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Author Topic: Cure your GTL graphics problem (nVidia card)  (Read 254 times)
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« on: August 03, 2018, 04:54:22 PM +0100 »

Hi Graphics good now on Windows 10. My NVidia card GTX970. This is what worked for me,

Clear old NVidia drivers with DDU (use option to restart computer)
Install NVidia driver 398.82
Do not alter anything for GTL in NVidia control panel
Do not use NVidia inspector
In GTLconfig properties/ compatibility tick run this program as administrator (do not do if using Steam GTL and launching game from Steam)
In GTL.exe properties/ compatibility tick run this program as administrator  (do not do if using Steam GTL and launching game from Steam)
Run GTL config set Resolution (mine is 1920x1080 32 bit)
                       set Refresh Rate (mine is 60hz)
                       set Shader Level to Auto
                       tick Fullscreen Anti-Aliasing set to Level 4
                       can tick Vertical Sync (locks FPS to 60 slightly less flicker in game) if not  ticked FPS can rise a lot higher, your choice
                       click OK
Run game, in Options Video I have top option set to full

Running 20 cars mix at 1967 Spa (vertical Sync off) start back of grid 80fps then rising to over 200fps
Running LM Classics at 1967 Spa (vertical Sync off) start back of grid  60fps then rising to over 150fps
Slightly less flicker using Vertical Sync then constant 60fps

No Anti-Aliasing problems, very clean image still slight flicker on some railings. The fix for me was obviously finding the right graphics driver.

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