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  • L19MSS Donington Park: July 01, 2019
July 01, 2019, 08:31:42 PM +0100 - Donington Park (National) - UKGTL Season 19 2019 Monday Summer Special's
Nat. Make Model Class Qualifying Race
Tyres Pos Time/Gap Pos Time/Gap Laps Stops Best Retirement
Erling G-P
Lotus Cortina (#911) TC-65 D2 1 1:25.223
1 25:43.217
18 1:24.757
 Kerb Crawlers
Austin Mini Cooper 1275S (#590) TC-65 D2 2 +0.227
2 +0.495
18 1:24.837
Wiltshire Tony
 Toyland Racing
Lotus Cortina (#955) TC-65 D2 4 +1.122
3 +28.549
18 1:26.227
 Blue Moose Racing
Lotus Cortina (#961) TC-65 D2 3 +0.865
4 +29.079
18 1:25.151
Bob M.
Austin Mini Cooper 1275S (#595) TC-65 D2 7 +2.963
5 +52.423
18 1:26.924
Lotus Cortina (#961) TC-65 D2 8 +3.615
6 +8L 10 1:26.354
 Clark-Hill Racing
Alfa Romeo GTA (#958) TC-65 D2 6 +2.458
7 +9L 9 1:26.232
 Team Pseudo Racing
Lotus Cortina (#961) TC-65 D2 5 +2.266
8 +11L 7 1:25.781
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Author Topic: UKGTL Season 19 2019 Monday Summer Special's - Donington Park - Jul 1  (Read 239 times)
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Wiltshire Tony
Director, UKGTL Staff
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"I'd rather be Sim-Racing" said Noddy

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« on: June 28, 2019, 12:29:05 PM +0100 »

Championship Standings here

Grid/server capacity: 22

Practice: ~19:25 (60 mins)
Qualifying: 20:25 (5 mins) Only one hot lap allowed
Race 1: 20:30 (18 laps)

Track: Donington Park (National) Standard GTL track

Cars allowed: Alfa Romeo GTA, Lotus Cortina, Mini Cooper S

Cars restrictions: Choose one make per race. You may not use the same make in Race's 1 and 2

Time of Day Setting: 14:00
Tyre wear: Normal
Fuel consumption: Normal
Pit stops: Not required

Server: Summer
Password: see above

(1) It's best if all drivers can make sure they are connected before the Qualifying session as drivers on track during qualifying will not see cars that join after they are on track until they go back to the garage.
(2) Please make sure you are fully aware of the Rules.
(3) The AI control should be turned off so that you have control of the car at all times, including pitting. Your player file should therefore read
Force Autopit Off="1" // Forces autopit always off
No AI Control="1" // AI never has control over car
If you still finding pitting problematic, experience tells us that its less to do with positioning and more to do with approach speed. A slow approach to pit crew chief has proved most reliable.

Special Notes: Note early race start time.
« Last Edit: June 28, 2019, 02:00:46 PM +0100 by Wiltshire Tony » Logged

The only UK based GTL community which races every Wednesday night. We are always looking for new drivers of all ages and abilities. GTL here since 2006.

Bob M.
Full Member
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« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2019, 07:50:45 PM +0100 »

Probably can only do one race today.  Wife says she needs a escort to a get together and I can't find a substitute..

Bob M.
Wiltshire Tony
Director, UKGTL Staff
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"I'd rather be Sim-Racing" said Noddy

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« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2019, 10:24:42 AM +0100 »

Donation time again folk's.

Please donate what you can to keep this site going and providing you with all the sim racing you desire (it says here).

Thank you in advance  I Am Not Worthy

The only UK based GTL community which races every Wednesday night. We are always looking for new drivers of all ages and abilities. GTL here since 2006.

Wiltshire Tony
Director, UKGTL Staff
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"I'd rather be Sim-Racing" said Noddy

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« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2019, 10:07:21 PM +0100 »

Results and replays now posted.

The only UK based GTL community which races every Wednesday night. We are always looking for new drivers of all ages and abilities. GTL here since 2006.

Sr. Member
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« Reply #4 on: July 02, 2019, 04:34:48 PM +0100 »

One good race & one to forget.

Race 1 was an epic battle between Erling's Cortina & my Mini, chased Erling the whole race but just did not have quite enough straight line speed to get in a position to make a pass. Great controlled drive under pressure from Erling, few mistakes & when there was I was never quite in the right position to take advantage.

Race 2 was a bit of a disaster. Took the lead at the start but it only lasted a couple of laps, ran a little wide out of McLeans & spun the car, Clive went through & I just managed to hold on to 2nd from Tony & Erling. A few laps later & I spun again at the Old Hairpin, this time crunching the car against the barriers, it didn't handle quite the same after that & was very unpredictable under braking which led to several more grassy moments & a very distant 4th & last.

Congrats to Erling for two excellent wins & to Cive & Tony on the podiums.  clap clap clap
Erling G-P
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« Reply #5 on: July 02, 2019, 05:55:52 PM +0100 »

Yesterday was supposed to be a bit of impromptu Monday fun, and not bloody hard work as it turned out to be  Smiley

Surprising pole in race 1.  Knew that with the Mini's disadvantage at the start, I should have a chance of staying ahead of Geoffers, if I didn't bungle the start too badly. Succeeded, and like Geoffers says, the entire race was an intense battle, requiring lots of concentration and driving to my absolute max. Kudos to Geoffers for not bumping me off the few times I got a bit sideways - or from sheer impatience  Wink  Grats to Geoffers & Tony for completing the podium.

Prospect for race 2 looked bleak, with having to start from the back, and both Geoffers & Clive posting better times in qual than my offline pb in the Alfa. However, you should never underestimate your opponents ability to screw things up for themselves  Grin   
Despite repeated practice starts, Tony still remained firmly in front when the flag dropped. Kurt didn't set a time either, and ended up behind me on the grid.  Battled with Tony over the early laps, while Geoffers & Clive were slipping away.  Then we happened upon a rejoining Geoffers, and I seized the opportunity to sneak past Tony when we all arrived at the chicane simultaneously.  Geoffers looked set to get away again, but after a few laps, he went off, got a bit of a tankslapper, darting across track and hitting the barrier.  That gifted me 2nd.   Could just glimpse Clive far ahead, but he was soon gone from view, or so I thought.  With 4-5 laps to go, I rounded T1 to find a dustcloud and a slow moving Clive.  Had just enough momentum to get past downhill between T2 & T3.  Then the challenge was to stay ahead for the remaining laps, which wouldn't be easy as he was notably quicker.  Come final lap and I knew he would try something; sure enough, a slightly optimistic move at Coppice resulted in entanglement and me spinning.  He gentlemanly waited and waved me through, seemingly trying a final kamikaze move through the chicane, which backfired and saw him spin off. Apparently lucky to get going and across the line just before Tony arrived  Smiley   Grats to Clive & Tony for the remaining podium slots.
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« Reply #6 on: July 02, 2019, 06:21:28 PM +0100 »

Result_Race 1


Race 1 looked like all three yellow Cortinas (#961) had some handling problems. Matt quitted early and me too after some offs.
Bit the most fun was watching Erling and Geoffers during there epic battle for the win - great stuff guys

So long

aka Eifelblitz
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« Reply #7 on: July 02, 2019, 06:52:12 PM +0100 »

Like Erling said.....I thought that this was supposed to be a fun series??? lol.

 But when that flag drops, and the red mist descends, any concept of just making up the numbers vanishes  devil I did a few laps along with Matt earlier in the evening to try out the connection and the cars.

Race 1 and my start was poor which placed me in a sandwich at T1. I was doing my best to avoid a car on my inside and Matt in his Cortina on my outside. the space was squeezed and I nudged Matt's rear end sending him and me into a spin.
Matt got away first and I was dead last  Undecided For about half of the race I was simply trying to catch the tail end of the field. Matt had caught Kurt and Bob at about the same time that I arrived to join the party. Then, at the approach to the chicane Matt developed a sudden interest in Botany and turned left instead of right, Kurt ran too deep into the chicane and Bob appeared to miss a gear on the exit of the chicane. In the space of a few hundred metres I gained 3 places  Shocked.
I could see Tony up 6 secs ahead and I was catching at about 1 sec a lap, but there were only 6 laps left  Undecided I just ran out of laps and Tony took the podium place, but it was fun chasing him down.

Race 2 and I swapped the Cortina for the Alpha and a few tweaks on the setup transformed the handling ( must remember what I did for future cars and races!!).  Geoffers posted a better time on his one lap qualifier, but I was at least on the front row and Erling was surely too far back tp pose a threat ?? Should have known better  Undecided
Donington is not exactly blessed with good passing places and following someone like Geoffers is not likely to throw up many opportunities. After a few laps of following him I was confident that my car was slightly quicker, but making that work for me was another issue. Then as he said he put a wheel too wide at Mcleans and found that green slippery stuff and squirreled across the track in front of me and I had to take to the grass to be sure of missing him. But I was not going to hang around and tried to make the most of the gift.
I was watching the gap back to a recovering Geoffers and initially I was concentrating on just maintaining the gap at around 6 secs. Then he dropped back behind Tony and Erling and I now had around 9 secs of lead and about 9 laps to go.
I blame the HUD for screwing my chance of the win. I was lapping in the mid to low 1:24's with a best of 1:24.12. Then it popped up a green minus 0.250 at the old hairpin, which meant that a 1:23 lap was a distinct possibility.... so I had to try for it didn't I??
Erling has described the result. I tried to force the power on through Redgates and the rear tyres called "enough" provoking a graceful spin onto the infield. The extra slippery Donington grass slowed my rejoin just enough to allow that "No threat Erling" to sweep past down the hill.
I was hoping to have a go at Erling into the chicane on the last lap and wanted a fast exit onto the straight, but he was slower than I expected on going into that crucial corner over the crest and "I hardly touched him guv, and like a professional footballer he dived onto the grass yer honour".

so I thought I should wait and let him retake the lead whilst I gritted my teeth. There was one last attempt by straight lining the chicane and taking a cut track warning, but I overdid that and those rear tyres were past their sell by date so Erling was left unmolested and took the flag.

Grats to both podiums and thanks for some allegedly "fun" racing Tony  Roll Eyes

Evil Waza, now a completely reformed character!

Rank   Only when I sweat
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