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  • S15Dc Monza: June 22, 2008
June 22, 2008, 09:12:50 PM +0100 - Monza (GP 1955-71) - UKGPL Season 15 (2008) Clubmans
Nat. Make Model Class Qualifying Race
Tyres Pos Time/Gap Pos Time/Gap Laps Stops Best Retirement
Will Tway
 Crash 'N' Burn Racing
Lotus 49 (Cosworth) F1 1967 1 1:28.318
1 31:44.314
21 1:28.429
 Soggy Bottom Racers Club
Brabham BT24 (Repco) F1 1967 4 +0.849
2 +3.280
21 1:29.606
 BCF Racing
Eagle T1G (Weslake 1967) F1 1967 3 +0.526
3 +13.103
21 1:28.848
Eagle T1G (Weslake 1967) F1 1967 7 +1.874
4 +22.259
21 1:30.488
 The Coopermen
Cooper T81b (Maserati) F1 1967 12 +2.847
5 +31.502
21 1:31.008
Ian Stanley
 Reed Racing
BRM P115 F1 1967 8 +2.271
6 +36.104
21 1:30.875
 Crash 'N' Burn Racing
Brabham BT24 (Repco) F1 1967 5 +1.280
7 +40.489
21 1:30.228
 Soggy Bottom Racers Club
Eagle T1G (Weslake 1967) F1 1967 6 +1.629
8 +46.225
21 1:31.020
Michael Turner
 Soggy Bottom Racers Club
Lotus 49 (Cosworth) F1 1967 10 +2.757
9 +1:24.812
21 1:30.281
 Crash 'N' Burn Racing
Brabham BT24 (Repco) F1 1967 15 10 +2:14.961
21 1:30.183
Phil Thornton
 Crash 'N' Burn Racing
BRM P115 F1 1967 9 +2.403
11 +1:55.458
21 1:30.932
Jack O'Ferrall
 Reed Racing
BRM P115 F1 1967 11 +2.800
12 +1L
20 1:31.395
G Poole
Eagle T1G (Weslake 1967) F1 1967 13 +5.837
13 +55.501
20 1:32.521
Lotus 49 (Cosworth) F1 1967 2 +0.268
14 DNS ---
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 14 15 ---

Moderator's Report

Will Tway scores his second win of the season which propels him to third position on the championship table. Will has wisely opted to take a Lotus and carried out a mandatory pitstop after which he rejoined in fourth but the car selection played its advantage and Will was able to reclaim his position by overtaking two Brabhams and a spinning Ian Docherty. Will also claimed the race fastest lap of 1m28.429s.

Bernie Darwin for sure had the biggest grin of all after the race as he claimed another second place and firmly established him self at the top of the table, after overcoming the chassis handicap and driving very quickly and very consistently over the race distance and has bragging rights for the line flatest of all, with an upward tendency.
Bernie has six point advantage over Phil who won't be losing any sleep after the Monza race as he now finally has a low score to drop and can afford him self one more bad race and stll keep the momentum in the title fight.

Ian Docherty climbed onto the final podium position, for the second time this season, and joins the driver brigade with century of points, breathing down the neck of Robert Burton. After Will made his stop, Ian was set to win the race but the pressure of being in the lead seems to have gotten to Ian and he started making mistakes and had a bit of misfortune so lost positions to Will and Bernie.

We welcome back Peter Stenning who on his return did well to finish 4th after qualifying 7th and drove a very consistent race without putting the foot wrong.

Other notable performances were those of Robert Burton who drove a very consistent race, actually the most consistent of all, with his average lap time of 1.31.5 just half a second adrift from his Cooper PB in Monza - very impressive indeed. Ian Stanley did a great job with his BRM, losing his position to Burt with a single mistake with two laps to go. Steve Bird also looked very consistent in his Eagle and seems to have had on of his finest races thus far.

We now head into the mountain course of Lime Rock where chassis handicap won’t be as important as it was in Monza. I noticed a bit of panic amongst the drivers as it’s a new circuit but yours truly will make some efforts and get some links to decent setups and replays for this new track ;) Watch out for the race announcement.

Three races to go and there’s everything to play for. All top 7 drivers on the table still have a mathematical chance of winining the championship but Bernie and Phil remain firm favourites for the top glory and it will be interesting to see if any of the next three drivers can throw them selves into the mix.

Congratulations to Will, Bernie and Ian for their podium finishes.

Server replay time: 0h05m42s

Lap 3 - Parabolica

Art finds the quickest way out of Parabolica and hits the concrete wall masked as a hedgehog. Needs a Shift R and doesn`t carry out a Stop and Go to compensate.

Server replay time: 0h10m39s

Lap 6 - Parabolica

Art, as if magnetically attracted, revisits the same spot and picks up another Shift R but again doesn`t do a Stop and Go.

This is already a hefty time penalty of one minute, half of that unnecessarily earned not having opted to do a SnG.

Server replay time: 0h13m50s

Lap 9 - Curva Grande

Michael Turner is taking Curva Grande at full speed following Phil and Burton. Phil is running out of fuel so leaves the racing line on the exit of Curva Grande and parks to reset. Michael seemingly misinterprets this and seems to want to get some tow and only too late realises that Phil is coming to a halt. There is a slight contact and both drivers are sent into a spin. Phil resets for the reason he initially stopped for and Michael, though without damage, is oddly stuck in the barrier and has to reset in order to be able to continue.

Michael could have avoided Phil entirely (as there was plenty of room to the left) so he is NOT entitled to a no fault Shift R and Stop and Go was required but has not been carried out. A 15 seconds penalty is issued as I will accept that contact with another car was the contributing factor.

Though Michael had nothing to do on the side of the track Phil was stopping on, it is easy to make a mistake judging the speed of the driver ahead, I believe the incident was more down to Phil`s selection of his Shift R location. It is quite dangerous making a Shift R anywhere on the track except the Start-Finish straight which is the widest therefore, less likely to get in the way of other drivers.

Phil noticed the engine was spluttering right from the exit of Parabolica so there was a far better alternative of stopping right there and making a Stop and Go immediatelly afterwards as he was going to pass pits anyway. Caution for Phil here as he was racing under unusual circumstances due to having forgotten to set race fuel.

Its never a good idea to drastically change speed at the exit of fast corners as you can never count on drivers behind maintaining ideal line and it would have been far better to have driven a bit further down towards the left kink towards Lesmo and stop there.

  • Michael Turner — Failure to carry out a Stop and Go — 15.000 seconds added
  • Phil Thorntoncaution — Poor selection of place to make a Shift R

Server replay time: 0h20m30s

Lap 12 - Lesmo 1

Phil loses the back end into first Lesmo and Michael tries his best to avoid his spinning car. A slight contact is made but no damage was done and both cars were able to continue.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h24m11s

Lap 15 - Lesmo 2

Graham oversteers into the second Lesmo and then struggles to regain control while exiting. In these attempts, he weaves left and right accross track and allows Jack behind him to pass him for a position. At the same time, Ian Docherty is following whats happening ahead and misjudges the moment when to lap struggling Graham. Side contact is made and Ian is sent into a spin but no damage was done to either car.

While Graham should have done much better controlling his Eagle attempting to keep Jack behind him, Ian should have chosen a better moment to lap him as he looked obviously unpredictable and out of control. With considerable gap to 2nd placed Bernie`s Brabham, there was no need to go that soon.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h24m37s

Lap 15 - Start - Finish straight

Phil again runs out of fuel but this time opts to make a pitstop for fuel. He enters the pits and does a Shift R in the pitlane which is considered stopping for fuel and not allowed in Clubmans division. A Stop and Go was still required.

Just to clarify: stopping before pitlane and making a Shift R and then entering pitlane for a Stop and Go is allowed, entering pitlane and Shifting R onto the track does not mean a Stop and Go is no longer required.

  • Phil Thornton — Failure to carry out a Stop and Go — 30.000 seconds added

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Author Topic: UKGPL Season 15 Clubmans - Monza (GP 1955-71) - Jun 22  (Read 9014 times)
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Kruger Enge
Former UKGPL Moderators
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« on: June 18, 2008, 11:17:13 PM +0100 »

UKGPL Season 15 Clubmans Cup - Round 7 - Monza - June 22

Gentlemen, welcome to the round seven of the championship, see race announcement below.

An exemplary driving standards in this season's Clubman Championship will be put to the test in this race in Monza, the racing equivalent of a bare-knuckle fight - no punches below the waist please Smiley

Phil has collected two centuries of points but lags a round behind as he has no no-shows to fill in for the dropped scores; he's almost leveled with Bernie in second with Chris and Art a 5thth place worth points behind.

Will and Burt are only other two drivers in hundreds but having had two no-shows, all points scored will count.

Chassis restriction in Monza is all the more punishing as it gives less opportunities for driver input to make up for less power.

Be very cautious on lap 1 as Monza is tempting in gaining many places right from the start but going in two or three abreast into Curva Grande has more often than not ended in tears; at these speeds, its difficult to control the lateral slide and GPL seems not to know of any nudges and catapults cars in what looks like a projection of GPL car running onto a land mine.

Wish you all good luck.


Please be in the UKGPL IGOR chat-room by 20:25 BST.

Server 3.ukgpl
IP address
Race date = 22-06-2008, 20:30 BST
Track = Monza
Race length = Int Long (21 laps)

Qualifying time = 35 minutes. Don't start until 30 mins left on
clock to
allow everyone to join.

The following groups of drivers are restricted to the cars shown
below unless they opt to carry out additional pit stops to equalise
the performance of the car that is chosen:-

Group 1 - 1st and 2nd - Limited to BRM, Cooper or Brabham (Please note the difference to usual restriction system)
Phil Thornton
Bernie Darwin

Group 2 - 3rd and 4th - Limited to BRM, Cooper, Honda or Brabham
Chris Bull
Artur Le Marquand

Group 3 - 5th and 6th - Cannot take Eagle or Lotus
Will Tway
Robert Burton

Group 4 - 7th and 8th - Cannot take Lotus
Ian Docherty
Ben Summers

9th and below - Free choice of chassis.

Drivers wishing to take a chassis other than as specified above will
need to make the appropriate pit stop(s) as follows:

Group 1
Lotus 1 x 19
Eagle 1 x 15
Ferrari 1 x 2
Honda SnG

Group 2
Lotus 1 x 17
Eagle 1 x 13
Ferrari Stop n Go

Group 3
Lotus 1 x 7
Eagle 1 x 3

Group 4
Lotus Stop and Go

The pit window is as follows:

Pit stop is to be taken between 16 and 10 to go on your pit board.

Password: see above
(2) Driver lists can be found on the championship standings page

iRacing alias: Nihad Gluscic
Posts: 25

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« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2008, 08:09:59 AM +0100 »

Can i just confirm that as not one of the drivers without car restriction, which ever car i take i DO NOT need to to stop ? Is this correct i dont want to run through and then get penalise lol, i will do that myself.

Kruger Enge
Former UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2008, 08:24:35 AM +0100 »

Yes Pete, 9th place and below has a free selection of chassis Smiley

iRacing alias: Nihad Gluscic
Full Member
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« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2008, 12:26:18 PM +0100 »

Just curious why is the Brabham in group 1?, why unusual chassis restrictions?

UKGPL Season 14 Club Champion
Kruger Enge
Former UKGPL Moderators
Full Member
Posts: 491

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« Reply #4 on: June 20, 2008, 02:11:26 PM +0100 »

Just curious why is the Brabham in group 1?, why unusual chassis restrictions?
Chassis resctriction is based on World Record times;

In Monza, the slowest three chassis are Cooper, BRM and Brabham hence they fall in the first group.

iRacing alias: Nihad Gluscic
Phil Thornton
UKGPL Consigliere
Hero Member
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« Reply #5 on: June 22, 2008, 10:57:15 PM +0100 »

Got a great start and pick up a couple of places off the line.  Settled into 5th spot and tried to close up on Bully and Bernie.  Gap was pretty static so I tried to push a bit harder and spun at Lesmo 1 on lap 5.  This lost me a couple of places to Pete and Ian and I set off in pursuit.  Pete was pulling me up towards Ian when the reason for my lightening start became apparent; I’d only fuelled enough for practice.  I’ve never made that mistake before.  My car was spluttering badly over the finish line at the end of lap 8 so I decided to pull over after the Curva Grande.  I was off the racing line and tried to come to a stop ready to do a shift R.  I saw a car approaching fast in my mirrors and realised whoever it was hadn’t seen me.  I tried to get off the track quick but unfortunately I didn’t manage it and I was clipped by Mike Turner.  Sorry Mike.  I did a shift R and a stop and go at the end of the lap.  Had another spin at Lesmo 1 on lap 13 and I was collected by Mike again.  Nothing Mike could do, hope it didn’t damage your car too much Mike.  Fuel was getting low again so I stopped to top up the tank at the end of lap 15.  This lasted until the end of the race and I came in 11th. 

Grats to Will on another win for Crash and Burn.
Jack O'Ferrall
Former UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #6 on: June 23, 2008, 01:47:35 AM +0100 »


Monza June 22

……….No-one seemed impressed that I had, retrospectively, crawled onto the podium by three-tenths of a second, and the flatness of the champagne was made more apparent when I failed to be named by noted correspondent ‘Burt’ as one of the top five drivers.  There were mutterings that one of a couple of drivers who'd used our cars in another series could be leading the team next season, as they'd become disaffected.  Or we could borrow some novice drivers....  I had my supporters, though.  When I was going to see Bell about racing at Monza, Jim came out of the garage and his expression made his attitude and his unhappiness with the situation very apparent to me.  
   I went into Bell's office.  He was fully occupied making holes in a small wooden car, probably a toy, made psychological sense.  If I made it clear that I knew what was going on I'd get no trouble out of him  ‘Hello Bell, Jim seems upset about something, anything I should be aware of?’
   He looked at me with some surprise.  ‘No.  Well, not unless you're fascinated by the Wild West, that is.  He's just moping about how the “coward Sheriff” Pat Garrett shot Billy the Kid by aiming his gun into a dark house at the sound of Billy's voice.’  Bell seemed vaguely amused  ‘He told me that Billy had been promised a pardon by Lew Wallace, the governor of New Mexico, before he gave himself up, but Wallace was going to let Garrett hang him.’
   ‘I don't suppose you recognise the name Lew Wallace, do you?  He was the author of Ben-Hur, the novel made into the Heston film.  Heston meets Jesus and ends up in a chariot race.’  This was getting smug.  ‘No one knows for certain what the name of the traitor disciple, Judas Iscariot, is supposed to mean, possibly that he was from the south.  Or what Wallace considered it to mean, or why he ignored Billy the Kid when he was in jail.’
  ‘There was something I wanted to talk to you about-‘
  ‘There was a struggle in America between a slave-holding aristocracy with designs on a southern empire and an industrial society, won by the industrialists.  Later the Americans came up against another feudal society armed with industrial weapons, the Japanese.  The Japanese considered that aircraft were divine weapons to be flown by samurai, a warrior elite, whereas the Americans filled the skies with armoured flying tractors flown by mechanics.  The mechanics won.  And the engineers, of course.’
  He must have copied this from Tom, he'd never have come up with it by himself.  'Tom's injured his leg.  Loot said that it was the same place that Hill got glass in his.’
    Bell smiled, truly a horrible sight.  ‘I heard about your drinks night.  I very much doubt that Loot even knows where Hill cut his leg.  He wasn't at the do, and Hill would never have told him.’
   Desperation.  ‘What’s that you've got, er, Bell, a toy car?  Have you been making a present for some kid?’
   He showed me the bottom, which he'd scooped holes out of.  ‘Just a little engineering concept of mine, nothing you racers would be much interested by.  By shaping the airflow under the car we'd get much better grip.  But it's hardly worth going far with, it'd just be banned in favour of flat bottoms, like if we suddenly began to hang odd gadgets off the sides to give the cars the effect of streamlining, despite the open wheels, than would be ruled out too.  Far better to spend the time producing more horsepower from the H-16.’
  Phew.  Bell had once claimed that if the H-16 had been made to his plans Hill would never have left, and we would have beaten Brabham in 66.  Except that Bell was obsessed with the notion that no engine with fewer than sixteen cylinders could be revved over 10,000.  Even had he been right, Loot would have handed our engine to Lotus while we were still parading the car around the track before races, and Clark would have won.
  ‘It was airflow I was told to speak to you about.’
  ‘Oh, draft.  It's not much good telling you here, if you talk to me at the track there's a chance you might take it on board long enough to last the race.’  Hell's teeth.

  So there it was.  Monza, the passionate heart of motor racing, a city full of glamorous Italian girls looking for handsome racing drivers, and I spent the time before the race with Bell.  Tom laughed as he went out ‘Jack, I got a fever, and that fever says-‘  ‘P*** off, Tom’.
 Monza made Bell even more earnest, for him it was crammed with guests to the contraption convention, who he just had to impress.  He had to give a lecture, on “Mechanics, Time Management and the Abysmally Conceived Engineering Project Which Was to be Cheap and No-Risk.”, probably.  Or his craze for invisible streamlining, as a change from non-apparent horsepower advantages.
  I found him in the garage.  ‘Oh, right, the Monza tow.  This circuit is enclosed, and you're at full throttle for enough of the distance that any advantage you can get from a reduction in air resistance will improve your lap times considerably.   That's why packs develop here.’
  ‘Loot wanted you to tell me how it worked for our cars,’ I interjected, somewhat resentfully.  This was novice stuff.
  ‘Ah.  Theoretically, because our cars are open-wheel, the effect on the air behind them should be much greater than that of a streamlined car, even if it was much taller.  The effect of the tyres biting into the air is to cause the cars draft as if they were considerably wider than they are, and also to create long-lasting vortices that further reduce the air pressure behind them.’  He paused and seemed a little wry.  ‘So you should begin to get an advantage some hundred, perhaps hundred-and-fifty yards back.  However, in our series a mysterious unreality caused by unknown limitations means the cars draft more like souped-up saloons.  So there'll be no effect at all on the air beyond about forty yards, perhaps less.’
  He hadn't deprived me completely of the excitement and ardour of Italy to tell me that something that I wasn't aware of didn't exist?
  ‘A pack, if one emerges anyway despite our minor differences with ordinary reality, should drastically decrease the air resistance behind it- the more cars, the slower the cars that are able to stay with the pack.  However it won't for you, there'll just be a slight increase in speed if you're running very close- which should be compensated for by the problems of running very close.  Perhaps you could add to top, very slightly.  But the top five drivers are still going to get away, you'll get no real advantage here.’
  A gun.  I could get a gun, shoot into the garage from distance amid the noise….

  I had expected a full grid at Monza, but I was sadly disappointed.  No Ferraris either, what could make the tifosi miss Monza?  A Lotus or two, a few Eagles, some more Eagles.  I suppose Monza must remind them of the ovals of home.  Reed were far behind in the team championship, so that even with hundreds of points left we could lose today if we weren't among the front-runners.  When Clark was leading the championship the Italian police arrested him.  I suppose I could ring up and inquire, but Clark was a one-man team, they'd have to bring a van for my competition, something with four-wheel drive if they wanted to recover the Eagle pilots.    
Qualification was okay, not fantastic but at least I had kept in on the track even if I was visiting the farthest reaches of the grid.  The first lap I just kept it quiet, Burt got past at Lesmo, there were no incidents and I was determined not to cause one, until Parabolica when I braked early and tried to take the outside line, but slowly, agonisingly, slid off into the gravel, not due to draft or for any reason than I hadn't the space to scrub off the extra speed on cold tyres after I'd begun to turn.  Then it got much worse as I made error after error, until the tyres finally forgave me after lap 3 and I began to race again, from very last.  Half the race later, I'd just caught Graham when he lost grip coming out of the Lesmos and I slowed down, which also brought the then race leader, Ian, up behind me.  Graham was swerving from side to side and I tried to get behind him to allow Ian space to pass, but Ian collided with him as he swerved one last time.  Will won, champagne for him and Crash’n’Burn.  I was lapped, no La Dolce Vita for me then.  “The most shocked about film of our years.”  Religious fervour, art and love. And a giant cold fish.  I wasn't sure what that was about, either.                      
Kruger Enge
Former UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #7 on: June 23, 2008, 09:05:05 AM +0100 »

Looking forward to watching this race Wink

Chris, would you please upload the replay and stuff as soon as possible, thx?


iRacing alias: Nihad Gluscic
Jr. Member
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« Reply #8 on: June 23, 2008, 09:09:17 AM +0100 »

Disappointing race for me overall.  :'(

I didn't manage a qually time due to the fact my brain wasn't functioning this Sunday and after watching Top Gear decided to start qually and to my shock I had 12 seconds to do a lap.  oops So in a panic got my Brab set up ready for the race without checking my pedals.

Start went ok even though the pedals were all over the place and I was wheel spinning like a mad man and going into a few turns she was locking up all over the place.  Sad This made the Brab very difficult to control and I made mistake after mistake until coming down to the last turn she locked up and I went sliding into the hedge loosing a wheel. (1st Shift-R)  Angry

Got her going again and the pedals still weren't right and after just half a lap or maybe even a full lap got it stuck in some hay bails I believe so had to do another Shift-R.  Sad Got totally P!*&ED off after the 2nd Shift-R and decided to give the pedals a work out while stationary and after that she came into life but alas it was too late to do anything about closing any gaps to anyone so just drove the crap out of it.

Very disappointed as my times in the Brab were were pretty good for possibly a mid-table to top 7 or 8 finish but lesson learnt.

Gartz to Will and podium.  Smiley

Not gonna be here a the next race as I'm away for work.

P.S. Does anyone know why GPL doesn't save my wheel and pedal settings? Every time I run GPL I have to go into settings and calibrate them as in move wheel from right to left and full motion of the pedals as well otherwise I wheel spin when accelerating and lock up when I brake? I gotta do this every time to make the car drivable.  Sad

P.P.S. Kruger 2 Shift-R's without pit stops. Should have just given up really. Sorry m8.
« Last Edit: June 23, 2008, 09:11:56 AM +0100 by Art » Logged

Crash 'n' Burn Racing

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UKGPL-Season 15
oAo - Season 9
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HF Turbo

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« Reply #9 on: June 23, 2008, 09:24:33 AM +0100 »

Replay and results are up http://www.neurology-crew.com/gplserver

MONZA MONZA MONZA!!! Well I like it here and I had aced my setup for the brab Smiley I was consistently getting 129's here in practice.

Qually went ok, just managed to sneak in a 1.29.60 to get 5th on the grid. I made a good start and gained another place off the line. Bernie also had a lightning start and I was unable to take him aswell. So I was in 4th Place chasing Bernie. It seemed like I was chasing Bernie for at least half of the race, I was rarely more than 1sec behind him, I was really trying to pressure him into a mistake. Fair play to Bernie, he held it all together and just would not give.
 Then with about 7laps to go, just bombing down the straight to Parabolica and the dreaded Black smoke starts to pour from the exhaust! Bah! I fried the engine, even though prib said the engine/oil temp was 186 degrees Sad Anyway I decide to try and pull up on the home straight, and somehow manage to end up spinning  Huh Fortunately the 3 cars behind (Rob, Pete and Ian) got past safely. I then did a Sng and carried on now in 7th place. thats how it stayed.

 I was pleased with the race as apart from the engine blowing I didnt make any other mistakes! (that I remember!) Grats to the Podiums and Thanks to Will for ensuring another CnB victory! Cheesy

Unlucky Phil on the fuel, if it helps I have a post-it note on top of my monitor thats says CHECK RACE FUEL! and I still cock it up now and then ! Smiley

Commiserations Art who started at the back Sad

See you all soon,

Crash 'N' Burn Racing
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Total Rank Quest 307 tracks to go!
Total MOG Quest 2938 tracks to go!
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« Reply #10 on: June 23, 2008, 10:29:08 AM +0100 »

For Monza , Team Pie Eater had come up with a few trick upgrades , one of which was a new set of castors for my chair and, amongst other remarkable feats of engineering, they had also designed and fitted a "twin cup holder" for extended use on those long Monza straigths, both of these innovations  worked perfectly .
I have to say that the "pringles dispenser" although a good idea in concept did not come up to the mark in practise, definately fits into the "needs more work" catagory.

Practise went well and above all expectations , I was promoted from 4th to 3rd on the grid due to the absense of Paul M's Lotus (sad to see , connection problem?  )

I was able to make a place up on lap uno ,(I think that is the only car I overtook,  most of the race I spent defending ) The Brabby was running fine and I settled down to the race , only to find Mr Bull was doing his utmost to take my 3rd place from me . I almost lost out in the struggle on one occasion with a big "moment" braking to deeply into Lesmo uno , but just managed to keep it together and avoid the dreaded Armco, I gathered it up ,took a long deep breath , gritted me teeth in the finest "Hill" tradition and soldered on .
I was running longer gears for this race, Monza is an engine eater,  as Bully was later to find out. ( Hard luck Chris I almost choked on me pringle when I saw you had gone up in smoke ) Smiley
Around Lap 4 my Pribluda went "tits up " and refused to update , but worse still I had no idea if my tyre temps needed attention other than by feel. The latency was hitting the roof and I had terrible eye stagma from a flickering screen , and thought I had been  "discoed" !

I was beginning to relax when "Bully attack" was replaced by "Twill attack" who had come back from a Pit stop to take my short lived P1 from me.
I was hoping for a tow from Will ,but it wasn't to be (he did'nt even have the good grace to wait for me or help my lap times in any way at all, most unfreindly) , after a futile attempt or two to defend my place I gave up the unequal struggle ( I mean , I almost spilled my orange juice)  and so Will breezed past me in a great whail of cosworth noise and dust going into the Parabolica .

Commiserations must go to Ian who I think fell foul of a tank slapper from the wayward graham just as he was lapping him. and congratulations to Will who proved that it IS possible to win with a faster chassis and a pit stop handicap albiet at the expence of Ians premature departure.

Sorry also to hear Phil had problems . 

quite a suprise in the end to find I was on the second step of the podium as I thought this one would have been a Lotus v Eagle demo race . The championship hots up , the tortoise moves on  Wink

cyas all soon

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Kruger Enge
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« Reply #11 on: June 23, 2008, 10:41:33 AM +0100 »

Cheers Chris, thanks for a quick upload  thumbup1

I was deprived of the modding action in Nurburgring so I'm eager to bounce back Wink

Please report your incidents and Shift Rs using the link below the race results.


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« Reply #12 on: June 23, 2008, 01:56:01 PM +0100 »

It has been a long time since this once Team Red Things driver has run in the clubmans race, now installed in a Team Blue thing lol.

Pleased to go into the 1.30s which lately has been a struggle to take 7th ? on the grid . Squirelled as i left the grid and lost several places, how ever i settled into a steady 1.30 pace , had Burt behind which does nothing for the nerves.
Managed to stretch out a small gap and passed  Bully after his spin and was in a tight battle following a BRM  which was getting a little slidy into Lesmos 1 and managed to slip past a few laps later but i had only .6 of a sec  for long periods.

Slipped by onother BRM on the s/f straight with the superior power of the Eagle , come the last lap the car was getting a bit leary so i slowed to avoid an off keeping the gap to 5th in check and was over the moon with 4th on my return.

3 races in a row now on one engine not normal for me , and no offs in fact Burt said i had 21/21 laps on track .

Will Tway
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« Reply #13 on: June 23, 2008, 06:11:21 PM +0100 »

I was going to take the Fez but then double checked the pit times and opted for the Lotus and the 7 sec. stop. Struggled a bit in qually then finally managed to get a lucky lap. Was very cautious at the start as I didn't realize Paul had dropped out. I thought we were side by side heading into Para so I took the inside and Ian nearly got around on the outside. Ian was close for a good bit and I knew for sure I was going to be toast after my stop. I think by the time I did stop, Ian was only 4-5 seconds behind. As I regrouped in the pits, I heard the roar of an Eagle and 2 Brabs buzz by. As I exited I could still see Chris as I took off in pursuit. Took a while but I finally got past in L2 then tried to turn the heat up on Bernie. I think I burned him a few times but still couldn't get him to smoke. Finally snaked past on the inside heading into Para...(the exact same move I put on Kruger last week in the 65s but I burned on that one  :'( ) Now Ian was a good 10 seconds up the road and I knew there were not enough laps left so I really should have givin Bernie that tow and tried to better his PB.  Wink

When I came out of L2 and saw a few cars scattered about, I had no idea Ian was in the mix until I got down the straight a bit. What a tough break. I think we've all "been there and done that" and it always sucks. Thats what makes GPL, GPL. I certainly look forward to many more battles with Ian.

Grats to Bernie/Ian.

Great to see Pete in the mix and finish 4th on his return to UKGPL Very nice.

Oh yeah, impressive run in the Coop Bert.



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bound to cover just a little more ground
G Poole
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« Reply #14 on: June 23, 2008, 10:09:48 PM +0100 »

Apologies to Ian for ruining his race, Bernie was right I got into a tank slapper as I moved off the racing line at lesmo 2, trying to let Jack thro, who I thought was the reason for the blue flag. Didnt see Ian as I fought to regain control.
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