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Question: Do you want to enter the Graduates Privateers championship?
Expect to enter at least 75% of races - 7 (63.6%)
Expect to enter less than 75% of races - 4 (36.4%)
Total Voters: 11

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Author Topic: Season 33 1967 F1 Graduates Privateers - Registration  (Read 569 times)
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Phil Thornton
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« on: April 29, 2018, 03:59:46 PM +0100 »

Season 33 - Graduates Cup (Privateers)

The division specific rules are the same as last season. This poll is for the Privateers division. There is no direct handicap, other than tokens.

Please check the Season 33 pages for details regarding rules and the Graduates Cup pages in particular.

This season, races are to be run again at 60 frames per second – please use this patch 60fpsV2newmod

Drivers must complete 50% of each race to score points but tokens are earned for making a race start.

The races will be run as follows:

Car set: 67 F1 only
Date: Every second Sunday from 13th May 2018
Time: No later than 9:00pm UK Time (30-60 mins practice, race starts at 9:30pm)
Race Length: 50 minutes
Damage Model:  Intermediate - One Shift R with Compulsory SnG
Server: TBA
Race List: IGOR
Division Moderator: Billy Nobrakes / Samb

Provisional calendar as follows:

Date     Day     Time     Track          Track Download  Laps
13/05/2018Sunday     21.00 BST     Adelaideadelaide32Link
27/05/2018Sunday     21.00 BST     Mexico         mexico27Papyrus Original
10/06/2018Sunday     21.00 BST     Oulton Parkoulton31Link
24/06/2018Sunday     21.00 BST     Monacomonaco33
Papyrus Original
08/07/2018Sunday     21.00 BST     Solitude          solitude14Link
22/07/2018Sunday     21.00 BST     Daytona road circuit   dayto24h25Link
05/08/2018Sunday     21.00 BST     Imolaimola32Link
19/08/2018Sunday     21.00 BST     Kiemola       kiemola37Link
02/09/2018Sunday     21.00 BST     Bremgarten         bremgart23Link
16/09/2018Sunday     21.00 BST     Mosport       mosport36Papyrus Original

The provisional calendar may be changed at the discretion of the Divisional Moderator.

There will be no handicapping.  The tokens system will be used which is actually a chassis levelling system, not a form of handicapping.

There is no red zone for this championship. Drivers are reminded that Lap 1 incidents do carry an extra 1 place penalty.

Only reported incidents will be moderated.

If you would like to enter this series please submit an entry in the poll.
Jack O'Ferrall
Former UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2018, 08:19:57 PM +0100 »

Tom with his head down, a rare sight, he's usually gleaming with the white hot heat of breathtaking leaps in technology.  "What's up with you then Tom, or are you just dreading the prospect of me leading the team to success in the new season?"

"No, there's this book-"

"Really?  That's a pity I was hoping for something more exotic and lethal, or at least a trip to the doctor.  Problem solved then, a quick spin out of the sandtrap of actual knowledge and back onto the racing line of sports promotion, and you'll be fine."

"I've portrayed you as a genuine prospect for years now, I'm hardly likely to be perplexed by facts.   No, this guy pointed out that if we ever did make contact with aliens it would set off a planetary catastrophe with every culture desperate to represent humanity.  Even rumours would be a disaster, we would fight each other to death.  There's nothing more human than to fight to utter destruction about nothing at all."

"Aliens aren't going to invade the open wheel competition Tom, we don't even allow adverts on the cars, no thanks to you.  Besides, we are a tight-knit group of elite professionals, even if the aliens could get round the Eifel mountains in under nine minutes, I'm sure we could sort them out in the pit stops."

"Jack, it's not about the aliens, its about the promise of the future, however illusory it is."

"It was an advance copy of the prime minister's memoirs then?  Hang on, that reminds me, there's been a request from the committee.  Apparently there's some objection to English drivers, we're supposed to be taking unfair advantage by abusing the race list.  Without naming names, no irony intended, everyone knows who it is, and with 'Harold Wilson' in charge of the country the foreigners feel it would be best if all the pilots use their full name for official records."

This puzzled him.  "But you haven't any other names Jack, your parents couldn't afford any?"

"Exactly Tom, however it is now my patriotic duty to have one, for reasons of national interest.  My new middle name is William, W for Winning.  Make it happen, Tom."

"You're not going to fool anyone Jack.  Remember Macmillan tried to have the British supersonic jet called Concord, only when it was finally rolled out Macmillan had gone and Benn was telling everyone that E stood for Excellence, Europe, England and Entente.  The Scots objected so he said it stood for Ecosse as well.  No-one thought to mention that Concord was where the Americans stored all their guns before the Revolution."

"Science fiction, Tom, I can't believe you're worried about science fiction.  Science fiction is for dodgy old geezers in overcoats, its not as if the posh tottie goes for it, there'll never be any Paint Me Like Your French Girls there, believe me.  There'd hardly be a bloodbath over who was to represent humanity.  The reverse, more likely."

And with a sad "Oui, monsieur" he slunk off, taking what was left of his new man room at the topness with him.  Loot says that E is for Economics.  He told me that Wilson is fool enough to believe that he is some sort of techno-Economics wizard and never to trust a man who believes that a new scheme will sort out finance.  He's worried that Britain is far too centred on the pound and might never recover if some unscrupulous clique was to do the dirty on us.  Take pounds, shillings and pence away, reorganise communities around the river banks and turn the constables into some sort of future police, people would have no interest in the Green Hell then, they'd be too busy waking up in one.

Still, its a new racing season, they don't like it up 'em, don't panic.
Pepe Higdon
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« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2018, 08:17:02 PM +0100 »

Just to be absolutely clear, the link at Oulton points to the track file "Oulton" and not "Oulton2," right?
Billy Nobrakes
UKGPL Divisional Moderator
UKGPL Moderators
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« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2018, 10:23:31 PM +0100 »

As best as I can tell it should be "oulton", not "oulton2".
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