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A18 LMP1
L22TCT Goodwood (Circu…
L22ERRC Reims (1954-72)
L22 TDC Brands Hatch (…
L22SCC Essington (GP)
LN2 Monaco (1979)
L22G5s Imola (1973-94)
L22CvC Willow Springs …
L22WTCC Silverstone (G…
LNE1 Targa Florio
News: Upcoming Events are as follows: 1 - RRE/AC/ACC Sunday - No event ; 2 - GTL Monday - Round 14 of the 2022 NoGrip Legacy Historic TC Championship @ Monaco ; 3 - GTL Wednesday - Round 8 of the '76 Gr.5's @ Imola (GP) 4 - AC Wed - No event 5 - RRE Thursday - No event

RACE SERIES KEY A17=Assetto Corsa, E9=Raceroom Experience, L22=UKGTL GT Legends, LN2=Legacy NoGrip GT Legends, LNE1=Legacy NoGrip GT Legends Endurance races
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Race 07

Drivers and Standings
Top 25 drivers by participation
UKGPL Season 15
Chief Moderator: Phil Thornton

There are a couple of big changes in UKGPL for Season 15, the first is the move to this forum from Yahoo and the other is the introduction of the 66 mod.  The move to SRou will secure the future of UKGPL for many years to come and the 66 mod brings an exciting new dimension to Grand Prix Legends.  Other than that, UKGPL will continue in much the same way it did in Season 14.  There are no rule changes to worry about but there are some changes to the divisions.

As with last season drivers are being asked to read the rules, dates and track selection for each division and enter the divisions, they prefer.  The moderators reserve the right to adjust the driver allocation as necessary (for example the main contenders for the Master's Cup last season will not be allowed to enter the Clubman's Cup this season).  The objective here is to ensure the drivers are happy with the rules, dates and track selection of their chosen division(s) before committing to the season.

The fastest drivers who relish the demands of new add-on circuits can enter the Master's Cup (to be run on Sunday evenings).  If they don't like pit stops they can adhere to the chassis restrictions decreed for their position in the championship.  If the drivers like pit stops they can opt to take any chassis of their choice provided they take a mandatory pit stop if the chassis is not allowed for their position in the championship.  The Master's Cup will be run under PRO rules.  The handicap format for this division is aimed at levelling driver ability by forcing the faster drivers to take the slower cars (assuming the faster drivers are at the top of the championship).  This should provide closer racing and doesn’t guarantee the fastest driver wins the race.  However the fastest driver should win the championship.

Drivers who do not want to learn new add-on circuits or want to use a single chassis throughout the season can enter Division 1 (to be run on Sunday evenings).  Fast drivers who don't like pit stops can also enter this division but they will be limited to the slower chassis.  This season Division 1 will be run under PRO rules.  The handicap format for this division is aimed at levelling car performance by a system of pit stops.  The pit stop times are based on the world record times and vary depending on chassis and circuit.  It should not matter what chassis are chosen, the fastest driver should always win the race.  Naturally the fastest driver should also win the championship.

Newcomers to GPL will generally enter the Clubman's Cup (to be run on Sunday evenings).  Here they will be able to get up to speed with racing on-line without the added complexity of pit stops.  Once they are comfortable on-line, they may decide to experiment with pit stops with a view to moving on to the higher divisions.

There will also be a Historic Trophy division using the 66 mod open to drivers of all abilities (to be run on Tuesday evenings).  All the races will be run on the original tracks used in the 1966 season.  Drivers will be assigned teams for the season (fastest drivers in slowest cars - no pit stops – intermediate damage).

Drivers will not be restricted to entering a single division.  Drivers who enter the Master's Cup may also enter Division 1 and vice versa.  Similarly drivers who enter the Historic Trophy may also enter the Clubman's Cup and vice versa.  Other combinations of entries may be allowed under exceptional circumstances but it is very unlikely that a top Division 1 driver would also be allowed to compete in the Clubman's Cup.
Non-Championship Races
UKGPL Season 15 Pre-Season Test - Watkins Glen - 10 Feb 2008  Watkins Glen (Classic)
UKGPL Season 15 - Pre-season test - 66 mod - Spa - Feb 17  Spa (GPL)
UKGPL Season 15 - Pre-season test - 66 mod - Brands Hatch (GP) - Feb 24  Brands Hatch (GP)
UKGPL Season 15 - Pre-season test - 66 mod - Monaco (GP) - March 9th  Monaco (1929-71)
UKGPL Season 15 - pre-season test - 66 mod - Mexico City - Mar 16  Mexico City (1962-1979)
UKGPL Season 15 - Pre Season Test - Zandvoort (1967) - Mar 23  Zandvoort (1948-72)
UKGPL Season 15 - pre-season test - 66 mod - Watkins Glen (GP) - Mar 23  Watkins Glen (Classic)
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