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A17 HUR Goria-Thun (Fu…
L21BSCC Brands Hatch (…
E8P1 Arag├│n (Fast)
LN1 Isle of Man (Mount…
A17 HUR Barcelona (GP)
L21TTTT Donington Park…
E8GTO Daytona (Road)
L21CC-C Dijon-Prenois …
A17 HUR Kyalami (2015+)
L21GC Zandvoort (1948-…
A Barcelona (GP)
E8DTM20 N├╝rburgring (…
E8LEG Imola (2007+)
A Spa (2007-)
LN1 Brands Hatch (GP)
A17 HUR Eastern Cre…
L21BSCC Oulton Park (G…
E8P1 Monza (GP 2000…
L21CC-C Mondello Park …
L21TTTT Cadwell Park (…
A17 HUR Road Atlant…
E8GTO Road America (Fu…
News: Upcoming Events are as follows: 1 - RRE/AC/ACC Sunday - Test race @ Spa ; 2 - GTL Monday - Round 14 of the GTL Cup Challenge @ Dijon-Prenois (GP) ; 3 - GTL Wednesday - Round's 25 to 27 of the Gislaved Cup @ Zandvoort (GP) 4 - AC Wed - R4 of the Huracan ST Cup at Kyalami5 - RRE Thursday - "Legends" @ Imola

RACE SERIES KEY A17=Assetto Corsa, E8=Raceroom Experience, L21=UKGTL GT Legends, LN1=Legacy NoGrip GT Legends
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Race 07

Drivers and Standings
Top 25 drivers by participation
UKGPL Season 3
Chief Moderator: Marc Mercer

Season 3 Driver Championship Scoring

Divisions 1 to 4

Divisions 1 to 4 use a token system whereby each driver has to purchase the cars they race with, from an initial allocation of tokens. Overspend is permitted, however, this results in a deduction in championship points at the end of the season and is therefore not advised.

The purpose of this token system is:

  • to allow people to drive any car they wish;
  • to close up the racing; and
  • to make sure the final championship standing reflect how well everyone has driven rather than the car they chose.

Race points are, from 1st down to 15th: 50, 43, 38, 34, 30, 27, 24, 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3, 0.

Each driver is given 110 tokens for 12 races.
Cars are valued (in tokens) as follows:
Lotus  20 
Eagle  17 
Ferrari  15 
Brabham  10 
Cooper  5 
Honda  3 
BRM  0 
Remember that points and tokens are not the same.

Once the driver has entered the server their choice is made. They may not exit and change car after they have joined the server.

The only exception to this is if WinVROC or the driver accidentally selects the wrong car. In this case they must exit immediately and change to the correct car.

Otherwise, anyone changing car after they have joined the server will be excluded from the results.

There is no need to register car choice with the moderator prior to joining the race.

Drivers are not charged any tokens for races where they do not show up.

If a driver gets disconnected they are deducted the number of tokens that the car they started in is valued at, divided by 2.

If the driver chooses to disconnect or retire they lose all the tokens they spent on that race.

If they disconnect they are awarded points for the position that GPL shows in the server's race results.

At the end of the season only the best 9 of 12 scores count towards the driver's final championship score.

For the 3 dropped races, the full amount of tokens for the car used is deducted from your original allowance.

Any overspend in tokens at the end of the season is converted into a percentage to deduct from the driver's final score. The percentage to deduct is 35% of token overspend.

Division 5 and Support League

Drivers may use any car at any race during the season without restriction.

The points starting from 1st are 50, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 16, 13, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point for 18th.

Three (D5) or two (SL) of the races will have the points dropped, this will help overcome problems for drivers who can't make a few races or are disconnected.

No shows will get zero points. If a driver is disconnected during a race the position as shown in the GPL server export will be counted.


If after the points total is calculated two or more drivers are equal, they are ranked by greatest number of wins, and if still equal, greatest number of second places, and so on.

If they are still equal after comparing finishing places, they are ranked according to least number of penalty points.

If they remain equal, and if racing in a division which uses tokens, they are rated according to fewest number of tokens used.

If they're still equal, they are ranked according to their scores without dropping any races (but subtracting any penalties).

In the unlikely event that they are still equal after all the above tests, the driver who scored their best result first will be ranked higher.
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