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Author Topic: Further tips for your first online GTL race  (Read 226 times)
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Wiltshire Tony
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« on: October 14, 2021, 10:55:35 AM +0100 »

Have you read this?

If you use cockpit view (best) please use Virtual mirror. It will turn off car mirrors which is a shame but can not be helped. Virtual mirror will keep you aware of what's going on behind you (useful).
Go to Options/Game and make sure Mirrors is ticked. Then go to Options/Advanced and tick Virtual Mirror.

You need to have driver tags turned on (assign a button/key to operate this, see below). Go to Options/Controls/Game and set Vehicle labels to a button/key.

You need working Headlamps (mainly for signaling other driver's). Go to Options/Controls/Access. and set a button/key for Headlights.

In game messaging should be ticked. Go to Options/Multiplayer and tick In-Car chat.

Also on this screen are an example of preset messages (which you can edit to suit). Chat is allowed during practice but only minimum chat should occur during qualy and race.

Look at the image from that link above. Messages #1 to #8 are required but you can change them to suit yourself. Assign these messages to buttons or keyboard by going to Options/Controls/Extra and give each Quick Chat # a button or key. Go online to test.

Always use XD for race fuel estimates. Modded GTL tracks always get that wrong and you do not want to run out of fuel or have to pit.

You can adjust your seat in cockpit view but you need to assign keyboard keys to do this. Do not use the arrow keys as these are best for pitstops. To do this go to Options/Controls/Extra and look for Adjust seat Fore, Aft, Up, Down. I use the keyboard keys Q & E for fore and aft and W & S for up and down. Some cars allow more movement for others.
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