967 6 +1.984
12 +28L
4 1:35.543
 Antipasti Racing
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 4 +0.857
13 +30L
2 1:34.410
BRM P115 F1 1967 13 14 DNS ---

Moderator's Report

No reported incidents & no resets taken.

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F1 1967
Brabham BT24 (Repco)August 05, 2018, 09:34:30 PM +0100
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Author Topic: UKGPL Season 33 (2018) 1967 F1 - Imola - Aug 5  (Read 597 times)
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Billy Nobrakes
UKGPL Divisional Moderator
UKGPL Moderators
Sr. Member
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« on: August 02, 2018, 10:31:10 PM +0100 »

Season 33 Graduates Cup – Round 7 – Imola

The track was inaugurated in 1953, and it had no chicanes, so the run from Rivazza all the way to Tosa, through the pits and the eventually notorious Tamburello was totally flat out, as was the run from Acque Minerali all the way to Rivazza was just a long straight with a few small bends; and the circuit remained in this configuration until 1972. Long time home of the San Marino Grand Prix (and once of the Italian Grand Prix) the circuit is fast, bumpy and dangerous.

After the deaths of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna in 1994, the track was remodelled to reduce speeds but we use the original, high speed layout.

The registrations for this seasons Graduates Cup are not sufficient to support separate grids. Therefore, both Works & Privateers drivers will participate on the same grid. All drivers have the same tokens allocations. We will, however, run two championships, & separate points will be scored for each. A Privateer may finish the actual race 5th, but still win the Privateers race. The race will be moderated as a combined grid. Privateers are asked not to hold up a Works driver whilst being lapped, but you may race fairly for track position.

The important difference is that Privateers are permitted one reset with a compulsory Stop & Go (taken within two laps). Although the race setting is “Intermediate” Works drivers are not allowed to take a reset.

Server = UKGPL4
IP =
Race date = Sunday 05-08-2018
Time = 21:00 UK time (21:00 GMT)
Track = Imola
Race length = 32 Laps (50 minutes)
Variant = 1967
60fps patch used   = 60fpsV2newmod
Damage Model = Intermediate
Qualifying time = 30-45 minutes

Driver lists and divisional rules can be found on the Championship Standings Page

There is no Red Zone. Moderating will be on reported incidents only. Remember that lap 1 incidents carry an additional penalty place.

The chassis token system is explained on the Works / Privateers standings page. Please ensure you choose a chassis that is within your budget, which can be seen by hovering the mouse over your points total in the standings.

Privateer Drivers are permitted 1 Shift R followed by a Stop & Go in the pit lane within 2 laps. Failure to make a stop will result in a 30 second time penalty. If you require a stop & go on the final lap & are unable to complete a time penalty of 15 secs is added.

Please restrict chat to pit messages including at the end of the race until ALL drivers still racing have crossed the line.
« Last Edit: August 05, 2018, 04:10:34 PM +0100 by Phil Thornton » Logged
Phil Thornton
UKGPL Consigliere
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« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2018, 02:52:07 PM +0100 »

Practice server is up on IGOR
Phil Thornton
UKGPL Consigliere
Hero Member
Posts: 4399

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« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2018, 10:51:48 PM +0100 »

Grats to Tom on his dĂ©but at UKGPL (Does anyone know any slow newbies who can keep me company at the back?  Shocked)
Had a good race with Jack but I missed too many gears to be in a position to mount an effective attack.  Hopefully do better in the next round.
Jack O'Ferrall
Former UKGPL Moderators
Full Member
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« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2018, 11:07:54 PM +0100 »

Had you been slightly further back when I miscontrolled at Piratella on the last lap you would have been past me though, rather than forced to take avoiding action.  I only finished ahead due to poor driving.

My apologies to Clive, I should have been closer to the side both times, though at least the first time it was because of lack of skill rather than simple miscalculation.
Full Member
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« Reply #4 on: August 06, 2018, 05:59:43 AM +0100 »

(Does anyone know any slow newbies who can keep me company at the back?  Shocked)
Sometime me Smiley
UKGPL Senior Consultant
UKGPL Moderators
Hero Member
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I always play by the rules.... they are MY rules!

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« Reply #5 on: August 06, 2018, 09:16:21 AM +0100 »

Grats to Tom and the podium guys.
Apologies to a couple of people for last night's race and to log my excuses  Roll Eyes

I arrived so late on the server that there was no time to post a qually lap and I started at the back of the grid. That was not so much of a problem, but forgetting to put on my racing socks was!! I started the race barefoot and for the first laps that was not an issue, but as the race progressed I found that the heat in the room where I keep my computer was making my feet sweaty. Gradually as the race progressed, my feet started to stick/slip on the pedals and things got tricky as I could not gradually apply gas or brakes. My feet would stick and then suddenly slip...….not the best way to handle a GP car!!

No worries Jack, I confess that I was following perhaps too closely, and was kind of expecting you to brake a little earlier  than I was. But on both occasions you wobbled and that was what caught me out  Shocked  My driving style is to drift the car into the apex, just balancing the slide/brakes/gas to control the direction, but once I am committed there is not much chance of changing the line when on the limit of adhesion, so partially my fault Wink

Must also apologise to John for my rejoin late in the race after an off with a sticky brake foot. The rejoin was also afflicted by "sticky foot syndrome" when my foot stuck and then slipped on the gas, firing me onto the racing line instead of crawling gently onto the edge of the tarmac Undecided I breathed a huge sigh of relief when John squeezed through unscathed, although perhaps he was  somewhat traumatised?


Evil Waza, now a completely reformed character!

Rank   Only when I sweat
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« Reply #6 on: August 06, 2018, 02:37:15 PM +0100 »

Congrats Tom, John, and Dean!

There's not much for me to say about this one. A concise description would be, I suck. Smiley

I got a decent lap out of the Honda before qualifying ended. I thought I was in decent shape for the race. I was hoping I could only lose 0.5-1 second to Dean each lap. A quick spin showed me I wouldn't finish somewhat close to Dean. It didn't take long for me to clip the grass on the back straight. I got sideways and then managed to get the car straight again, but then the rear quickly jumped the other direction and I was nothing more than a passenger after that. I can't be unhappy though. My mistake didn't cause any other problems.

Thanks guys. I hope I'm back for the next one.

You know that some people are different
Now ain't that a crying shame
Now wouldn't it be a real drag if we were all the same

Savoy Brown
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« Reply #7 on: August 06, 2018, 11:11:52 PM +0100 »

I found that the heat in the room where I keep my computer was making my feet sweaty.
Waaaaay to much information. Wink

Really chuffed with that one. Even though I threw all the teams cash at a Lotus I was still pleased to grab 3rd on the grid and had found a nice forgiving set up which still allowed me to kick the rear out if needed but was super stable under braking.

Start went well, I could see Cookie having a cheeky look on the run off the line but held my position and followed Tom and Trist through the 1st few laps. Along with Cookie we were slowly gapping the field and it was beginning to look like Tom and Trist would be battling for the top spot and I was going to spend the next 32 laps trying to fend off Cookie. Then after a few laps Cookie lost it and disappeared off Prib leaving me with a healthy lead over Dean and hanging onto Trist with everything I had. Then Trist lost the rear at Tosa and I was through to 2nd. I was still getting the odd glimpse of Tom ahead but he just drove away from me with embarrassingly little effort. Meanwhile Trist had fell back behind Dean and I could see from Prib they were having a bit of a scrap, Eventually Trist broke free and began to eat into the gap. I could see at his current rate of closure I was going to be a few laps short of keeping any sort of gap at all but fortunately for me he made a few mistakes and then suddenly began to drop back at a very fast rate. (Engine trouble)?? This left Dean to grab the 3rd spot but he was too far back to worry me by this time.

No worries Clive but yes, scared the cr*p outta me. At 1st I thought it was Tom and all my Christmas's had arrived at once but once I realised what was happening I dived for the inside and breathed in as I went past.

Thanks All it was a blast as always.


Fast, Cheap, Reliable.
Choose any 2.

Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.
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« Reply #8 on: August 09, 2018, 04:59:59 PM +0100 »

Hi guys,
Thanks Phil for the race Smiley
Very short qually joining the server so late !
The first laps of the race were pretty cool with Magic not so far behind Wink
Then, no further events until the end except a little mistake in V4 (left corner) after overtaking a lapped driver.

It was nice to join a ukgpl race... the last one I did was about 3y ago... o_O
Will try to join the next one !

See y,
ToM scooter

http://gpltom.libertux.org  << GPL F2 1967 Championship Smiley
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