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  • S35SCx Nürburgring: October 13, 2019
October 13, 2019, 10:48:08 PM +0100 - Nürburgring (Nordschleife) - UKGPL Season 35 (2019) 1967 SCx
Nat. Make Model Class Qualifying Race
Tyres Pos Time/Gap Pos Time/Gap Laps Stops Best Retirement
 Black Night Racing
Porsche 910 GT 1967 2 +5.009
1 49:06.297
6 8:06.151
Porsche 910 GT 1967 4 +17.197
2 +1:42.108
6 8:24.598
 Blue Moose Racing
Porsche 910 GT 1967 7 +25.238
3 +1:43.534
6 8:16.014
 Team Baarf
Ford GT40 MkI GT 1967 5 +18.103
4 +1:55.832
6 8:26.450
Phil Thornton
 Antipasti Racing
Ferrari 330/P4 GT 1967 8 +29.979
5 +2:46.664
6 8:29.036
 Black Night Racing
Alfa Romeo T33 GT 1967 3 +8.724
6 +7:15.612
6 8:16.114
Porsche 910 GT 1967 1 8:05.876
7 +1L
5 8:06.168
 Antipasti Racing
Ford GT40 MkI GT 1967 6 +24.273
8 +5L
1 8:41.639
 Soggy Bottom Racers Club
Ferrari 330/P4 GT 1967 9 +1:07.547
9 +45.501
1 9:26.005
60fps UKGPL8
Ford GT40 MkI GT 1967 10 10 DNS ---
SimRacing.org.uk Lap Records
Grand Prix Legends
GT 1967
Porsche 910October 13, 2019, 10:48:08 PM +0100
Grand Prix Legends
GT 1967
Porsche 910October 13, 2019, 10:48:08 PM +0100
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Author Topic: UKGPL Season 35 (2019) 1967 SCx - Nürburgring - Oct 13  (Read 1069 times)
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« on: October 09, 2019, 01:33:21 PM +0100 »

Season 35 Sport Cars Extra Cup – Round 6 – Nürburgring

The 6th round of the Season 35 SCx races takes us to the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.
It has enjoyed a reputation as a terrifying and merciless route through the Eifel forest. An English journalist who visited the Nordschleife during the opening race on 18 June 1927 concluded “that it seemed as if a reeling, drunken giant had been sent out to determine the route”. The Formula 1 driver Jackie Stewart – a three-time world champion in 1969, 1971 and 1973 – was so impressed by the circuit that he gave it the name it will probably never lose: the Green Hell (Grüne Hölle). Racing and winning on the Nordschleife has always been very special for racing drivers, because the track is one of the most demanding in the world. Tricky corners, treacherous crests, steep inclines and gradients and constantly changing road surfaces demand great skill from the drivers and provides the cars with a very hard test.

The Sports Cars Extra mod is new for UKGPL this season.
Please check the Season 35 pages for details regarding rules and the Sports Cars Extra pages in particular.
Drivers must complete 50% of each race to score points.

Each driver must select two cars at the start of his season.
The choices must be declared in the race post for the first round you compete in.
- Professional drivers, the combined ranking points for the cars should amount to at least 6 points.
- Amateur drivers, the combined ranking points for the cars should amount to at least 5 points.
The car with the higher rank points must be used at least as many times as the car with the lower rank points.

Race List =  IGOR
Server = UKGPL_8
IP Address = look at IGOR
Race date = 13-10-2019
GPL mod = SCX
60fps patch used = 60fpsV2newmod
Track directory = Nürburgring
Qualification = 20:45  UK summertime -> 45min
Race = race starts at ~21:30 UK summertime
Race length = ~50 min -> 6 laps
Damage Model = Int (Amateurs have 1x shift+r allowed, followed by a stop+go in the pits.)
Replay = here

Car choices so far:

Driver-  Car 1+  Car 2
Ziu Bacubacu-  Ferrari 330 P4 + 1x Alfa Romeo T33
Tim Muttram- 2x Lola T70 MK III + 3x Alfa Romeo T33
Axel Cookie- 3x Ford GT40 MK IV+ 3x Ford GT40 MK IIb
EvilClive- 2x Ferrari 330 P4 + 4x Porsche 910-8
francesco- 4x Ferrari 330 P4 + 2x Ford GT40 MK IV
Dave Rainier- 1x  Ferrari 330 P4 + Mirage M1
Fulvio Policardi- 2x Ferrari 330 P4 + 3x Porsche 910-8
Tristan Bot- 3x Lola T70 MK III + 2x Porsche 910-8
Phil Thornton- 2x  Ferrari 330 P4 + 4x Ford GT40 MK IV
Gregory Taber- 1xChaparral 2F+ 3x Ford GT40 MK I
JonnyO- 1x  Mirage M1 + Alfa Romeo T33
Uli- 2x Lola T70 MK III + 1x Porsche 910-8


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Axel "Cookie"

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« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2019, 03:16:43 PM +0100 »

unfortunately I can't run the other SC races, all dates are same days as GPLBrasil thumbdown
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« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2019, 09:53:04 PM +0100 »

After the star and few curve ,black smoke from the rear.S&G but at the restart another mechanical problem.Never tested a worst  race.
Phil Thornton
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« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2019, 10:41:34 PM +0100 »

Good race for me. Managed to keep some of the fast boys in sight for a while but they were too fast in the end. I don't know what happened at the end of the race, my chat was not working. Very weird.

Looking forward to the next race, Le Mans has to be the venue for these cars.
Phil Thornton
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« Reply #4 on: October 13, 2019, 10:57:26 PM +0100 »

Sorry for the contact on lap 4 (0h30m04s) Clive. I got into a tank slapper under hard acceleration trying to keep ahead of you. Hope your car was not affected.
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« Reply #5 on: October 14, 2019, 09:44:45 AM +0100 »

NP Phil. I saw what was happening and tried to stay wide to avoid your car, but that was one violent tank slapper that threw you across the tarmac. I thought that it had ended your race too, because for the next 30 secs I was following a mobile incinerator complete with smoke and flames from your Ferrari's engine bay.....I was expecting you to slow down or splutter to a halt, instead you were just as fast and the onboard extinguishers obviously did their job lol!
As for damage to my car, I had already comprehensively knocked seven bells out of that poor Porker after a disastrous first 2 laps. At Nurby I never concern myself with qualifying times as I feel that there is ample opportunity for incidents and accidents on every racing lap to change positions.
The only problem is finding a place to get past a slower car, and I had to work hard on the first lap to catch Axel and then Greg. I was just about ready to have a pop at Greg's Ford, but was slightly unsighted and missed my braking point. I ran wide and hit an invisible concrete post spinning the car around. Red mist descended and I nailed the gas to spin the car around only to hit the same post a second time.
This did nothing to improve the handling and it took several more spins and another whole lap to work out how to drive the ruddy thing. Slowly I worked out that I had to drive very aggressively to get around the dodgy braking and handling caused by the damage. So, the last 4 laps were all about playing catch up. With a few retirements and a little luck I eventually caught Fulvio on the last lap and was preparing to try and steal one more place, but the bad handling let me down just when I needed to be smooth and set up a possible pass and I just could not pinch that last position.
Grats to Tris and Fulvio and commiserations to Uli for his last lap retirement. Well done all those who finished and to Tim who dragged his limping Alfa around for several laps.

Evil Waza, now a completely reformed character!

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« Reply #6 on: October 14, 2019, 03:16:17 PM +0100 »

hi Smiley
A very fun race whith full pressure during all the race , the Porsche is top here ....I know that if I can take the lead , I will be very difficult to over take on this track exept the long long straight ... so I try to enter the straight whith enought advance to not be under the slipstream ... and it's work ! Smiley so happy win !....Wink
thx all for racing  ....  cu next race Wink
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« Reply #7 on: October 14, 2019, 08:58:27 PM +0100 »

My first race with the Porsche ends with a engine failure, what cost me 2nd place.  Angry
Congrats podium, especially Tristan, nice racespeed you have, so we had a great qualispeed race, big fun five and a half laps long.  Grin
cu all next
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« Reply #8 on: October 14, 2019, 10:55:51 PM +0100 »

Congrats Tristan, Fulvio, and Clive! My commiserations to the less fortunate.

I wish I could have driven better. Clive gave me a large enough gap for a possible podium with all the attrition. I wasn't up to the task. I wished I had qualified in front of Fulvio while at the same time I wished Clive had qualified in front of me.

I was just about ready to have a pop at Greg's Ford, but was slightly unsighted and missed my braking point. I ran wide and hit an invisible concrete post spinning the car around.

I wondered what happened to you. I wasn't interested in trying to keep you behind me. I thought you might have been disconnected. Later I was happy to see you were still in the race until I ran a lap of 8:37 and knew I was likely to be caught before the finish. That was a nice recovery. It would have been somewhat spectacular had you passed Fulvio too.

I have to admit I laughed a little at Tim thinking he's such a diehard. He was the last man driving in both qualifying and the race.

The Ford wasn't too bad in qualifying or the first half of the race. I struggled with it a lot about the time I had used half my fuel. The last half of the race wasn't too fun.

Thanks for letting me race with you guys. I appreciate it.

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Savoy Brown
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« Reply #9 on: October 15, 2019, 06:12:25 PM +0100 »

I have to admit I laughed a little at Tim thinking he's such a diehard. He was the last man driving in both qualifying and the race.

Not much choice in the Alfa - It's massively outclassed, even by the Pork! Shocked

I'd made a small error in my qually laps and so as I was running cleanly when starting a final lap (I think there was under a minute left as I crossed the line) I finished it, I think that did advance me slighty although I'm not sure....

As for the race - the car was still drivable and this is the Ring.
I managed to absolutely nail my last lap - that gave me a 9:58 lap time thanks to the half dead motor Grin
My top speed was 120mph, and that was only when going down steep hills!
As it turned out it was worth it as I stole a spot from Uli after he was forced to retire.

It's a big shame the engine died on lap 2, the Alfa was a blast here up until that point.

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