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Author Topic: Joining servers via IP when iGOR is down  (Read 2712 times)
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Phil Thornton
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« on: January 18, 2021, 06:38:22 PM +0000 »

If the race list is down, first check you have the right "Race List Server" declared in your igor.ini file:

[ RaceListServers ]
IP                        = igor.gplrank.de

All the race servers that appear on iGOR have an IP address. To see the IP in iGOR, click on the race server and look in the details against "Server IP" (you will need to have the "Show Server and Driver lists" view selected under the "Layout" tab).

If there is no race list, you will need to connect to the race server directly using the IP address which should also be published in the race announcement .

To connect to a server directly via the GPL multiplayer menu, type the IP address in the "IP Address:" field and press the green button.

By default GPL uses the default port number 32766 for race connections so normally the user only has to type in the IP address (usual format of four 3 digit numbers separated by full stops i.e.  aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd ). In order to provide a second server behind the one IP address, a different set of ports can be used. This is the situation with UKGPL04 and UKGPL05.

To connect to UKGPL04_60fps, just type in the IP address (UKGPL04_60fps uses the default port settings).

To connect to UKGPL05_60fps, type in the IP address AND the port number. The port number is separated from the IP address by a colon character. The port number for UKGPL05_60fps is 32666. So to connect to UKGPL05_60fps type in aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:32666 (where aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd is the current IP address for UKGPL05_60fps).

Please be aware I don't use static IP addresses for UKGPL04_60fps and UKGPL05_60fps (it costs money and I'd rather not incur the expense). So the IP address for UKGPL04_60fps and UKGPL05_60fps will change from time to time but the ports will not.

It is possible to create an address book in GPL so that you don't have to type in the IP addresses every time. To do this:
  • Open the GPL Multiplayer menu
  • Type the IP address (and port number if required) in the "IP Address:" field
  • Click Add
  • The "unnamed" IP address should appear in the Address Book
  • Select the unnamed IP address in the Address Book and click on Rename
  • Enter the name of the Server in the rename field and press "carriage return" on the keyboard
  • The server and the IP address should appear in the Address book
  • Repeat the process for each server you want to use.

You should end up with an address book something like the screenshot below.

To connect to the server, simply select the server from the list, enter the password and click the green button.

I suggest you practice connecting via IP and have your address book ready just in case. I had UKGPL04_60fps and UKGPL05_60fps running together for 3 days 24/7 prior to the 55GP race on Sunday. There were no problems but despite that, on the night for some reason ULGPL05_60fps was dropped from the iGOR list. The server was fine and was still running so I don't know what happened but thankfully some people managed to connect directly via IP.

Things to note:
  • iGOR uses the 32666 port number to connect to UKGPL05_60fps but as a driver you don't see that when connecting via the iGOR GUI.
  • Don't wait until iGOR is down on race night to create your Address Book. A last minute panic on race night is not the best preparation for a successful race.

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