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E5 GT3
E5 GT3 Chang, Buriram
A Kyalami (1968-87)
L18MWC Kyalami (1993-2…
L18MWC Kyalami (1993-2…
E5M95 Imola
A12 Bathurst
A Donington Park (Nati…
L18FER Le Mans (Sarthe…
E592DTM Zeltweg
E5 GT3 Silverstone (GP…
L18ATC Anglesey
L18ATC Anglesey
L18ATC Anglesey
A Silverstone (GP 1952…
E5M1 Laguna Seca (1988…
A12 Eastern Creek (Gar…
E5M95 Portimão
L18XMAS Goodwood (Circ…
A12 Donington Park (GP)
News: Server Status (GTR2 Lobby Fix): 1 - GTR2 Sunday - Not running; 2 - RRE/AC Sunday - Round 11 of the GT3's @ Silverstone ;3 - GTL Wednesday - The final 3 round's of the Auto Tuner Cup @ Anglesey ; 4 - RRE Thursday - Round 3 of M1's @ Laguna Seca ; 5 - Assetto Corsa '67 F1 @ Silverstone

RACE SERIES KEY A(n)=Assetto Corsa, E5=Raceroom Experience, L18/19=GT Legends
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Race 07
Drivers and Standings
Top 25 drivers by participation
UKGPL Season 26
Chief Moderator: Badblood

Season 26 will commence on 12 January 2014. We will run up divisions on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. As is now usual, there will be a mixture of the mods and the original cars so there should be something for everyone.  The season kicks off with the 1967 originals and subsequent Sundays will see the 67 “Works” and “Privateers” division alternate with the “1967 F2 Trophy” which runs in Heavy and Light divisions. 1967 Formula 1, Formula 2 or both, take your choice. Every Tuesday will see the '66 “Historics” alternating with the slightly easier 1965 cars. We will have two 65 divisions - “Professionals” and "Amateurs”. The Amateurs trophy will split into a "Light" and "Heavy" classification. "Lights for the more experienced drivers who are not yet ready for the rigours of the Pro series and "Heavies" for the novices.  Fridays continues to be our fun night and as with last season we are going to run a forty race season including a variety of mods and some unusual tracks. This is the place to find the closed wheel cars in the form of the GTs and the Can Ams as well as the 69 winged monsters. The races are short and sharp and the accent is on fun and with two races each race night there is ample opportunity to rectify any mistakes...

The divisions continue to fall into two categories: Senior and Junior; in brief Senior divisions (67 Works/65 Pro/66 Historic) will run under Pro settings (hence no resets), Junior classes (67 Privateers/65 Amateur/Formula Two) will allow one reset only with a compulsory SnG.

The Friday races will allow ONE reset without a Stop and Go due to the short nature of the races.

NB No-fault Shift-R is NOT in operation and all Stops must be taken within two laps of the incident (unless on the last lap when a time penalty will be added). Failure to take the stop within TWO laps will result in exclusion from the race result.

Standard divisions operate with first lap ‘red zone’ moderation, the length of the red zone will be advised by the Division Moderator prior to each event. The Friday "Fun" series will have no red zone and will be moderated on the basis of reported incidents only.

There are no rule changes for Season 26. In-series penalties remain in place to try and encourage drivers not to try risky manoeuvres. The details are here.

Although the rules remain the same, driver feedback has indicated that the majority would like 50% race completion for drivers to score. From Season 26 therefore, drivers in all championships must complete at least 50% of the race distance to score points.

Races will continue to start at 9.30pm UK time but the Divisional Moderator will have the option of starting the server early for anything up to an hours Qualification (ie from 8.30pm UK time). Qualification should start no later than 9pm UK time (starting issues allowing).  

As ever, drivers are being asked to read the rules, dates and track selection for each division and enter the divisions they prefer. The objective here is to ensure the drivers are happy with the rules, dates and track selection of their chosen division(s) before committing to the season. The moderators reserve the right to adjust the driver allocation as necessary but this is unlikely for all but the Pro/Novices and Works/Privateers divisions.

Newcomers to GPL will generally enter the Amateurs Trophy that utilizes the 65 cars. Here they will be able to get up to speed with racing on-line without the demands of the challenging 1967 cars.  Once they are comfortable on-line, they may decide to move on to the higher divisions with the faster cars. Faster newcomers and experienced drivers who like the 65 cars, are best suited to the Light division of the Amateurs or the Professional Trophy (to be run on the same night as the Amateurs Championship).

The most able drivers will want to run in the Works division of the 1967 cars but less experienced drivers should opt for the Privateers.

The Formula Two trophy will run as two divisions (Light and Heavy). Along with the Amateurs [Heavy] division, the Heavy series represents the entry point to UKGPL. The trophy will probably run as mixed grid but may run two servers (one for each division) depending on demand.

As always, drivers should check the specific division page for division specific rules.

Drivers will not be restricted to entering a single division. Drivers can enter multiple divisions but they cannot enter more than one 1965 division, one Formula 2 division and must choose either the Privateers or Works Trophies, but not both.
Non-Championship Races
UKGPL Season 26 - Le Mans Sarthe at Night 1967 - Jan 3  Le Mans (Sarthe (1932-67))
UKGPL Season 26 Santa vs Elves - Keimola - Jan 5  Keimola
UKGPL Season 26 - Borovaya TEST - Jan 7  Borovaya (Borovaya)
UKGPL Season 26 (2014) - Silverstone & Monza 65s Fun - Jun 17  Silverstone (GP 1952-73)
UKGPL Season 26 (2014) - Silverstone & Monza 65s Fun - Jun 17  Monza (GP 1955-71)
UKGPL Season 26 (2014) - Brands Hatch - Jun 27  Brands Hatch (GP)
UKGPL Season 26 (2014) - Nürburgring - Jul 4  Nürburgring (Nordschleife)
UKGPL Season 26 FUN - Pau - Jul 6  Pau
UKGPL Season 26 (2014) - Monza10k - Jul 8  Monza (Full 10km)
UKGPL Season 26 (2014) - Daytona - Jul 11  Daytona (Road)
UKGPL Season 26 (2014) - Zandvoort - Jul 15  Zandvoort (1948-72)
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