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  • L19AHI Mosport: August 07, 2019
August 07, 2019, 08:31:47 PM +0100 - Mosport - UKGTL Season 19 60's & 70's American Heavy Iron
Nat. Make Model Class Qualifying Race
Tyres Pos Time/Gap Pos Time/Gap Laps Stops Best Retirement
 Kerb Crawlers
Chevrolet Chevelle (#1367) GTC-65 3 +1.015
1 30:25.038
20 1:30.125
Erling G-P
Pontiac GTO (#65415) GTC-65 2 +0.881
2 +26.985
20 1:30.465
Ford Falcon Sprint 351 (#991) GTC-65 5 +3.763
3 +1:00.582
20 1:32.335
Bob M.
Chevrolet Chevelle (#267) GTC-65 6 +4.012
4 +1:03.425
20 1:32.477
Wiltshire Tony
 Toyland Racing
Pontiac GTO (#65056) GTC-65 7 +4.472
5 +1:28.678
20 1:32.241
 Soggy Bottom Racers Club
Chevrolet Impala (#19) GTC-65 4 +1.567
6 +3L
17 1:31.129
 Blue Moose Racing
Pontiac GTO (#65415) GTC-65 1 1:29.255
7 +11L 9 1:29.855
Firestone Lap Records
GT Legends
Pontiac GTOAugust 07, 2019, 08:31:47 PM +0100
GT Legends
Pontiac GTOAugust 07, 2019, 08:31:47 PM +0100
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Author Topic: UKGTL Season 19 60's & 70's American Heavy Iron - Mosport - Aug 7  (Read 401 times)
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Wiltshire Tony
Director, UKGTL Staff
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"I'd rather be Sim-Racing" said Noddy

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« on: December 15, 2018, 12:39:54 PM +0000 »

Championship Standings here

Grid/server capacity: 22

RACE ONE (1960's)

Practice: ~19:20 (60 mins)
Qualifying: 20:20 (10 mins)
Race: 20:30 (20 laps)

Track: Mosport '67 Download this

Cars allowed: 1960's
Chevrolet Chevelle, Chevrolet Impala, Ford Falcon Sprint, Pontiac GTO
Car restrictions: Three drives maximum per make. Check your car allowance here

Time of Day Setting: 14:00
Tyre wear: Normal
Fuel consumption: Normal
Pit stops: Not required

Server: Wednesday
Password: see above

(1) It's best if all drivers can make sure they are connected before the Qualifying session as drivers on track during qualifying will not see cars that join after they are on track until they go back to the garage.
(2) Please make sure you are fully aware of the Rules.
(3) The AI control should be turned off so that you have control of the car at all times, including pitting. Your player file should therefore read
Force Autopit Off="1" // Forces autopit always off
No AI Control="1" // AI never has control over car
If you still finding pitting problematic, experience tells us that its less to do with positioning and more to do with approach speed. A slow approach to pit crew chief has proved most reliable.

Special Notes: Note early race start.

The only UK based GTL community which races every Wednesday night. We are always looking for new drivers of all ages and abilities. GTL here since 2006.

Wiltshire Tony
Director, UKGTL Staff
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Posts: 13134

"I'd rather be Sim-Racing" said Noddy

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« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2019, 10:36:03 PM +0100 »

Results and replay now posted.

The only UK based GTL community which races every Wednesday night. We are always looking for new drivers of all ages and abilities. GTL here since 2006.

UKGPL Senior Consultant
UKGPL Moderators
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I always play by the rules.... they are MY rules!

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« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2019, 11:11:29 AM +0100 »

I do enjoy these cars, I don't know why I find them so easy to drive...maybe it is a power thing lol.

" A game of two halves"  best describes these races for me. Car selection was scientifically based on in depth study of all available data, so I chose what I had most of!!  Wink

Race 1
Pontiac GTO was showing as 3 drives available, so I had better use one of those. Pre race practice on the server was used to tweak the setup and try to do something to limit the tyre wear, which was probably more to do with my driving than anything mechanical.
Quite pleased to go sub 1:30 in qually, but TBH I expected Geoffers and Erling to be on a similar pace. My gearing was high so the start was compromised and Geoffers got ahead.....not part of the game plan!!
Once up to speed I was on his tail and felt that I could go faster than he seemed inclined to go. He had a little twitch out of Moss and my exit felt clean and fast. As a result, I found myself almost pushing Geoff down the straight, so I pulled out and kept my foot down. I was surprised that the GTO had such a speed advantage as I had not noticed that in Qually.
Once past Geoff and with a clear track I was easily able to pull away, which did worry me, because I thought he was saving his tyres and would pose a threat in the final laps.
I had one scary moment when Windows minimised my screen as I went over the S/F line and frantic pounding of the mouse returned me to the game only to discover myself up the grass bank, but somehow I had avoided anything hard and was able to regain the tarmac still with a lead.
Again I squeezed the gap out some more and was feeling quite comfortable...until the shifter started playing up!!!
It seemed to always happen on the downhill approach to Moss.  Normally, I was taking the long downhill left hander in 4th, then dropping to 3rd and braking before selecting 2nd for the uphill right and then 1st for Moss itself. This worked fine, when it was working. But when the shifter decided to miss out 3rd gear things got a little hairy, and I managed to keep the car on the grey stuff during a couple of these incidents without losing too much time. Then the shifter upped the challenge  Undecided and dropped from 4th-Reverse in one hit, and that proved far more than I could handle. From where the car ended up I could not see the following cars approaching, so I quit and beat the living cr*p out of my shifter whilst watching Geoffers steal my win lol!!

Race 2
Again the Pontiac clan got the vote so the Firebird was rolled out. Once again I found myself on pole...very odd??? what are Erling and Geoff playing at??
If the gearing for race 1 was high, for race 2 it was almost stupid. I rarely use the clutch pedal, but for this start I had to actually slide the clutch to get the car off the line  Shocked. This time Geoff and Erling jumped past me and Dan looked to be keen to demote me even further, so I was defending quite hard at the end of the straight.
Once again I felt that I could go faster than Erling who was blocking my route to Geoffers tail pipes, but he is adept at defending the fast lines so there was no way past. Then Geoff performed a spectacular exit, stage right, at Moss...most unusual!!.
So now Erling was between me and the lead  Roll Eyes.
I watched for a couple of laps and realised that there was one corner where I was considerably quicker, so any pass would have to be there.
A lap of intense hassling of Erling's car preceeded the pass and I was hoping to push him into that corner a little quicker than he wanted to go.
It worked ( whether it was my pressure or just a small mistake I don't know), and a gap opened up around the inside line and I fired my car into the gap and left the corner in 1st place.
From there I eased out a 2 sec gap until I felt that I could "manage" the race and my tyres and simply monitored the gap back to Erling whilst I waited for the shifter to scupper my chances.
There were a couple of double downshifts, but the ultra high gearing sort of reduced the effect and no damage done. It was noticeable that I could gain a couple of tenths on the same corner on each lap, and lose a tenth on the straight, so the gap slowly extended.
In the end I was cruising to the flag and the win.
Grats to the podium places and finishers in both races....can we have more of these cars please  Roll Eyes
« Last Edit: August 08, 2019, 05:44:35 PM +0100 by EvilClive » Logged

Evil Waza, now a completely reformed character!

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« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2019, 05:45:29 PM +0100 »

Result_Race 1


So long

aka Eifelblitz
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« Reply #4 on: August 08, 2019, 06:38:47 PM +0100 »

Like Clive, my evening was also a game of two halves. It seems to be a fairly regular occurrence in these races, win race one then make a 'horlicks' of race two.

First race, only qualified 3rd  eek. Was set for a row 2 start not realising it was a 3-2-3 grid. Made the most of it & just held off Clive into T1, didn't last though as his GTO stormed past on the long straight. On lap 2 Erling nearly did the same but I was just far enough ahead to be in the way through the slight RH curve. Race then settled down with Clive extending his lead & me easing away from Erling until Erling suddenly disappeared from my mirrors. Next thing I know, Clive is mysteriously driving up the bank on the S/F straight, show off! Didn't slow him much though & he continued to extend his lead, then suddenly he is spinning out at Moss  Shocked. Just managed to sneak through on the inside as his car came back across the track. Then Clive is shown DNF & I'm left with a comfortable lead & an undeserved win.

Second race & it appears Clive has grown tentacles & nabs pole again, I just pipped Erling for 2nd on the grid this time. Got a storming start this time & was well ahead by T1, lead lasted a little longer this time, to lap 3 in fact when I got a rear wheel on the grass exiting Moss just as I was giving it full beans & the car speared off into the fence on the right. Had to wait until everyone had gone past to rejoin & set off after Tony. Caught him & then Kurt, both of them letting me past, thanks guys, took a few more laps to catch Bob who I nipped past when he ran a little wide out of the final turn. No chance of catching the lead duo so settled for 3rd but a moments inattention & I got on the grass at the final turn with 2 laps to go, car spun into the pit barrier & did a triple salko into the pitlane. Bob went past as I was recovering so finished up 4th.

Congrats to Clive on his win  clap & to Erling, Kurt & Bob on the podiums  clap clap clap
« Last Edit: August 08, 2019, 06:40:51 PM +0100 by Geoffers » Logged
Erling G-P
Full Member
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« Reply #5 on: August 08, 2019, 09:40:35 PM +0100 »

Really like this track  wub  Did recall it being much larger in our earlier outings here, but maybe it was the size of these cars that made it shrink  Grin

Three abreast starting race one, and predictably I made the worst start.  Really puzzled as to how you get these cars to slingshot off the line - no matter how I do it, they always start to move sooo slooooowly.  As Geoffers mentions, I was faster on the straight, but couldn't find a way past his wide car..  Had Dan's tank looming in my mirrors during the first laps. With the straight line speed of that thing, he could potentially be a real problem.  Threat quickly petered out however, as he simply lost too much time in the corners.  Thus free to chase after Geoffers - until I put a rear wheel outside the track and promptly spun.  Could not get going again fast enough to prevent Dan from getting past.  Two corners later he lost it in front of me.  As his car graciously slid to the left, I aimed for the sizeable gap to the right of it. But then his car did a vicious 180º, blocking my path.  No way to avoid a violent collision. Car still tracked straight, but must have suffered some damage, as it was never as quick as before the shunt.  Few laps later I happen upon Clive & Dan at Moss, seemingly having tangled. With Clive in front of me, and Dan supposedly behind, I wondered if the server had gone haywire. Didn't expect Dan to be a lap behind, as I hadn't noticed his car in the pits when I passed him (Fact that I could overlook something of that size is somewhat worrying...  Roll Eyes)   Anyway, gifted 2nd place with Geoffers away into the sunset, so quiet remainder of the race.

Race 2; quite shocking to find Clive on pole in the Firebird, as that was the slowest car for me  eek  Would have been downright embarrassing had I used it - I would have been some 2.5 secs slower.  Got ahead of him at the start, thus having his undivided attention over the following laps, while looking to stay with Geoffers.  He spun off as he mentioned, and I then kept Clive behind for a little while longer, eventually entering a curve too hot, inadvertently opening the door too wide and letting him through.  After a few laps behind, it was obvious he was 'controlling the race'.  Nothing works more like a red cloth in front of me, but regrettably I couldn't do anything about it. Drove as hard as I could the entire race, but eventually slipping back a little towards the end, when the tyres started to cry 'enough!'.   

Grats to Geoffers & Clive on their wins, and to Kurt & Bob on the other podiums!
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