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E5 GT3
E5FAB935 Oschersleben …
E5 GT3 Slovakia Ring
A Suzuka (GP)
L18FER Schottenring
E5G5GTO Suzuka (GP)
A12 Barbagallo (Long)
A Imola
L18ACM Zolder (2002-20…
L18ACM Zolder (2002-20…
E5DTMTC Hockenheim (GP)
E5 GT3 Sachsenring (19…
L18ATC Silverstone (Na…
L18ATC Silverstone (Na…
L18ATC Silverstone (Na…
A13 Oulton Park (Foste…
E5FAB935 Zhuhai
A12 Winton (National)
L18MWC Nürburgring (G…
L18MWC Nürburgring (G…
A13 Vallelunga (Int…
E5G5GTO Imola
News: Server Status (GTR2 Lobby Fix): 1 - GTR2 Sunday - Not running; 2 - RRE/AC Sunday - Round 4 of the GT3's @ Slovakia Ring ;3 - GTL Wednesday - Round's 10 & 11 of the Coppa Mille @ Zolder ; 4 - RRE Thursday - Round 4 of the G5/GTO's @ Suzuka GP ; 5 - Assetto Corsa Nissan Nismo @ Suzuka

RACE SERIES KEY A(n)=Assetto Corsa, E5=Raceroom Experience, L18=GT Legends
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Race 07
Drivers and Standings
Top 25 drivers by participation
UKGPL Season 33
Chief Moderator: Phil Thornton

This season we will run four championships over two race nights.  The season will be the conventional length with ten rounds in each championship.  Drivers will drop two rounds so that only the best eight results count.

The inaugural a season for the 1955 Grand Prix cars received mixed reviews with some drivers finding the lack of brakes difficult to cope with.  However there were enough enthusiastic drivers to warrant another outing of the 1955 cars this season. The token system seemed to work quite well and it will be retained for Season33. The braking distances are difficult to judge but given that most drivers are expected to have completed a full season there should not be as many incidents this time. Consequently the races will be run under PRO damage.

Drivers of all abilities who enjoy the 66mod can enter the 1966 F1 division.  The token system will be used again this season.  Drivers will have a free choice of 2L or 3L machines. The races will be run under PRO damage.

A UKGPL season would not be complete without the 1967 Grand Prix Machines.  We will be running the Works and Privateers divisions again using the normal token system.  The Works will be PRO damage whereas the Privateers will be allowed one reset.

The fourth series will feature the 1965 F1 Cars.  A token system will be used for the first time in these cars. The slower drivers will be given additional tokens at the start of the season. If there are enough entrants two servers will be provided. The races will be run under PRO rules if there is only one server.

As ever, drivers are being asked to read the rules, dates and track selection for each division and enter the divisions, they prefer.  The objective here is to ensure the drivers are happy with the rules, dates and track selection of their chosen division(s) before committing to the season.  The moderators reserve the right to adjust the driver allocation as necessary should there be sufficient entries to justify more than one grid.

Drivers will not be restricted to entering a single division.  Drivers can enter as many divisions as they like.

The number of tokens available to each driver in the 55GP, 66F1 and 65F1 will be managed outside SRou in dedicated spreadsheets. The tokens available to each driver will be declared in the race announcements. The tokens for the 67F1 cars will be managed in SRou and will be available on the championship page.
Non-Championship Races
UKGPL Season 33 Fun - 66 - Monza10k - Apr 22  Monza (Full 10km)
UKGPL Season 33 - 65 FUN - Zandvoort - Apr 24  Zandvoort (1948-72)
UKGPL Season 33 Fun - 67 - Nürburgring - Apr 29  Nürburgring (Nordschleife)
UKGPL Season 33 Fun - 67 - Spa67 - May 6  Spa (1947-78)
UKGPL Season 33 Fun - 66 CanAm - Monza - May 8  Monza (GP 1955-71)
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