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Alex vV:
Quote from: Mark J on July 23, 2008, 12:29:04 PM +0100

i am still having problems with my card in that all the GTR tracks now look sparkly and shiny. Any idea if there is a particular setting i should alter to smooth it all out? It looks all tasty when sitting still on grid but once in motion looks a bit naff.

Got a new system up 'n running but experiencing exactly the same problem. It all looks too sparkly especially the white lines.
I know it's a long while ago but did you remember what you did? Messed around with all (well.. nearly all actually) of the nVidia settings but it does not change much..  :-\

Mark J:
Sorry Alex, been so long ago (3 years?) so I cannot remember what I had to tweak to get rid of it. Have you ran the GTR2 graphics config thingy?

in mine I have shader level set to auto
Full screen anti-aliasing ticked at level 5
vertical sync on

just looking in my NVidia Gfx settings for GTR:-
I have anisoptric and anti-aliasing set to application controlled.
FXAA off,
transparency off.
Texture filtering - Quality
Texture trilinear optimisation - on
Triple buffering off
Vertical sync - application controlled.

Hope that helps!  :)

Alex vV:
Thanks Mark for your swift response. Hope your knee held out in virtual France.
Tried your settings and many others but I still had to look at jagged white lines during the race (to my annoyance I must admit).
Couldn't believe that GTR2 would not run smoothly on a high end system  >:(

So I did some wildly clicking around searching on the Internet and it appears that the RFactor-ish simulators are a bit picky concerning the settings. Just putting every setting on 'ultra' does not fix issues as I have learned (after 8 years of blurry pictures it's the first thing I did  ;D )
Owning a nVidia card someone recommended nVidia Inspector and this did the trick. It has lots of profiles (even one for GTR2 and GTL) and has more settings than the regular nVidia config thingie.
Thought I shared this should anyone have similar issues....   


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