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  • S23 Goodwood: October 28, 2012
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Author Topic: UKGPL Season 23 (2012) - Goodwood - Oct 28  (Read 2750 times)
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« Reply #15 on: October 29, 2012, 06:21:49 PM +0000 »

The market is open, for a Moderator who is interested in creating fun, and not destroying fun. Undecided  The fairest solution to this startline question, would be a poll.  That way, noone would seem like a bad guy.   The only fair way to do that, would be to publish everyone's preference at the end.  And see if a Moderator wants to race them that way.
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« Reply #16 on: October 29, 2012, 10:15:09 PM +0000 »

I apologise to Cookie for using some forceful language.  If there were more voices here, I would speak less strongly.  Huh
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« Reply #17 on: October 30, 2012, 10:05:21 AM +0000 »

Is the funrace turning into a furnace Huh

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« Reply #18 on: October 30, 2012, 10:45:01 AM +0000 »

I think there are 2 sides to the rolling start/grid start debate and both have their plus points.

The traditional grid start does place an extra responsibility upon the drivers skill and awareness and his ability to keep out of trouble for the first few corners. Often this means making decisions that avoid contact, even though it is another car that seems to be set on a collision course. It is perhaps more realistic in some regards, but experience has shown that we cannot rely on everyone behaving like gentlemen at every race, with the inevitable exit of cars and drivers at T1 or before. Maybe this is not too bad if you are allowed a shift/R and can at least rejoin the race at the back of the field. But in PRO races it is all over 10 seconds after the start if someone makes a wrong decision.

The rolling starts were introduced to get over the carnage at T1 and have generally been successful ( provided that all drivers realise that it is a rolling start and do not launch off the grid!!) My experience in modding the GT's has proved this and I do not think I have had any incidents worthy of note once people got used to the format of a rolling lap.

IMHO  and I do not wish to be unfair or patronising here, but with a grid start the faster drivers have the odds in their favour when it comes to the start. Just as in Real life there is an advantage in being on pole or the front row.
It is 99% likely that the front 2 rows will make a clean getaway and probably hold their positions through T1, simply because they are the quickest and probably "better" drivers. But they have fewer cars in front of them to worry about and no-one switching sides or making sudden avoiding moves.
Contrast that with the midfield cars. They have to contend with a car in front that maybe bogged down off the line and a few fast starting suicide jockey that is rocketing up from the rear of the grid intent on making up 10 places before T1!!
 I'm sure we have all seen this scenario Roll Eyes.
Incidents usually happen because someone makes a sudden move ( braking or change of direction) to avoid contact with the car in front and this sets up a chain reaction. Often the poor victim is an entirely innocent driver who happens to be on the wrong bit of tarmac at the wrong moment in time.  Yes, that is what racing is partially about but it does kind of spoil the fun for the victim? Undecided

I can see the appeal of rolling starts for every race, because it almost guarantees that drivers will survive T1, simply because there is not the congestion of cars all jockeying for position.

Maybe I am fortunate in that I usually find myself towards the front of any grid, but I know that when I occasionally find myself on row 8 I am very very worried about survival. scared

I guess what I am trying to say is, that there should be room for both type of starts, and that it is a balance between the real adreniline rush and danger of a grid start along with the chance of your race ending very quickly or the Rolling start where you are unlikely to make up many places in the first lap but are more likely to at least be in the same position as you started at the end of Lap 1 and still running?

I think Cookie should still run the Jops race tonight, we still have plenty of spare slots to fit in a Can AM race with a grid start at another venue. My suggestion of Mid Ohio was simply that... a suggestion for a future race NOT as an alternative to Axel's proposed race tonight.

The views expressed here by liveclive are not necessarily endorsed by the true management of evilclive.com, but they might be.
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