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  • S17Dn Silverstone: June 23, 2009
June 23, 2009, 09:38:12 PM +0100 - Silverstone (GP 1952-73) - UKGPL Season 17 (2009) Novices Trophy
Nat. Make Model Class Qualifying Race
Tyres Pos Time/Gap Pos Time/Gap Laps Stops Best Retirement
 Clark-Hill Racing
Lotus 33 (Climax 1965) F1 1965 1 1:33.345
1 38:04.396
24 1:33.663
 Mountside Racing
Brabham BT11 (Climax) F1 1965 3 +0.404
2 +11.297
24 1:34.453
Al Heller
 Clark-Hill Racing
Lotus 33 (Climax 1965) F1 1965 2 +0.020
3 +20.463
24 1:34.435
 Antipasti Racing
Cooper T77 (Climax) F1 1965 5 +1.040
4 +34.827
24 1:34.501
 Reed Racing
BRM P261 (1965) F1 1965 6 +1.413
5 (+3) +1:00.091
24 1:34.459
 Clark-Hill Racing
Lotus 33 (Climax 1965) F1 1965 7 +1.526
6 +1:07.369
24 1:35.260
Asbjeurn Tverberg
Cooper T77 (Climax) F1 1965 9 +1.990
7 (+4) +1:19.362
24 1:35.444
 Antipasti Racing
Ferrari 512 F1 1965 13 +2.982
8 +1:31.407
24 1:36.605
 Mountside Racing
Brabham BT11 (Climax) F1 1965 11 +2.517
9 +1L
23 1:35.806
Brabham BT11 (Climax) F1 1965 8 +1.546
10 +9.200
23 1:35.345
Honda RA272 F1 1965 16 +5.640
11 +16.055
23 1:36.878
Billy Nobrakes
BRM P261 (1965) F1 1965 12 +2.982
12 +1:17.420
23 1:37.056
 Clark-Hill Racing
Ferrari 512 F1 1965 4 +0.985
13 +5L
19 1:35.551
G Poole
Brabham BT11 (Climax) F1 1965 14 +3.433
14 +11L
13 1:35.963
Ferrari 512 F1 1965 10 +2.076
15 +16L
8 1:35.893
Brabham BT11 (Climax) F1 1965 15 +4.966
16 +23L
1 2:10.140
Lotus 33 (Climax 1965) F1 1965 17 17 DNS ---

Moderator's Report

The cool exterior of the Clark-Hill monolith may hide furious internecine passion, as is the case with all overgrown and unwieldy organisations, but the stewards were satisfied that the collision between Mike and Al was down to an accident, though one which deprived Al of a win. Clutch drove a great race and profited from this mishap to pick up second.

After the race the rivals paraded slowly around the circuit displaying their biceps, with their rival sets of fans cheering them on, in a foretaste of the atmosphere for the finale at Monza.

Server replay time: 0h00m50s

L1 S/F

It's all very well hitting each other over the head before the race starts, but not if it means you then teleport around the grid causing havoc, as Vos did until Asbjeurn collided with him. Vos is allowed his reset.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h01m13s

L1 Copse

Minardi's rejoin caused Vos to swerve, though Minardi wasn't on the racing line, and its possible that he expected to be last at this stage.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h03m02s

L2 Becketts

Vos clipped Asbjeurn after Asbjeurn span in front of him.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h06m55s

L4 Stowe

Graham span in front of Vos and there was minor contact between them.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h18m17s

L11 Woodcote

Jim followed Nicky so closely into Woodcote that it was inevitable that he would rear-end him. Nicky drove for half a lap before his reset, but the accident had clearly caused a problem with his car so he was entitled to a free one.

  • JamesRye (james rye)penalty — Blatant rear-end shunt — 2 places lost (plus 1 for penalty points)

Server replay time: 0h18m44s

L11 Stowe

Graham slowed very early into Stowe and may have lost some control. Maestro rear-ended him.

Server replay time: 0h20m21s

L13 Becketts

Mike span in the lead at Becketts, and then seemed to roll back unexpectedly into Al as he tried to pass, but this may have been more of a problem caused by Al's bad luck than anything Mike could have done.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h20m55s

L12 Stowe

Billy was very slow out of Stowe and Graham was not entirely under control when their cars touched.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h24m16s

L14 Stowe

Billy led Graham into Stowe and was faster than him at the point where they made warp contact.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h26m56s

L16 Woodcote

Jim span and Vos was unable to avoid him, Vos is allowed his reset.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h28m27s

L17 Abbey

Norbert may have been slow at Abbey, but Asbjeurn should have anticipated this, as he had almost hit him on the previous lap before he finally rear-ended him on this one.

  • Asbjeurn Tverbergpenalty — Simple rear-end shunt — 1 place lost (plus 3 for penalty points)

Server replay time: 0h33m20s

L20 Woodcote

Jim was alongside Roger and on the inside as they turned into Woodcote, but Roger cut onto Jim's side of the track. The contact sent Roger off, but I'm not going to penalise him as Jim was unaffected.

  • Racing incident

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Author Topic: UKGPL Season 17 (2009) Novices Trophy - Silverstone (GP 1952-73) - Jun 23  (Read 5822 times)
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Jack O'Ferrall
Former UKGPL Moderators
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« on: June 21, 2009, 08:56:38 PM +0100 »

UKGPL Season 17 - Novices Trophy - Race 9 - 65 mod - Silverstone

The ninth race in the Novices Trophy is at Silverstone, a UKGPL favourite.  Clutch has one hand on the championship already, though Mike's Lotus will have an advantage for the remaining races.  Nicky's Cooper might be sadly outmatched.

There are often accidents at Copse on the first lap, drivers should be especially careful there and not drift wide on either line.  GPL's Woodcote is reputed to be tighter than the corner should be.

Reserve drivers should not join until there are only 30 mins of qualifying left.  However, all drivers should not go on track until there is 30 minutes of qualifying left.  This helps all drivers join the server successfully.  Please restrict chat to pit messages.

Please use the updated 65 mod for this race.

The 65 mod V2 update is being used by UKGPL and the updated layout features are very welcome, with the ability to record best lap times at addon tracks and to have 65 specific tracks. The new collision boxes are also a great improvement.  Though the new slipstream code will need extensive testing, the preliminary race seemed to show that it would be a definite improvement in racing terms, without the controversy over its extent, as with the 66 mod.

Thanks to all involved with producing the update.  If the new slipsteam code works as well as it seems it might, perhaps it could help persuade the authors of the 66 mod to rework their code as well!

Please be in IGOR UKGPL chatroom by 8:55 p.m. UK 19:55 GMT
(You will need to set up a channel called #ukgpl if you haven't already done so)
IGOR and race passwords: see above

Server ukgpl5
IP address  TBC

Race date = 23-06-2009
Time = 21:00 (UK time) 20:00 (GMT)
Track = Silverstone(GP1952-73)
Variant = 65F1
Damage Model = INT
Qually time = 30 minutes.
Race length = long (24 laps)

Make sure that you have enough race fuel to complete the distance!

(2) Driver lists can be found on the championship standings page

Penalties are to be worried about after the race, with the exception of penalties for restarts.  The UKGPL rule is that you have to take a stop-and-go in the pits for each reset at the end of the lap, with the only exception being if your reset was caused by another driver.  The penalty for not taking a stop-and-go is thirty seconds.  

CHASSIS ALLOCATION  If I haven't included you but your chassis has been agreed it's not important, otherwise pm me.

Ferrari Norbert Roguk Fabio
Lotus Al Vos Mike Scott Vee8
BRM Billy Hezemans Hurtubise JamesRye
BT11 Graham Maestro Clutch Nhance Mark
Honda Bookie Tomd18
Cooper Asbjeurn* Ian* Steve B* Steve B2* Geoff* Bernie* Nicky*
BT7 Aulden Burt* Glyn

*drivers also assigned an Amateurs chassis

65 Mod

These were the 65 drivers
BT7 Bonnier, Baghetti, Hulme (Bonnier drove for Walker)
BT11 Brabham Gurney Gardner Anderson Siffert (Siffert drove for Walker, Gardner and Anderson were privateers)
Lotus Clark Spence Rodriguez Mitter Russo Solana (and Maggs Hailwood Attwood Amon and Ireland for Parnell)
Ferrari Surtees Bandini Rodriguez Vaccarella Bondurant Scarfiotti
Honda Ginther Bucknum
Cooper McLaren Rindt
BRM Hill Stewart

The 1965 season was the last to use the controversial 1500cc formula which had begun after 1960, to the initial advantage of Ferrari.  The 1965 cars are smaller than the 1967 cars and have less torque and hence more grip.  It was claimed that they 'cornered on rails', however this allowed the Grand Prix series to retain the use of circuits which were otherwise to prove extremely dangerous.

The 1965 cars are ideal for those new to GPL as they allow the tracks to be learnt in light reliable cars, however these are also full Formula One cars, and quite fast....  Jim Clark won the 1965 British Grand Prix from pole in a Lotus.  His qualifying time was 1:30'8.

David Wright's 'Legends' site http://fp.gplegends.plus.com/ has the download of the 2.0.1 version (under 'details') as well as being an exceptional guide to both 1965 and 1967, for those interested in Formula One history.  The 2.02 update is available here: http://www.jamesonline.net/ukgpl/1965mod_PATCH_v2.0.2_Setup.zip
« Last Edit: June 21, 2009, 09:02:14 PM +0100 by Jack O'Ferrall » Logged
Jr. Member
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« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2009, 10:55:24 PM +0100 »

I had more wheel to wheel action in that one race than in a whole season of F1!

qualifying was not what I expected and I started in P6.

determined to have a clean first lap and so it seemed to be.

RUK65 obliged early on by having a spin and I found myself in 5th. Clutch ran wide a bit later and Nicky and I inherited 3rd and 4th respectively. Clutch hassled me a bit and I had to keep one eye on trying to pass P3 who I had the slight edge on and keep Clutch behind.

On lap 11, I rear ended Nicky and tore the wheels off my BRM.  Shocked
I took to the pits for a SNG as I needed a reset.
Now I'll take most of the blame for the incident.....but in my defence, the replay shows that I had a run into the last corner and as I moved to the right to brake late for a good tow onto the main straight, Nicky also moves to the right at the same moment. Now this means trouble and I braked ASAP and threw in the downshifts, but when a car moves around in front of you in the braking zone then an accident is likely. Anyway I'm sorry that the incident happened because we were having a real fun battle and running very close together for many laps.

Anyway after that drama I was ready for another one  Grin and I found myself in P5 behind Nicky (I think). We had a bit of fun running side by side a bit until I spun and Vos passed me. I outbraked him at the scene of my earlier smash and pressed on. Then I SPUN AGAIN! on the main straight and collected Vos I think (VERY sorry about that Vos  Embarrassed ).

Now it cant be part of the game but I'd wrestled my wheel so hard in my efforts to arrest my slide that it was wonky. To go in a straight line I had to be just under a quarter of a turn to the left.

This made my battle with RUK65 even more fun. We also had a last corner incident, but this time it was more clear cut. I had the inside line, we were side by side and the corner was mine. The ferrari turned in as normal, but I was there and he got spat out into the fencing. We'd had some fun prior to the incident and he raced really well to hold me back  Smiley

I await the stewards investigation with interest.... Wink
Jr. Member
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« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2009, 11:10:23 PM +0100 »

Well i'm away now for a couple of days so will get a quick race report in before i go and without seeing the replay.

Well, Silverstone. Fast Track and not the ideal stomping ground for my slower BT11. I knew the Lotus's would be good here and i had an even bigger sense of doom when i popped on the practice server for 10minutes mid-week to see Mike pulling 1:33+'s with apparent ease. I knew i couldn't match that, so damage limitation sprung to mind.

Qualifying went well, set a PB with a 1:33 something, but Mike was in a league of his own, and even Al Heller snuck in before the 30mins was up putting me 3rd on the grid. Still, can't complain.

Made a good start and held 3rd and thought about a move on Al Heller a couple of times on Lap 1, but, although he gave me room, i thought better than risking some lap 1 carnage.
Held third place, but missed a gear a few laps in which allowed Al to pull clear. With my rhythm gone, i made a couple of small errors, eg, couple of stabs on the throttle out of a couple of corners..etc. This gave Ickx and Ryman a run on me, and when i ran slightly wide at Becketts, they cruised past.
I knew i had the pace to stick with them, and had a couple of looks at Ryeman, who in turn was having a look at Ickx.

So what do you do? You've got the Championship at stake, your main rival is leading, and you've dropped to 5th place. Ever tried praying and driving? well i did, and due to the Seasonal clear skies, the big man upstairs got back to me in a flash.. Ickx and Ryeman had a coming together and through i went.
I'm not religious, so dismissed it as a coincidence, however, when i then passed 2nd place Al Heller who was stuck on a grass bank i decided to re-evaluate my secular view of the Universe. There is a God!  Shocked

Talking of God, where was Mike James?? The Silverstone-meister was miles up the road and even though the gap was 3 seconds at one stage, he soon regained his rhythm and was long gone. I pushed for a couple of laps, but then got terrible cramp in my clutch foot, so had to sack it off and play safe for 2nd place.

Not sure how the Championship now stands and not sure where Mike or I need to finish to each win.

Still, at least thats the power circuits out of the way where my BT11 struggles. Next and Final Round - Monaco. The tight twisty circuit will suit my car perfectly!!...eh...its where... Monza!!?? SH1T!
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« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2009, 11:44:56 PM +0100 »

Wow it's a bummer when you're not even at the "novice" level... Huh  Was 4-5 seconds off qualifying pace and spun off twice on the first lap. Took WAY too long to recover from that second spin and realized I might be in danger of being lapped; being a reserve driver I didn't want to pose that kind of hazard to the front-runners so hit shift-r thinking it would put me in the pits for a fresh getaway at the back of the pack, instead I was "retired" hahaha.. Stayed around for a dozen or so laps sitting in various cockpits unable to comprehend how you guys are braking so late and not going off. Guess I just need more practice, I don't know. I'll toss it around Monza for the next couple weeks and maybe try a race again if I can find a consistent and reasonably competitive pace.

Former UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #4 on: June 24, 2009, 12:13:06 AM +0100 »

Well, if Jensen Button couldn't manage it I felt I had to.

I knew my setup was good here and I had been running the 1967 Lotus for a week or so at this circuit in practise which was an enormous help to me because when I went back to the 1965 Lotus it felt like I had lots more time mid corner to turn the car with the pedals and that allowed my lap times to fall.

I went out for qually and apart from hitting newcomer Mark (sorry) it went to plan with a PB 1:33.34 despite Pribluda suggesting I had a 32 in there somewhere. As is customary for me I settled for that lap time wherever it put me and went out with race fuel. As is also customary Al Heller got within a bug's d**k of beating me but nicely dropped Clutch to 3rd.

I got away well and had a good clean lap 1 then settled down into slowly eaking out a lead and in the process on lap 4 or 5 I think set the fastest race lap of 1:33.66 (I honestly do not know where that came from with all that fuel on board).

Now I had done a few sums before the race and I knew that if I won and Clutch finished 5th I would be leading by a point going to Monza (after 2 result deductions) so things were going great when I saw Clutch drop to 5th and all seemed rosey. Then I did what I usually do and had a few scrappy laps touching the grass and having to lift while catching a couple of backmarkers. Not their fault, it's just something I need to work on and I have to thank Billy and Bookie especially for lifting to allow me through.

Around this time I got a message saying that somebody was summoning the alleged Creator and I felt somebody press my throttle pedal too early in Becketts sending me into a spin. That gave Al Heller nowhere to go and he hit me, spoiling our Clark-Hill 1, 2.

Got going again still in the lead with Clutch now behind me and that's the way it stayed thankfully, with my car feeling a little strange when I pushed too hard I just had to relax and drive as smoothly but as quickly as I could which worked. I had a little push near the end to try and get a better fastest lap but it wasn't working out and luckily nobody beat it giving me my first fastest race lap ever.

So, when I needed a result I got one but sadly Clutch's contributions to the church roof collection fund paid off and he made my job at Monza more difficult.

The mathematics of the situation for those following the dramatic events of the Novices season are this:

Realistically I need to win but it depends where Clutch finishes. If I do win and Clutch finishes 4th or lower, I win the trophy, so, a podium for Clutch will be enough to clinch it for him.

Nicky seems to have sealed 3rd but I haven't done the maths on that one, however his chassis will also struggle at Monza despite his good show at Silverstone.

I'm looking forward to Monza because just like my favourite women it is Italian, fast, exciting and with a couple of kinks. Hopefully it won't be like my old girlfriend and break my car before tossing me off on the grass.

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Ciao, Sic! #58

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« Reply #5 on: June 24, 2009, 07:17:59 AM +0100 »

 Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
I had a very good start from 10th place in grid but, after one third of the race without any mistake, my engine blown out when I was in 6th position...
Anyway, I was so far from my PB...
Cu all at my home track

Grats to the podium and to everybody raced.
Long Live GPL!!

Fabio Locarno
GPLRank +20.138
Monster of GPLRank +550.724
ChallengeRank +187.387
GPL65Rank +62.038
Former UKGPL Moderators
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can divide by zero

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« Reply #6 on: June 24, 2009, 11:17:39 AM +0100 »

Firstly congrats to Mike, Clutch and Al H – a Clark-Hill sandwich.
A dramatic race for me...
Qually was fine, 7th and a tad off my PB but no chance of getting to the 33’s. Then the drama started.
At the start the cars disappeared (again) so when the flag dropped I was ultra-cautious not to hit the invisible car in front. This resulted in Asbjeurn running into the back of me – no fault on your part Asb. My replay shows all cars disappear and, no doubt, the server will show the opposite. My connection is normally rock solid so not sure why this has happened twice, will keep an eye on it in practice races. My replay shows a knock-on to Norm; sorry Norm and anyone else affected. Sh/R but no SnG as feel it was a connection issue.
So off we go again now in 15th  blink – the battle was on, how to fight my way back up the field…
Got past a few and by 7 I was in 10th following a 3 way battle between Rog, Peter and Norbert which allowed me to close. Over the next 4 laps Peter and Norbert decided to peel off leaving just Rog and myself. Reminded me of that song ‘ten green bottles’  Wink
Anyway, followed Rog for many laps until he overdid a corner on 14 gifting me 6th. Then passed a recovering James temporarily giving me 5th but he soon put me back in my place. On 16 James span approaching the start line and I was clipped. Not your fault James – race thing and you did all you could. I took a no fault Sh/R for this.
Now I was down to 8th but a flying Asbjeurn went past and then had a tangle with Norbert gifting me back 7th.
Compliments to Billy for letting me cleanly lap him twice (2nd time was after the Sh/R on 16).
Somewhere on 21 I regained 6th but didn’t pass anyone? After that James was too far ahead so it was a straight cruise to the finish.

All in all a good race, quallied 7th finished 6th with some great racing in between. On to Monza then.

I'll toss it around Monza for the next couple weeks and maybe try a race again if I can find a consistent and reasonably competitive pace.
Don’t give up Mark. My first race was a disaster – keep going and you’ll improve. Hope to see you at Monza.
Al Heller
Former UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #7 on: June 24, 2009, 01:00:39 PM +0100 »

Well the server records that I briefly led that one - though sadly I was upside down & flying 20 feet above the track at the time so not sure if it counts Cheesy.

Knew teammate Mike would run well here having joined him on the practice servers during the week so wasn't surprised to see him heading the times in qually. Did my best to try & steal pole from him with a last-minute effort but missed it by 0.02. I think my setup is pretty different to Mike's so was surprised (& pleased) to set such a similar time & nab 2nd spot.

Mindful of Jack's beady eye & the penalty-fest that was the Mosport race, we all seemed to take the first lap carefully. I was trying not to run too close to Mike for the first few corners in case of any warps & having fallen foul of the blind spot during practice appreciated Clutch for not diving up the inside during lap 1. Once the dust had settled, I found myself falling into Clutch's clutches anyway - had to drive hard to stay ahead as he was looming large in my mirrors for several laps but then dropped back (after an incident?) to leave me in a lonely second. Tried to catch Mike but wasn't making much of an impact until he encountered some traffic & I was able to close the gap. Then disaster - I came round Becketts to find Mike sideways on in the middle of a spin - I tried my best to avoid him but got snagged as I went past & launched into orbit. Found myself upside down on the grass bank & despite my injuries managed a reset but by the time the track was clear I'd lost a lot of time & had been passed by Clutch. Tried hard to catch up again but with full tanks & cold tyres I was in danger of throwing it off track - was a bit gutted until I noticed I was still running 3rd so was delighted to hold on for my first novice podium Smiley.  

Congratulations to Mike for a deserved win, to Clutch for a strong second & to all the other finishers. Monza should make for an interesting championship finale.
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« Reply #8 on: June 24, 2009, 02:14:07 PM +0100 »

I've submitted a race report but for some reason it is not appearing. No matter, it was a quiet race on my own for most part so if it turns up all well & good. However I closed on the following subject which I will repeat as I would like a response before Monza if possible.

What is the order of rank from fastest to slowest chassis. Is it exactly as posted on the header of each race intro i.e. Ferrari fastest & in the order stated down to Cooper & BT7 being slowest. The reason being I may change for next season to Honda (if allowed) but that, if the order is as listed, would appear to be a slower chassis than my BT11. I have been trying one off line & have yet to better a BT11 time but that in itself may not deter me. The Honda is a real fun drive although I have not tried all the cars.

Norm H
Former UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #9 on: June 24, 2009, 02:55:24 PM +0100 »

What is the order of rank from fastest to slowest chassis. Is it exactly as posted on the header of each race intro i.e. Ferrari fastest & in the order stated down to Cooper & BT7 being slowest.

When we allocated the chassis at the start of the season jack O did some number crunching and soul searching and came up with a table of what would be the fastest chassis over the season's races. The list here is fastest at the top and slowest at the bottom.


Although some of the races next season will be at different circuits, the guide should be fairly accurate. Incidentally, so we don't give away Jack O's secret formula, the Honda was only reckoned to be 0.6 seconds slower than your BT11 over the season. I raced the Honda in my first season of GPL (S16) and found it a great car to driver though I have found the Lotus to be a better handling car mid corner.

I've not driven the BT11 so I can't compare them for you, however going off the times I would not worry if I were you but we have not looked at allocations for next season yet.

Sr. Member
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« Reply #10 on: June 24, 2009, 03:45:03 PM +0100 »

IMO the Only way to make the handicap work fairly is to weight the top drivers as was the case in previous clubmens series , so that whoever is leading the series (1st and 2nd) would have to use one of the  slower chassis for the next race ( Coop or BT7 ) and conversly those lying lower down the order get a choice of using one of the faster chassis on an appropriate scale.

It was a good system ( though some may think I am biased ) I dont really understand why it was thought neccesary to change  Roll Eyes

Jack O'Ferrall
Former UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #11 on: June 24, 2009, 06:24:20 PM +0100 »

There were drawbacks to the Clubmans system, the greatest being that it failed to attract enough new drivers, which is enough to condemn it.

The system never worked in the manner stated, it relied on a complex sliding scale of pitstops rather than forcing drivers to use a slower chassis.  It also failed to reward attendance, so that if a driver won a race easily and then missed two-three, he would then have a faster chassis for a further win.

Chassis allocation has worked well, and should work even better next season.  It's not easy to anticipate who will get faster during the season, or who might drop out.  There are three broad classes of 65 cars:

Ferrari, Lotus
BRM, BT11, Honda
Cooper, BT7

Lastly, whether we have 2 divisions or 3 next season, the intention isn't to handicap fairly, so much as to have everyone happy with their chassis.  I've always been open to having a driver moving to another chassis, even during the season - however the drivers themselves seem to be reluctant to, once they've started! 
Phil Thornton
UKGPL Consigliere
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« Reply #12 on: June 24, 2009, 09:55:20 PM +0100 »

IMO the Only way to make the handicap work fairly is to weight the top drivers as was the case in previous clubmens series , so that whoever is leading the series (1st and 2nd) would have to use one of the  slower chassis for the next race ( Coop or BT7 ) and conversly those lying lower down the order get a choice of using one of the faster chassis on an appropriate scale.

It was a good system ( though some may think I am biased ) I dont really understand why it was thought neccesary to change  Roll Eyes
As a general rule I try to organize the league so that the Divisional Moderators are happy with the rules of their division.  In fact I encourage the divisional moderators to pick the rules, my only request is that any rules the divisional mod decides to use should be acceptable to the majority of the drivers.  This is self evident anyway because there is not much point in trying to run a division that nobody is interested in. 

Jack likes chassis allocation and so that's why its used in this division.  I like the Clubmans formula so I run the Clubmans.  For the record I don't like chassis allocation, but so what, I'm not the only driver in the league.  The other possibilities are pit stops, tokens, a series of spec races or mandating that a driver uses every chassis at least once in the season (there may be other handicapping systems but I can't think of any more).

The fact is next season the rules used will primarily be down to the divisional moderator.  After all they do all the work so they deserve to have the biggest say in how the divisions are run.  Drivers can influence the moderators by lobbying on the forums (politely please Grin), choosing to register or not for the divisions at the start of the season (the rules are always published at registration) or volunteering to be a moderator (this could be viewed as a drastic measure stupid)
Former UKGPL Moderators
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can divide by zero

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« Reply #13 on: June 24, 2009, 10:36:04 PM +0100 »

Clutch seems to be missing from the import? Has Mike been dishing out bribes  Grin
Sr. Member
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« Reply #14 on: June 24, 2009, 11:26:46 PM +0100 »

I've always been open to having a driver moving to another chassis, even during the season - however the drivers themselves seem to be reluctant to, once they've started! 

News to me !

My memory isnt that good these days ( in fact its abismal) but i seem to remember that clubmans was for 67 cars , perhaps that was the reason it wasn't  popular and a lot of "newbies" dropped out.

Ask yourself  how many would still be driving novice today if you had used the 67 format instead of the 65 's Huh

I still hold the opinion that chassis allocation is NOT the best way to promote close racing at least with chassis choice you had an option to drive a faster car even with the pit stop penalty imposed and plenty guys raced and won or got podiums using a faster car with a pit stop than they would have using a crawler car.

Don't ever remember Jochen Rindt winning any races with the Cooper though boy did he try  Cheesy
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