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  • S15Dc Monaco: May 11, 2008
May 11, 2008, 09:16:03 PM +0100 - Monaco (1929-71) - UKGPL Season 15 (2008) Clubmans
Nat. Make Model Class Qualifying Race
Tyres Pos Time/Gap Pos Time/Gap Laps Stops Best Retirement
 Soggy Bottom Racers Club
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 3 +0.607
1 46:33.626
30 1:29.324
Phil Thornton
 Crash 'N' Burn Racing
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 4 +1.340
2 +1.585
30 1:28.951
Honda RA300 F1 1967 6 +1.945
3 (+2) +15.001
30 1:30.804
 Crash 'N' Burn Racing
Cooper T81b (Maserati) F1 1967 5 +1.702
4 +15.721
30 1:29.930
 Crash 'N' Burn Racing
BRM P115 F1 1967 8 +2.806
5 (+2) +1L
29 1:31.872
Michael Turner
 Soggy Bottom Racers Club
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 13 +6.351
6 +2L
28 1:34.343
G Poole
Cooper T81b (Maserati) F1 1967 15 +9.952
7 (+2) +3L
27 1:34.522
 Soggy Bottom Racers Club
Eagle T1G (Weslake 1967) F1 1967 16 +10.169
8 +35.368
27 1:37.317
Honda RA300 F1 1967 14 +7.741
9 (+1) +6L
24 1:34.921
Jack O'Ferrall
 Reed Racing
BRM P115 F1 1967 9 +3.556
10 +7L
23 1:32.065
Ian Stanley
 Reed Racing
BRM P115 F1 1967 7 +2.545
11 +11L
19 1:31.110
Ben "Welling" Summers
 Phoenix Racing
Cooper T81b (Maserati) F1 1967 2 +0.514
12 +21L
9 1:30.337
 BCF Racing
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 10 +3.565
13 (+1) +24L
6 1:32.470
Lotus 49 (Cosworth) F1 1967 12 +4.156
14 +28L
2 1:38.819
 The Coopermen
Cooper T81b (Maserati) F1 1967 11 +3.708
15 DNS ---
Will Tway
 Crash 'N' Burn Racing
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 1 1:28.083
16 ---
Ferrari 312 (1967) F1 1967 ---

Moderator's Report

This was indeed a very tough race for everybody and especially tough for me to mod. Despite a very high number of incidents, most of which are aimed at improving drivers and pointing to mistakes and available alternatives, I thought everyone had done very well considering that its Monaco we're talking about. There were some penalties issued and if you feel I was wrong about them, feel free to appeal to the UKGPL Chief Moderator.

I would like to thank you all for your incident reports which were very valuable during the modding process. My commendations to Steve Bird who reported himself of using Shift R during practice; there will be no penalty for this occurrence but just to point out that Shift Rs are not allowed in practice unless specifically allowed by the moderator.

Onto the race now:

Bernie Darwin is the first driver to record a second win of the season and now closes in on the Crash and Burn trio in the standings. Bernie had dropped a couple of places early on but with some steady and consistent driving, fought his way back and claimed the most prestigious win of them all.

Phil Thornton looked all set for the honour after leapfrogging Ben Summers but a set of mistakes and technical problems with his wheel gave the lead to Bernie so Phil followed in a well deserved second position, giving Bernie plenty to think about in the final laps. This was demonstrated by race fastest lap of 1.28.951 on the very last lap, nearly four tenths faster than second fastest Bernie.

Final podium position was provisionally taken by Paul Bird on his return however the position is now inherited by Art Le Marquand who, had an eventful race and finished fourth.

The battle for championship is tightening up. It’s Zandvoort up next and although a more traditional circuit, it’s known to throw in a couple of surprises... or drivers off the track, onto the sand dunes in this case.

Server replay time: 0h00m46s

Start - Paul Bird is slow off the line and Chris Bull is trying to go around him. Paul then throttles it too much and his Honda wiggled onto the line Chris has taken and gets rear ended, flipping him upside down.

Chris has done nothing wrong here and Paul fell victim to his own mistake but that mistake wasn`t likely to require a Shift R so Paul is entitled to a No fault Shift R.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h01m33s

Lap 1 - Virage de Gare
Bernie Darwin goes very wide at the hairpin, leaving plenty room on the inside which Phil Thornton sensibly takes. Phil goes around the hairpin at full lock and drives at a steady speed of 31 km/h when Bernie recovering from his wide line pulls back towards the racing line and Bernie`s rear left touches with Phil`s front right. As a result, Bernie spun and had to give away a couple of positions. Moreover, client replay shows a slight warp contact which is also confirmed on the server replay.

Although this was an avoidable accident, I cannot say that either driver is at fault: Phil could have slowed slightly and Bernie should have kept the outside line and take it onto the next corner where he would still be in advantage. This off course, if either driver had a luxury of better side view in GPL.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h03m08s

Lap 2 - Ian Docherty follows Michael Turner into Mirabeau. Both drivers brake at their usual points but Ian`s braking is much later there and he rear-ends Michael sending him into spin.

It is the responsibility of the following driver to adjust the speed but it appears that Michael braked much later than Ian expected so I'm opting for a minimum penalty.

Server replay time: 0h03m09s

Lap 2 - Chris is behind Paul McCluskey and Ian Stanley and leaves his braking too late at La Gare, rear ending Paul`s Lotus sending him into a spin. Paul was as late as possible on brakes and in control.

Server replay time: 0h03m12s

Lap 2 - As Paul McCluskey is left stranded at La Gare, facing apex, he tried to rejoin too quickly getting in the way of Art`s Cooper which ultimatelly forces Bernie to come to a complete halt.

This contact bounces Paul further back and both, Art and Bernie are through, Paul properly giving room to Bernie.

In this situation, Paul should have reversed from the racing line and attempted to rejoin when the gap appeared, which was to be after Bernie had gone through.

Server replay time: 0h04m28s

Lap 3 - Art drifts wide whilst trying to avoid rear ending Ian Stanley who is somewhat slower into Massenet, and leaves a gap on the inside which Bernie attempts to exploit and gets alongside Art, who in trying to regain the racing line touches Bernie's rear wheel sending him into the armco.

Bernie was fully entitled to go for this massive gap and Art should have been aware of this as it was obvious in his mirrors and tried to shut the doors when Bernie has reached a substantial overlap.

In cases when there is a loss of speed, I would advise not attmpting to get back onto racing line until speed is recovered.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h05m19s

Lap 3 - Dennis follows Michael Turner through the chicane towards Tabac. They encounter Chris Bull who had just pinballed towards Tabac and ended to the right, de-wheeled and helpless. There is a yellow flag and the leaders take caution avoiding the accident and so does Michael Turner but Michael is too slow after the accident and was moving in the middle of the track which caught Dennis slightly and there was a contact, sending Michael into the spin.

Both drivers made a mistake but caution for Dennis as he is a following car.

Server replay time: 0h05m40s

Lap 3 - Bernie follows Ian Stanley closely through the Gazometres, with Paul McCluskey close behind. Ian clips the apex barrier on the exit, which throws him off slightly off the line, causing Bernie and Paul to slow down.

Paul pips Bernie and Art pips Paul and they all end up locked up there until Bernie finds the way to turn his car in good direction and they all drive off except Paul who retires at the spot.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h06m18s

Lap 4 - Casino
Art runs wide and clips armco causing him to lose control and spin towards the Mirabeau. Art sits on the left, his fronts on the sidewalk and tried to reverse just before Michael, Jack and Paul are passing by.

In these situations, it is obviously best not to make any attempts in rejoining until the approaching cars have passed.

Server replay time: 0h07m34s

Lap 4 - Michael Turner goes a bit wide in Tabac and Jack is now aiming for his inside before they reach Gazometres. Michael closes the inside and Jack patiently waits for next opportunity.

Paul Bird uses this battle to go in faster and passes both of them but goes too wide and hits the haybales. In the meantime, Michael is taking the turn properly and is set to pass Paul but Paul is too quick to come back to the racing line as he is already being passed by Michael. The contact appears insignificant but it was sufficient to break the wheel off Michael`s Ferrari.

Michael Turner requires a Shift R and is entitled to a no fault Shift R.

Server replay time: 0h07m53s

Lap 5 - After the incident with Paul, Michael loses a front left tyre but continues to accelerate all the way accross the S/F line until Sainte Devote.

In cases where the car is damaged to the point of being undriveable, the best thing is to move off the racing line and perform a Shift R as soon as possible. Staying on the racing line with compromised speed slows the other drivers and may lead to major accidents.

Server replay time: 0h11m31s

Lap 7 - Paul Bird just caught up with Jack O`Ferrall and as they close on La Gare, Jack goes slightly wide opening the gap to Paul behind. Paul is naturally tempted to go for it but misjudges the angle to go around the hairpin which results with a front to side contact, sending Jack into a spin.

This classifies as a simple rear end shunt as victim`s line was unusual.

Server replay time: 0h11m33s

Lap 7 - Art is coming up to the accident between Paul and Jack. Art chooses a very smart approach and takes a late apex, climbs onto the kerb and is nearly through with virtualy no time lost.

However Paul Bird, stationary in the middle of the road, is eager to recover and pulls to the left clipping Art`s rear right with his front left. This sends Art into a half spin but Art recovers and manages to continue, unwillingly conceding a place to Paul.

If Art had stuck to the inside after going around the hairpin, there would be no contact. Same way, if Paul had released his wheel from full lock and then accelerated, there would be no contact as well. No particular driver is to be solely blamed so I`m calling this a racing incident.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h12m04s

Lap 7 - Chris Bull is taking the chicane whilst Dennis gets it wrong ahead of him. Unfortunatelly, Dennis comes to a halt at the middle of a racing line and can`t do anything about it and is then hit by Chris from behind.

There was no time for a yellow flag to be shown and it is quite difficult to see what is happening after the chicane so there was little either driver could have done to prevent this from happening.

Both drivers ended upside down and required a Shift R - both are entitled a no fault Shift R.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h16m03s

Lap 11 - Gazometres
Phil Thornton (having taken too deep a breath in the vicinity of the gasometres) loses a directional stability under braking and Ben Summers leaves his braking a bit too late and in it looks as though he would not have been able to go around the corner disregardless of Phil. However, its possible to manage the brakes better when you don't have to avoid any cars under braking.

Unfortunately Ben falls victim to the large concrete barrier which promptly removes both his right hand wheels and leaves him impaled against the straw bales. Phil regains control and continues but Ben although entitled to a "no-fault shift R" chooses to quit.

The contributing factors to this accident are Phil`s out of shape braking as well as Ben`s very late braking and the fact that he couldn't brake the way he wanted to as he had to take avoiding action. Each driver on his own would have gotten away from this situation so I would grant a no-fault Shift R to Ben who unfortunatelly retired from a strong second position.

  • Racing incident

Server replay time: 0h30m29s

Lap 19 - Dennis hits the haybales at Gazometres. Ian Stanley is taking the inside going around the stationary car. Dennis then accelerates and interferes with Ian even though there was plenty of room to the left where Dennis logicaly should have been going and side by side contact is made. Worse, it was an uncontested pass as Dennis was being lapped.

Ian`s right front then detaches from the car. Ian was entitled to a no fault Shift R but he chose to retire which is a pity as he was running a strong race in third.

Dennis had to have either yielded a track position to Ian as he was being lapped or point his car to the most outside line which is less likely to be interfered with passing cars.

Server replay time: 0h36m18s

Lap 21 - Graham follows Dennis into Mirabeau and goes in too hot rear ending Dennis who was in control at the time.

Dennis was in control and braked at his usual point and Graham did not follow Dennis for long (from St. Devote of that lap) so he couldn`t have known that. Also, Graham was quicker there than usual and all such attempts on other laps had him go very wide.

Dennis is entitled to a no fault Shift R.

Server replay time: 0h39m00s

Lap 24 - Jack is leaving the tunnel at race speed and runs into Chris who lost control at the very exit of the tunnel, sent rearward towards the armco on the left wall, bounced and was stationary outside the racing line. Jack aims his car towards the gap which is then closed by Chris in what looks like an attempt to clear out of the way.

Once the approaching car sees a stationary car, the spontaneus reaction is to go the other way so Chris did the worst possible thing by changing the position. Best thing is staying put until track is clear.

Jack was entitled a no fault Shift R but Jack chooses to retire a the chicane which is a pity because he was having a complimentary race up to that point.

Server replay time: 0h46m57s

Lap 27 - Graham gets the chicane wrong and is thrown at the armco to the left, knocking his wheels off. Makes a Shift R but fails to perform a Stop and Go.

Although this was Graham`s last lap, it does not mean that all Shift Rs on the last lap are granted as a no fault one.

Graham should have carried out his Stop and Go on the pits side, anywhere before the S/F line.

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Author Topic: UKGPL Season 15 Clubmans - Monaco - May 11  (Read 7844 times)
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Kruger Enge
Former UKGPL Moderators
Full Member
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« on: May 07, 2008, 09:35:17 PM +0100 »

UKGPL Season 15 Clubmans Cup - Round 4 - Monaco - May 11

Gentlemen, welcome to the round four of the championship, see race announcement below.

Please keep up the good work with excellent first lap record of Clubman division. Smiley

Wish you all good luck.


Please be in the UKGPL IGOR chat-room by 20:25 BST.

Server 3.ukgpl
IP address
Race date = 11-05-2008, 20:30 BST
Track = Monaco
Race length = Int Long (30 laps)

Qualifying time = 35 minutes. Don't start until 30 mins left on
clock to
allow everyone to join.

The following groups of drivers are restricted to the cars shown
below unless they opt to carry out additional pit stops to equalise
the performance of the car that is chosen:-

Group 1 - 1st and 2nd - Limited to BRM, Cooper or Honda
Chris Bull
Artur Le Marquand

Group 2 - 3rd and 4th - Limited to BRM, Cooper, Honda or Brabham
Robert Burton
Ben Summers

Group 3 - 5th and 6th - Cannot take Eagle or Lotus
Phil Thornton
Bernie Darwin

Group 4 - 7th and 8th - Cannot take Lotus
Will Tway
Ian Docherty

9th and below - Free choice of chassis.

Drivers wishing to take a chassis other than as specified above will
need to make the appropriate pit stop(s) as follows:

Group 1
Lotus 1 x 36 seconds or 2 x 15 seconds
Ferrari 1 x 18 seconds
Eagle 1 x 14 seconds
Brabham 1 x 10 seconds

Group 2
Lotus 1 x 20 seconds
Ferrari 1 x 3 seconds
Eagle Stop n Go

Group 3
Lotus 1 x 17 seconds
Ferrari Stop-n-Go

Group 4
Lotus 1 x 12 seconds

The pit window is as follows:

Pit stop to be taken between 23 to go and 15 to go on your pit
board. If a second pit stop is required it cannot be taken on the
lap following your first stop and must be completed before your pit
board says 7 laps to go.

Password: see above
(2) Driver lists can be found on the championship standings page

iRacing alias: Nihad Gluscic
Will Tway
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« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2008, 10:48:22 PM +0100 »

Very sorry I had to bail in the middle of qually.

Woke up this morning and instead of making a nice mothers day breakfast, we had a major pipe burst in the basement.

About 5 or 6 laps into qually, my mate shows up to help weld the pipes. I had to quit or tell Mrs. Will to take a cold shower on mothers day. Shocked 

All is now fixed but I missed my favorite circuit.

Hope C'n'B didn't burn too bad.

Looking forward to reading the reviews.


bound to cover just a little more ground
Phil Thornton
UKGPL Consigliere
Hero Member
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« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2008, 12:01:23 AM +0100 »

Well that was a pretty tough race, par for the course at Monaco.  Managed to get fourth on the grid, which turned into third when pole sitter Will had to go (real life intervened at the end of praccy, bad luck Will).  Made a careful start following Ben and Bernie up the hill to Casino Square.  Ben and Bernie run a bit wide at Virage de la Gare, I take a much tighter line.  Unfortunately there is contact between me and Bernie on the exit (looks like warp on my replay but moderator will decide) and Bernie spins out.  Don’t know how Bernie got going again (from my client replay) but he lost a lot of places, sorry mate.

I set off after Ben.  He's quick but he's not pulling away so I try to settle in and drive consistent laps.  Luckily for me Ben makes a mistake at Tabac on lap 2 and I'm into the lead.  Now it's more important than ever to concentrate and drive carefully.  Ben recovers without loosing another place and I keep an eye on him in my mirrors.  His Coop is no match for my Ferrari under acceleration so I think to myself as long as I don't make a mistake Ben has no chance.  He might be able to catch me through the twisty bits but I'll just drive away on the straights.  Things are going to plan fro the next few laps.  Ben gets pretty close at Portier but by the time we get to Massenet I've got a healthy lead again.

Lap 10 and I get my braking a bit wrong at Gazometres (I did exactly the same thing on lap 7) and I lock my left rear.  This catches Ben out and he gives me a little nudge.  Ben looses his wheels to the Armco but I can continue.  I spend the next lap driving carefully just in case I've got a puncture or serious suspension damage but everything seems OK so I press on.

Lap 12.  I put a wheel on the inside pavement at Massenet which is enough to spin me around and I end up facing the wrong way on the racing line.  I do a 180 to get out of the way but Mike Turner (who let me and Ben through at Virage de la Gare a few laps earlier) was closer than I expected (I knew the second placed man was some way back but I wasn't sure about lapped drivers).  Mike had to slow down but didn't hit me.  Thanks Mike, sorry to get in your way.   A quick check of the pit board on lap 13 showed Ian Stanley was closing in, the pressure was back on.

Next few laps I monitored the distance back to Ian and he didn't seem to be gaining so I tried to drive consistently.  Came across a few back markers who were watching their mirrors carefully and let me by with no fuss.  Thanks guys.  After a while I notice it's Bernie on my tail, somehow he'd got past Ian.

Lap 19 and I catch Dennis at Mirabeau.  He very kindly moves over to let me past at Virage de la Gare.  At this very moment my chair lurches back (I use one of those office chairs with a recliner function – bad move) and I pull my G25 wheel completely off the desk!  Nightmare, I’m in the straw bales with a G25 flapping around in my hands, Bernie breathing down my neck and a newbie on my inside in his first race no doubt wondering what is going on!  Anyway I’m fiddling about trying to get the clamps sorted as I get round Portier but it’s not until the straight after Tabac that I get the wheel back on the desk properly and everything tightened up again but by then Bernie is through and I’ve lost the lead.  Sorry for the erratic driving Dennis, hope it didn’t put you off too much.

Bernie starts to pull away so I grit my teeth and chase after him.  Steve Bird lets me through at Mirabeau on lap 22 but I’m trying too hard and I spin loosing more time to Bernie.  My only hope now is that Bernie makes a mistake.  I press on as hard as I can and get Bernie in my sights again but there’s only 3 laps to go.  Lap 29 and I’m almost on him but I spin at Massenet and my chance has gone.  Nevertheless I recover and press on, there’s always the chance Bernie will crack on the last lap.  But Bernie is made of sterner stuff and he holds on and I finish just over a second behind him. 

Great race Bernie, especially after the lap 1 shunt at Virage de la Gare.  Bad luck Ben, better luck next time.
Jack O'Ferrall
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« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2008, 01:02:51 AM +0100 »


The Tip-Top Club, Monaco May 11

…Yachts, casinos, hotels, nightclubs, the carnival exuberance of Formula One motor racing.  Money, beauty, sun, royalty.  Yet the team was down.  Loot hadn’t summoned us to Burley after Rouen, not even for the customary pre-Monaco pep talk.  I was troubled, so I had a quiet word with Tom.  
  “Jack, you know Loot is obsessed with Monaco.  Every year the winner gets drinks at the palace with Grace Kelly.  It’s what he’s in racing for.  All the nights I’ve sat up with him discussing ‘Rear Window’...  Most of the teams are run by bright engineers who want to understand cars.  I doubt that Loot is conscious of cars on that sort of level.  He knows ours are going badly, that’s about it.  But not to have Grace Kelly as his chatelaine- that’s an emptiness he feels very deeply.”
  “Peter Sellars will be at trackside,” I mumbled.
  He wasn’t impressed.  “Actors- Loot would just say that he was short, that he could outdrink him, or that he only heard of him two weeks ago.  Why should men want to become celebrities?  When the first actor becomes Pope, that’s when Loot might bother with them.”
  “He likes his drivers to be famous.  What about the tartan seat covers and big sunglasses?”
  “You’ll have to ask Gerry about that, that was his wheeze.”
  “Bell had the tartan put in?”
   Tom had the distant look of a successful man surrounded by expensive drinks, scantily clad young women and less than fascinating conversation.  “Yeah, Jack.  How much do you know about glamour, other than we have glamour and the Vietnamese have rice fields, tunnel networks and a fanatical belief in worldwide communism?  Engineers believe in science.  Scientists believe in philosophy.  Perhaps philosophers believe in advertising, like Prussian uniforms and drill last century.  Glamour is just like uniforms, except that it’s less expensive and keeps your vitals on the inside.”
  “Hold on Tom, I just drive, I’m not up on the philosophy of it.  I may be related to Peter the Great, is that any help?”
  “Here, have a cigarette, Jack.  And wear your race suit more.  Never go on ‘Call My Bluff’.”

   After a couple of drinks I decided that I still wasn’t sure that Tom was joking, so next day at practice I collared Bell.  “Hey Bell, Tom says you get involved in the marketing schemes for drivers.”
  He was faintly amused.  “Jack, the only castings I get are late, thick and far more trouble for the transmission than they should be.  They cause bad vibrations and this leads to an unacceptable failure rate.  I suppose you want to be James Bond, everyone does.   Or have you some more modest scheme for your descent from the heavens, to amaze mere mortals with your special powers and plans for world peace?”      
  Was this some sly reference to my new penchant for ending races upside-down?  Unfortunately I wasn’t in the best position to confront him, since the machine we’d lent out had outqualified ours at the last race. Bell was within his rights to suggest to Loot that the cars weren’t being driven as well as they might.  Change of subject.  “I’ve settled on higher tyre pressures this time.”
   “Jack, Loot expects the cars to win.  If you want to know how celebrity has affected your career, I even designed the P83 specifically to win at Monaco.  It’s a compact car made for hairpins.  If we’d used the V12 it would have been six inches longer.  However, for this race, taking into account your expert input, we have a special secret modification.  Jack, we’ve noted that your braking seems to produce… smoke.  The mechanics have replaced the foam we packed under the brake pedal, it should have an improved effect.  If you’ve decided you want to be famous, brake as hard as you like.”

Monaco was busy with Ferraris.  For a car that inspires so much passion, it’s a surprise that it doesn’t really have a team in our pits to back it up, though the other teams had borrowed some.  There was one team, Scuderia Cosa Rosso, but they didn’t seem to have an entry this time.  I asked an Italian journo, he just shrugged “Cose migliori da fare”.  But wasn’t the Ferrari’s elegant design almost part of Monaco? “E una cosa bella”  So why hadn’t they a team then?  “E tutto per il modo in cui vanno le cosa.”  I didn’t understand more than one word of Italian, but Tom was right about staying suited up.  

However, there was also the small and more earth-bound matter of qualification.  The machine we’d lent out was there as well.  If I had to spin in front of one of our cars last race, why not that one?  Ian managed to out-qualify it- and me, so he would get a good start for once, where it would count.  I hadn’t been that bad, considering the traffic, and there were no last minute setup changes.  Just stay out of trouble and remember to brake into Gazometres.  There was only one accident before the start line, but the rest of us got away okay.  Then I slid into Gazometres on cold tyres at crawling pace, which cost me a few places and afterwards I got shoved off at Gare by an impatient Honda, which cost me some more.  Eventually I was running clear of other cars, just had to maintain a gap in front of the lent machine, brushed the chicane oh hell.  It went past, I’d lost my comfortable race though the car was okay, so I chased it for a few laps, made another slight mistake so that I lost sight of it, then found it stopped across the track at the chicane….  It was only a wheel though, so I limped out of Bernie’s onrushing path and got out of the car.  A wheel’s nothing.  Ian lost one when he was on for a podium.  Bottoms up.    
Bernie won, champagne, fame and celebrity for him and the Soggies, foam and oblivion for me and Reed Racing.
Jr. Member
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« Reply #4 on: May 12, 2008, 09:12:34 AM +0100 »

A tough race but I enjoyed it thoroughly considering it's one of my worst tracks. Quallied in P4 which was a bit of a shock but happy with that. Smiley

As for the race well I got a decent start and managed to keep position going into T1 and all I wanted to do is stay out of trouble and just enjoy the race. Smiley Nothing really major to report at all and from point of view a clean race with not too many bumps. Had a few scrapes after people spun in Mirabeau and Virage but to be honest nothing un-toward so not gonna be reporting anything.

Dropped down to 9th at one point after spinning but managed to claw my way back to 4th and catch up with Paul Bird's Honda. Had a few nice laps following him and trying to find a way past but coming up to back markers I lost sight of him. So now time to get my head down and hunt him down again with around 10 to go. Came pretty close on one occasion after he went wide and coming down to Mirabeau I though I could outbreak him but fear got the better of me (and also not wanting to take both of us out) and settled for 4th. Smiley You made that Honda very wide Paul...good job.

Great job to podium and another good finish for C 'n' B. Smiley

Onto Zandy!!
« Last Edit: May 12, 2008, 09:14:20 AM +0100 by Art » Logged

Crash 'n' Burn Racing

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UKGPL-Season 15
oAo - Season 9
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HF Turbo

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« Reply #5 on: May 12, 2008, 10:02:47 AM +0100 »

Hi all,
        Replay and all that other stuff is uploaded. http://www.neurology-crew.com/gplserver

Well I was out to dinner, family stuff. Just about made it back around 8:50, logged straight in and there was about 15 mins of praccy left. Just enough time for me to get a decent lap in, qualified 8th. Better than I was expecting with my trusty old BRM again Smiley

Made a good start once again, I'm loving the clutch pedal on my G25 Cheesy. Actually it was probably too good a start, Paul Bird was in front of me I cut to the inside to try and get by, but looks like paul was sliding to the middle aswell and I rear end him. Sorry! I carry on and Lap2 @ Virage de la Gare I am right behind Paul Mclusky. I dont brake in time and rear end him rather ungraciously! Sorry about that Paul! Sad

I carry on and by lap3 Im in 3rd! I wasnt expecting that! Then at the chicane i take it all wrong and lose a wheel or 2! I shift-r and then make my stopngo at beginning of lap4. now I'm back to 10th place.

I try to get my head down and start driving consistently! Slowly start working my way up again. on lap7 at the chicane B.Blood has lost it and is in the middle of the track. I hit him pretty much full speed, looking back at it I did see him spinning out in front but failed to brake, if I had slowed down a bit i could have avoided him maybe... Anyway I make non-fault Shift-r and carry on.

With 10 to go i'm back up to 7th and then I seem to take 2 places on that lap and now i'm up to 5th, and thats how it finished. I quite happy to be fifth, but we'll see what happens after moderation. I'm not too happy to be involved in so many incidents, but I have been good up until now!  angel

Grats to Bernie, another fine victory! Well done Podiums and my teamies Smiley 2nd and 4th, another good haul of points! Maybe we should change our name to Ferrari! lol.

Shame you couldnt have raced Will, excellent qually time.

See you all soon


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« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2008, 10:20:04 AM +0100 »

Forgotten how hard online racing is especially at Monaco.  Surpised myself in qually - struggling to get it all together and then managed a 1:30 finally ending up 6th on the grid. 

Made a good start but the Honda power was too much for the rear tyres and the back end started to slide towards the middle of the track, lifted to get it straight but got hit by Bully - no problem mate you had nowhere to go.  Ended up on my head and had to let the whole field go by before resetting and getting going.  Did a shift R on lap 2 as not sure what happened and if it was my fault or not.

Started to chase down the field and by lap 8 up to 5th, by lap 15 up to 3rd then had to deal with Art all over my gearbox to the end.  Good race.

Finally replacing my trusty9 year old P2-400 Voodoo 2 setup, looking forward to running GPL with all the bells and whistles.

"All your victories are belong to her"

Diki Waza
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« Reply #7 on: May 12, 2008, 10:23:12 AM +0100 »

Hi all,

My apologies for not attending, shame I was looking forward to it. Went fishing  for the weekend and ended up with a terrible migraine and went to bed at 4pm....

Sounds like a good race... See you all soon

All the best


"He's not the Messiah he's a very naughty boy!!"
Kruger Enge
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« Reply #8 on: May 12, 2008, 10:54:36 AM +0100 »

Results have been uploaded. You may now submit your incident reports via the link below the results.

Looking forward to watching the replay Smiley



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« Reply #9 on: May 12, 2008, 11:42:25 AM +0100 »

what a race took a couple of laps to settle down from the start found it quite hard with nobody in front of me to set a pace plus keeping an eye out for people lapping me  hope i never caused to many problems what a great race first on line race Carnt wait for the next one and see you in zandy  Mr Poole were we can finish are battle ill have to figure out why my comp crashed 4 laps from the end thanks guys
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« Reply #10 on: May 12, 2008, 12:46:10 PM +0100 »

After missing out Rouen because the team transporter  arrived too late for
the race I decided a more serious approach would be required for Monaco. So by vertue of  bludgeoning the Soggies Team Manager "Numpty" half to death we
managed to aquire a piece of the latest eyetie technology ( instead of that
outmoded stuff those Coopermen where using) (anything to give us an
edge) and what a difference, pre race practise gave me a "personal best" lap time in "race trim" with a pretty stable set up (VIP for Monaco) and I even had the optional "luxury" velour arm rests fitted, for those nasty hairpin bends.

Practise went very well for me , row 2 was above and beyond my expectations , I thought pole was up for grabs but on the few clean laps I could find I tended to "overdrive " the track in my enthusiasm and thus spoil my chances,

Race day came and the only changes the mechanics made to the set up was to raise the ride height so i could get a better view of the beach babes as i drove along the Monaco promenade (big moral boost) .

I got a decent start , all was well, until station hp (that's hairpin not sauce) loomed up and I found my cold brakes coupled with a heavy fuel load, caused me to run a tad wide.

The next thing I know is the world is spinning around and I am stationary (get it !) and facing the wrong way , I have to let several cars go by, but fortunately there is a break in the traffic and I can "spin turn" back into action . I thought my race had ended prematurley at the time and was busy entertaining the grandstand with some very choice french speak. As luck would have it (and she surely was smiling at me today) , Jacko saw the waved yellows and braked to avoid ramming me into oblivion (thanks Jacko) .

I managed to regain my composure and find myself in 7th place,  then at the gasworks I test the haybales again but with no damage, now I'm struggling to settle down into "race mode" which isnt helped the next time around at Sation where Bully and Paul M are dancing with each other , while they dos'e doe,  I nip through and am now behind Art , The chase is on when going up the hill into Casino,  Ian S gets a wobble on, Art has to take avoidance and finds himself out wide with me following on the "proper line " Art then comes back over into me and although my replay shows "no contact" Art visits the armco and scratches his british racing green on the Armco .
lap 3 sees even more fun, as Chris hits the chicane and then further down the road Paul M tags me in the Gasworks,  Art joins in and we make a BRM sandwhich with red pepper and Lotus blossom dressing . Again lady luck favours me and I can drive away from the melee.

I can now smell the Podium , but trying to catch up I try a bit too hard and it becomes my turn to do the  "chicane shuffle" as I clip the curb and do a full 360 but again I get away with it , although my car now doesnt feel right , is there a
problem with the handling or is it just my imagination ?  whatever I note that I cant do the tunnel or the chicane flat , which hampers me but I can still race and Ive now caught up with Ian S but decide to follow him rather than attack  hoping he will make a mistake somewhere. sure enough in his efforts to stay ahead he gets the chicane wrong and lets me through ( Ta mate ) I can't beleive my luck today and especially as on the very next lap I pass a slow Ferrari (which turns out to be Phil) and I then see "Bernie P1" , boy life is good at times !

The next close encounter of a Monaco kind is the dreaded chicane again, I somehow get through what looks like a 120 mph scrap heap challenge by dent of my superb reflexes and both eyes shut tight ( but not as tight as my a*se cheeks ) For the next laps Phil has a real go at coming back at me but his challenge comes to nought in casino square and I can cruise to a finish .

The only dissapointment was Phil snatching the FL from me on lap 30 but I was resolute about my "go easy" escp. after personally witnessing Old Black Jack himself throw this same race away on the last corner of the last lap to my old hero Jochen Rindt way back in time (longer than I care to remember )

Tough luck Phil  you really deserved the win . commiserations to Mr Tway for having to leave the party . thanks to the flag marshals who had a really busy day and to all those backmarkers who did such a good job, I hope you all enjoyed your day as much as I did . 

Just hope now that the result stands , It was a real suprise win especially after last seasons attempts at collecting the yellow card points record .


« Last Edit: May 12, 2008, 12:55:21 PM +0100 by bernie » Logged
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« Reply #11 on: May 13, 2008, 09:11:15 AM +0100 »

Just wanted to apologise to Jack. I hadnt even realised we made contact on lap24. From in my cockpit it looks like you just flew past, and I felt nothing in my car. Now I've had a good look at the replay I see what happened. Sorry about that, bit of a bad rejoin on my part!  angel


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« Reply #12 on: May 13, 2008, 05:50:49 PM +0100 »

Cracking race Grommit!

Qualified 7th (with a BRM PB) having spent the sesion just trying to get a decent steady pace and not make mistakes - didn't happen but nothing catastrophic.

At the flag the 6th place Honda appeared to turn over almost immediately - wanted a tickle on it's tum ?
Over the next lap or two just kept it steady, picking up a couple more places due to others - Bernie & Chris - misfortune.
Don't know how long Bernie was up my chuff for, but it felt like we should get the papers for a Civil partnership, then we came across Ben at Gaz, so now running for 2nd place...wow!
The car had initially felt pretty good...for a BRM...but as the race went on it seemed to get more nose heavy, whether that was due to me becoming more cautious and not using the revs to get round I don't know. Anyway, I eventually sucumb to bernies advances - ok I go the chicane wrong - and after checking all is ok with the car, set off in 3rd. After a couple of laps the car still doesn't feel quite right but it's drivable even if 4th place is coming up on me, I may just be able to hold on til the end.
Alas no, a stricken Honda at Gaz and a possibly hasty dive up the inside by me sees my trusty motor coast over the line lacking at least one wheel.
Oh well...not too far to walk back to the team.

We sit and watch Jack keeping up the honour in 6th, until he disappears off the lap chart with a handful to go.

Reed Racing is getting there, slowly maybe, but getting there.....and enjoying the scenery along the way. 
Kruger Enge
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« Reply #13 on: May 21, 2008, 09:00:18 PM +0100 »

The race report is published now  Sad

Please, if you have any complaints about the penalties or the interpretation of the incidents, refrain from discussing at the forum and follow the UKGPL guidelines on appeal here https://www.ukgpl.com/index.php/rules/league.



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« Reply #14 on: May 21, 2008, 11:38:00 PM +0100 »

Thank you Kruger , that sure looked a tough moderation job.

I thought the report excellent and showcased your usual wisdom and dilligence.  :0)

 Grin Grin Grin

Very sorry to read Ben decided to quit rather than do a S/R  ? he could have made the race for P2 much more interesting  Grin

Very sorry I will miss round 5 but the bank holiday and the I.O.M. calls   Cool


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