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Quote from: Simon 'Shark' Gymer on July 19, 2007, 08:24:04 AM +0100

Blimey! say their next title (Ferrari game) will be able to use the Physics Cards now available, so if you have one of those maybe at long last the CPU will be able to cope with the graphics engine. :-\

Do you mean the dedicated physics cards like the PhysX?

[EDIT] Yes , you did mean that! :laugh:

Link to the thread at RSC;

Rob Bywater "Kerb Crawlers":
I am suffering slight stutters at Imola.

I have a Pent 4 3.2, ATI X800 (256MB) and 1024 RAM, and am only getting 20-25 fps. Now correct me if I`m wrong (and you probably will  ;) ), but I thought I should be able to run more fps with this setup. The graphic settings in-game are all at the med-low end. ???

Any advice would be welcome (apart from, give up driving  :) )



I have very similar setup to you rob and i only get 30 fps and i too thought i should get better.  One thing ive found is set the game on directx 8 and this nearly doubles frame rate and still looks pretty good.

Simon Gymer:
X800 is not a great card anymore I'm afraid.
What res are you running at? I wouldn't expect to really get much more than your figures if you're running at 1280x1024 for example.

Rob Bywater "Kerb Crawlers":
Thanks Gazzer, I might try that.

Shark - spot on, thats the res I`m running with. I was running 1024 x 768 with no stutter probs on my old monitor, but that died a death, and Ive bought a 19" one and suddenly problems.




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